What If WDW Construction Walls Were Interactive?


What if WednesdayFellow Disney Fans!  It’s time once again for What-If Wednesday!  The game show where we use our imaginations to answer Disney-specific “What-if” questions.  Contestants from Twitter and Facebook go head to head and compete to come up with the winning answer.  Get ready to let your imagination run wild!  And as Drew Carey would say, this is ”the show where everything’s made up and the points don’t matter.”

Ever since I wrote this post about tips for coping with Walt Disney World construction walls, I can’t stop thinking about them.  The walls, I mean.  We are in a time of great transformation at Disney World, with much more to come.  We’ll be living with those walls for the foreseeable future.  I decided that, while Disney does try to make the walls attractive and appropriately designed for the theme of the park, they could (and should!) do even more.  They have awesome technology and the finest in Imagineering genius at their fingertips – let’s plus those walls and take them to the highest level!

This edition’s question:  WHAT IF WDW Construction Walls Were Interactive?  What would they do?

My own answer (which doesn’t count):  The walls would contain alcoves where children could stand to have their height “read”.  A printout would be produced that lists every attraction RM-Animal-Kingdom-Construction-Wallswithin the park the child can experience based on their height.  This would possibly spare families from the disappointment of seeing the ride up close before realizing the little ones are NOT “this tall to ride”.

Let’s see what the rest of you had to say!  There was a huge turnout for this round – Thank you for playing and welcome to all the newcomers!

On Twitter (follow these folks, friends!):

Magical Day (@MagicalDay44) wants “Slot machines and video poker” – Knowing that this would never EVER happen in a million years, I did take the time to imagine how many people would be parked at the wall for hours on end!  As a source of revenue for the Disney Company, this idea cannot be beat!

Tim Brooks (@DadForDisney) suggested “Disney Jukeboxes” which ended up being a very popular theme.  I like the idea of happy tunes emanating from the walls – especially if guests get to select the tunes themselves.

IMG_0894Brandon G. Smith (@brandongradelle) dreamed up “Video and audio of what’s coming behind the walls.  Like a preview feat.  Conception art & Imagineer commentary”  This is brilliant!  It’s so hard to see the walls and have no idea about what’s going on behind them.  I’d love to hear project Imagineers describe their concepts while seeing the artwork of the finished project. 

Dean (@CT_Mickey_Man) weighed in with “Portal character meet and greets” and was also part of the “Virtual slot machines” movement.  I was completely intrigued by the character idea and asked for more details.  Dean’s answer was “Something akin to SOTMK (Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom) but quick hit greetings. Think inside stateroom portals but the characters stay a bit longer.”  Here’s what Dean is referencing and it’s an awesome idea for using excellent technology that already exists.  Finally, Dean would also like the experience to include character sing-alongs where the characters are land-appropriate and the Fab 5 can be anywhere.  Dean hopes some of these might be the next step for the currently popular painted scrims. 

Nick from Disney Musings (@disney_musings) wants the walls to “play Disney movie trailers”.  I love this idea for both its simplicity and entertainment value.  With so many Disney movies from just about every Disney-owned franchise and more coming up, this idea is a no-brainer!

Sean, aka “Hey Howdy Hey” (@1MinDisneyDream) suggested the construction walls actually “yell at people for walking too slow” – think about how hilarious this would be!  I’d hang around just to see what those slow-walkers’ reactions would be!  Oh, yeah, they’d have it coming!!!

Everyday Magic Blog (@everydaymagic28) thinks the walls should “have trivia games related to Disney history or the movies”.  Similar to the ideas for walls that play music or show movie trailers, but even more interactive, this concept reminds me of those restaurants that have TV screens around the seating area that show trivia questions.  If you’re waiting for something, this would be a fun and educational way to pass the time!

Rob Myrick (@singleriderline) was thinking along the same lines as Brandon.  Rob wants his Animal-Kingdom-Construction-Wallscuriosity satisfied by walls that “Show time-lapse video from beginning to artist-rendered completion.”  I agree!  Those walls would be a lot more bearable if we could see what they’re hiding!

