Disney’s Magic – Sailing Away to Norway

Copenhagen-Shopping-DistrictFinally, the day had arrived!  Two years of anticipation, endless research, packing angst, jet lag, the exploration of Copenhagen – which (incredibly) went precisely as planned – WE WERE READY!  We’d agreed before turning in the night before that we had enough time in the morning (before our bus to the port left) to get ready, enjoy the Tivoli Hotel’s breakfast buffet (very impressive, by the way) and walk to Copenhagen’s pedestrian shopping district.  We really wanted to check out the local Disney Store!

Outside-Disney-Store-CopenhagenThe weather was great and we walked briskly, timing how long it took to arrive at our destination – we did NOT want to miss our ride back at the hotel.  We had enough time, once we reached the shopping district (after a brief pause to listen to…wait for it…the Salvation Army Band play) to not only browse the tiny Disney Store but also check out some Danish versions of familiar stores like H&M (Megan picked up a pair of Sunglasses).  Disney-Store-CopenhagenWhen time was up, we reversed our route and hurried back so we could…

WAIT!  UGH!  Luggage at our side, we waited (and waited) outside the hotel’s lobby for the busses to the port to arrive – poised for action, we did manage to be among the first guests to board the, again, impressively plush and well appointed motor coach.  Off we went!  Before long, we could see her from the window – the Disney Magic!!!  Disney-Magic-in-CopenhagenOff the bus and right into the line, it seemed to take no time at all and we were walking onto the ship.  We boarded on a lower deck, rather than into the main atrium, and without fanfare, but we didn’t mind a bit.  We were finally back aboard one of our most favorite vacation vessels.  That’s the beauty of Disney Cruise Line for us – we love the ships, which allow us to travel in the Disney bubble while we’re seeing the world.Disney-Captain-Mickey-Statue

Lunch first, in Carioca’s, while waiting for our stateroom to be ready…check!  Stateroom located, carryon luggage stored, door magnets in place…check!Disney-Magic-Stateroom-Detail Disney-Magic-Stateroom-Sitting-AreaDisney-Norway-Cruise-Stateroom-Door-MagnetsIt was time for the Facebook group meet-up (we could only stay briefly, but made new friends), then the mandatory lifeboat drill – which we have found we actually enjoy.  Disney-Magic-Lifeboat-Drill-CM

Lifeboat Drill Lineup

Lifeboat Drill Lineup

I mean it IS mandatory, so we might as well stir up some fun while we’re at it, right?  And, finally, the sail away party.  I don’t know what was more fun – watching the party on deck or the people on shore who came to wave us bon voyage.Disney-Magic-Sailaway-Party

Post sail-away bash, we had time to unpack (luggage arrived earlier than expected), meet our stateroom host, Kenneth, unwind, and get ready to meet our dining room servers (April and Andres) at Animator’s Palate (the first restaurant in our dining rotation).  April We would spend this cruise with six other table-mates each evening:  A retired couple from California enjoying (I think they said) their 36th Disney Cruise, and another family – mom, dad, and young adult son and daughter.  We enjoyed visiting with our co-diners every evening to find out what adventures everyone had been on each day.  Meg&Joe-Animator's-PalateOur precious angels were so well behaved at the dinner table!

Disney Cruise Line shows are the best & we caught two that night (don’t ask me how we stayed awake, I have no idea) – Let the Magic Begin followed by the Irish trio, Runa, in O’Gill’s Pub.Let-the-Magic-BeginFinally, we called it a night and it felt good knowing we could sleep in the next day if we wanted to since it would be a day at sea.  After that, things were going to get a lot busier!Towel-Snake

Coming up – A day at sea followed by one of the most challenging adventures we’ve ever had!

Thanks for following along…Lisa

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  1. Another fab update Lisa!
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    Looking forward to getting to the part where we start drinking copious amounts of alcohol 😉

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