On Facebook

Andrew C. (one of my most favorite Disney fans) suggested the walls “Sing classic Disney music” – which is a popular idea and it’s easy to see why!  Currently, the walls may be decorated, but there’s no sound or movement.  Simply offering guests the opportunity to hear some classic Disney favorites as they walk near the wall would be a huge improvement!  Andrew further added that at night, projected images would enhance the walls’ entertainment potential as well.  I concur!

Bj N. offered up some information I’d never heard before!  “They had an interactive wall when they were putting in Monsters Inc in Disneyland. You would walk up stick your head in a hole and talk to Ros” – That is exactly the kind of thing I was thinking about when I posed this episode’s “What If” question.  See?  It CAN be done.  Now we just need some of that action at Walt Disney World!

Annnnnnnnd the winner of this round is Dean! (@CT_Mickey_Man) who is one of the hosts of the Walt Disney World Northeast Podcast.  Many of the show’s episodes feature a segment called “Paulie’s Corner” which is very similar to this game.  Dean’s skills at coming up with excellent ideas on short noticed have been finely honed on his show.  So, while Dean had a definite advantage, I love the idea of applying the technology from Disney Cruise Line’s virtual portholes to the park’s construction walls.  Congratulations, Dean!

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Disney What If – Snacks and Attractions


RM-Jalapeno-Cheese-PretzelIt’s been a long time since we’ve had an exciting round of What-if Wednesday!  It’s the game where we use our imagination to answer Disney-specific “What-if” questions.  This installment’s question came about innocently enough.  I was (big surprise!) thinking about food.  Then, as usual, my thoughts strayed to Disney food.  I began craving the Jalapeno Cheese Pretzel I like so much in Animal Kingdom.  Once I started daydreaming about Animal Kingdom, I thought of my favorite ride, Expedition Everest.  In my mind I was in Animal Kingdom, eating the pretzel, riding EE!  BOOM!  WHAT IF, we were actually allowed to enjoy our favorite rides/attractions while enjoying our favorite Disney snacks?!?  I threw the question out to you on Facebook and Twitter and WOW!  Big response – It’s good to know I’m not alone in my Disney food and ride daydreaming.  Lots of you weighed in and some of you were incredibly creative!

Without furter ado, here are your answers!  (Note:  If you’re new to the game, I make up the rules and give the points and pick a winner based on nothing that matters in a completely senseless, random process.  So if you didn’t win this time, be sure to play again soon!)

What if you could enjoy a Disney snack while on your favorite Disney attraction?  name the snack/ride combo you’d choose:

Let’s start with Twitter!

The first answer was from @EpcotAKL who suggested A Dole Whip and Spaceship Earth and then politely inquired about my favorite combo.  I felt pretty pitiful admitting to the pretzel on EE after this creative answer that combined a classic Magic Kingdom snack with an Epcot attraction.

As one would imagine, the Dole Whip was a popular choice!RM-Dole-Whip

@distinctlydis thought a classic Dole Whip in the Tiki Room sounded nice. – For a bunch of people this would be Disney park snack/attraction nirvana.  For me…dang it, I just wish I could like a Dole Whip and fit in with the rest of the kids on the playground!

@Chad_Reno13 piped up with “Carrot Cake Cookie on Splash Mountain” YES!  This was the type of creative answer I was hoping for!  Logistical improbability aside, the famous Carrot Cake Cookie from the Writer’s Stop in the Studios combined with a ride through the briar patch. Zip-a-DeeDooDah!!!

@MSimbaspride wanted “Tasty popcorn on Tower of Terror”  Let’s think about this for a minute – while the elevator is going down and the popcorn rises out of its container, you could make a game of trying to catch a couple of bites before…well….I can tell this needs more consideration, but FUN thinking there, Michele!

@ModernMouseJosh had a simple, but classic wish with, “I’d eat a churro while riding the Jungle Cruise.”  I was down right flabbergasted that this was our only churro-lover to answer!RM-Churro

@theWDWblog voted for a margarita from @cavadeltequila & Tower of Terror, but worried, “I’d better chug it down quickly” – and also added “for a food option I’m going with a carrot cake cookie from the Writer’s Stop too.”

@CT_Mickey_Man wished for “Fish ‘n Chips with a Bass on Ellen’s Energy Adventure” and I could not argue with the brilliance of that plan!!!  After noshing on Yorkshire County’s best dish, I’d need a nap and would conveniently already be in one of my favorite siesta locations in Epcot.

Now, my friend @GeekinOnWDW had to suggest “Kitchen Sink on Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster” – which, of course would be a very tragic disaster indeed, but oh, so funny to imagine!

@DLRpodcast would be happy with a “Citrus Swirl on Splash Mountain, just would have to finish it before the drop!”  I say what fun is that?  Live dangerously!

@brandongradelle was another tequila fan and suggested “@cavadeltequila dole whip on the peoplemover” – this was well-played to me.  Double parks, spiked yet refreshing snack choice (if you like a Dole Whip, that is) on a crazy chill ride.  I really liked this idea!

If @RLShack could score a sarsaparilla, he’d be drinkin’ it on the Carousel of Progress!  Points for choosing what I consider to be the most underappreciated attraction in the World!

@whitetimothyd would be going for a BIG snack! “a Maelstrom margarita with chips and queso from @cavadeltequila on Carousel of Progress”.  This kicks @RLShack’s plan up a notch and I love the addition of the new tribute-to-Maelstrom cocktail.RM-Liberty-Belle-Haunted-Mansion-View

@EPCOT_Prime would be going for a meal!  Admittedly taking some liberties with the concept, the plan would be,  “Prime Rib from Le Cellier whilst riding Haunted Mansion”…which begs the question:  Who wouldn’t want to do that?!?

@smurflufe agreed with @brandongradelle, commenting “Pour me one. That sounds relaxing.  Or a Dole Whip in the Tiki Room”.

@NickWayMania actually went for partial-healthiness! “caramel & apples on the Peoplemover”.


Drying off on the PeopleMover after getting soaked on Splash

@Xaan was the final Twitter contributor with another vote for “Dole Whip + Peoplemover”

Over on Facebook, the comments were just as creative!

Laura L. jumped right on in with the popular Dole Whip, but was the first person who wanted to enjoy it on It’s a Small World!RM-It's-a-small-world1

Heather B. thought a Mickey ice cream sandwich on Haunted Mansion would provide chills and chills!!!  Heather’s clever like that!

Walt Express’s Amanda wanted “Peter Pan’s Flight and a funnel cake (kind of messy, but oh well)” – Sounds pretty good to me!

Kendra F. wanted a pretzel on It’s a Small World, which would certainly bring two great classics together.  I’d give everyone on It’s a Small World a pretzel if I could – it would keep them from singing along.  Or using flash photography.

AND THE WINNER IS@whitetimothyd!!!  I cannot think of anything I’d enjoy more while watching the years pass in the Carousel or Progress than snacking away on a Maelstrom margarita and chips and queso from @cavadeltequila.  Congratulations, Tim!

Watch Facebook and Twitter for the next chance to play What-if Wednesday!!!

What if Wednesday – An Evening With the Muppets

What if Wednesday

Fellow Disney Fans!  It’s time once again for What-If Wednesday!  The game show where we use our imagination to answer Disney-specific “What-if” questions.  Contestants from Twitter and Facebook go head to head and compete to invent the most popular answers.  Get ready to let your imagination run wild!  And as Drew Carey would say, this is ”the show where everything’s made up and the points don’t matter.”

In honor of this week’s premier of Muppets Most Wanted, our weekly what-if became a bit of a Muppet mash-up.  The question of the week was:

WHAT IF you could have an evening out (drinks and dinner) with TWO of your favorite Muppet Guitar Disney PinMuppets?  Who would you choose and why?

I’m excited to say that contestants from both Twitter and Facebook jumped right on it!  No shortage of opinions or Muppets favorites – just the way I like it!  Here we go:

Starting with Twitter this week…


Sara (@CheshireCanuck) answered right away with ” Fozzie because he would tell lame jokes all night and that would be awesome AND Pepe cuz he’s just cool.”  Good answer, Sarah – Fozzie does tell lame jokes – unapologetically and with gusto – the fact that he clearly LOVES his own jokes is endearing indeed.  Now Pepe, the accent, the propensity for romantic gestures…well, he would just be an interesting dinner companion for sure!

Wesley Snyder (@365DaysOfDisney) was a bit of a maverick!  Wesley voted for “Animal and Sweetums at a Vegas buffet. It would be glorious. :-D”  Some thought went into that answer, Wesley!  Two things occurred to me:  No way could you out-eat someone of Sweetum’s stature and Animal probably has terrible table manners.  By comparison, Wesley, the rest of us would look like incredibly polite diners with bird-like appetites.  Brilliant!  100 bonus points for you!  Wesley also added, “Sweetums is underrated. I love him and I like his walk-through character at the Muppets 3-D too.”  100 MORE Bonus points for appreciating Sweetums’ best work!

Rowlf Disney PinDisneyPrincess83 (@OzGoofyPrincess) also wanted to spend the evening with Fozzie, but chose Rowlf as her other companion for the evening – she said, “They are my absolute favourites! They are both so funny – in very different ways.”  This idea has balance!  Fozzie’s eager to please, bold humor offset by Rowlf’s more laid back, easy going dry wit.  Good choices for an enjoyable evening!

***I’m throwing in a NON-Twitter, NON-Facebook entry – Raymond (from the other end of the couch) also voted for Fozzie and Rowlf – most likely for the exact same reasons as the DisneyPrincess83 but, being a man of few words, Raymond did not elaborate on his answer.*** (Thanks for playing, though, Honey.  You’re the best!)   ‏

Safari Mike (@JamboEveryone) First, I gotta say that I’m a teeny bit flattered and somewhat Statler and Waldorfstar-struck that Mike played this week – I love the Radio Harambe podcast!  AND Mike chose the very same two Muppets I would have chosen myself!  In answer to the What-if Wednesday query, Mike said, “easy Waldorf and Statler for the comedy” – YES!  Those two are perfect.  They’re hilarious, irreverent, and PUNNY!  Best hecklers EVER!!!  Plus, I bet they have some amazing stories to share,

Andrew Carrieri (@AndrewCfran) chose the same – “Statler and Waldorf, so I can make lame jokes with them :D” – I disagree with one thing in that answer – those jokes are not lame.  They are brilliant!!!  And so are YOU, Andrew for choosing those two for your answer.

Kermit PinJordan Duncan (@JordanGhastly) “I’d go w/ Kermit b/c he’s the iconic Muppet and Dr. Teeth b/c he’s the band leader (and modeled after Dr. John).”  Now, Jordan has thought about this – I commented about how Kermit would probably be willing to answer questions as long as they weren’t too personal (I also mentioned that I LOVE Dr. Teeth’s voice) and Jordan added “Kermit always gives good advice through a narrative of his life it seems. He’s one to learn from. I’d jam with Dr. Teeth!”  Feature that for an evening on the town and YES, Jordan – good times would be in store!  Excellent answer and very original!

Miss PiggyDisney Dream Girls (@DisDreamGirls) Now when the Dream Girls join in the fun, you never know what surprises to expect – this time was no different when the What-if question was answered like this:  “Pepe and Miss Piggy… I’d take them to ‘Ohana for the fire pit grilled prawns n pork #mmmm”  Whoa!  Ladies!  I posed a question begging for thoughts on an evening’s entertainment and you did not disappoint!  Thinking outside the box in a big way – 1000 bonus points to you!  Just imagine Piggy and Pepe when the ‘Ohana server explains the menu!  Hahahahahahha!!!!

Now, here’s what our Facebook contestants had to say:

Niki answered, “Beaker because he’s simply amazing and Kermit of course for his gentle soul!”  I Beakeragree, Nick – Beaker is certainly something unusual – a man of few (or absolutely no) words, his perpetual aura of shocked surprise would liven up a night on the town to be sure.  Kermit is a gentle soul and would guarantee a lovely evening.  Excellent (and unique) answer! – 150 bonus points for picking Beaker!  Glad you played again this week.

Christina played along this time and wished her night out to be with “Miss Piggy and Gonzo.  She would get the conversation going (about herself) and Gonzo would be interesting (or we could blow him out of a cannon :)”  So TRUE – you could just kick back, cocktail in hand – launch Miss Piggy into a lengthy monolog with a fashion/QVC question and while she’s sharing her latest news, let Gonzo….well…..be GONZO!  Yep – that would be fun.  Maybe he could explain the chicken fetish.

Sharon, a brand new follower on Facebook – jumped into the fray in a big way!  Sharon’s answer was “Sweetums just because I have always loved him, and the duo of Mert the LaChoy salesman and the dragon. I can’t remember his name.”  Seriously?  A person who both remembers Delbert the Dragon AND Mert the LaChoy salesman – both very VERY early Muppets (mid-1960’s) and admits to knowing them!!!!  Sharon, I think I love you.  Way to GO!  2000 bonus points for Muppet knowledge! (and not being afraid to show your age!)

Heather dreams BIG with this answer:  “Miss Piggy and Rowlf. They’re my two favorites. Plus, Rowlf could play the piano while Piggy and I did a big song-and-dance number.”  Of all the imaginary Muppet dates this week, Heather’s the one I want an invite for.  I would keep Rowlf company on his piano bench (Squeeeee!) and enjoy what would certainly be the amazingly entertaining spectacle of watching Heather and Miss Piggy’s epic dance performance!  Yipee!  More bonus points (a gajillion) for participation and wicked imagination go to Heather.  Can I get a “WooHoo”?

My Goodness!  You guys killed me this week!  What GREAT participation!!!  I loved everyone’s passion and thoughtfulness.  I have the BEST followers, readers, “like”-ers in the world and appreciate your playing….What-if Wednesday!!! (big voice, echo, echo, echo)  Please watch for the next “What-if” question and hop on board for another round.


What-if Wednesday – Disney Food Home Delivery

What if WednesdayFellow Disney Fans!  It’s time once again for What-If Wednesday!  The game show where we use our imagination to answer Disney-specific “What-if” questions.  Contestants from Twitter and Facebook go head to head and
compete to invent the most popular answers.  Get ready to let your imagination run
wild!  And as Drew Carey would say, this is ”the show where everything’s
made up and the points don’t matter


What if you could have any one Disney food item delivered to your door?  What would it be? 

It’s guaranteed – if the “What-if” question involves food, there will be a bunch of participants!  This time was no exception but what was surprising is that what I expected and what I got were completely different.  I asked the question and the answers were fantastic!  Early risers jumped into the game with breakfast foods, others were craving their favorite sweet tooth fix or salty snack selections, and a few were ready for some serious main course action!

So, here are the answers to this week’s round – broken down into three categories:  Breakfast foods, Snack Fix, and Meaty Main Course!

Let’s Play!

In the Breakfast Category:

Denise (Facebook) answered simply: “Dole whip for me, Mickey waffles for my son” – I slid this answer into the breakfast category because of the waffles and the fact that anytime of day is the perfect time for a Dole Whip!  Denise gets 25 bonus points for thinking of someone else’s stomach instead of just her own!

Curtis Stone (@GeekinOnWDW) “Since it’s morning, I’d like one of those large croissant egg sandwiches I’ve had at Beach Club.”  Having never visited the Beach Club, much less had one of those breakfast sandwiches, I can only speculate about their tastiness, but they do sound perfectly delicious.  And conveniently portable for a breakfast food!

Ideal breakfast EVERY morning

Photo Credit – Jenni Vander Weide

Andrea Roberts (@andpes13)   ‏This time of day I would like the puffed French toast from Crystal Palace…yum!  Then Andrea added, “It’s always a great time!  We try to go there or Boma for a breakfast every trip :)”  Puffed French toast?  Seriously – who would not want to try that?  It sounds like a little bit of heaven…with the added bonus of getting to hang out with Pooh, Piglet, Tigger and Eeyore while you’re feasting!

Jeanie (@jeanieblue114)  “mickey waffle with fruit. I never seem to make it to breakfast. Still have never had Tonga toast”  The Mickey waffle is absolutely a classic – the quintessential Disney breakfast food, but Jeanie knows the truth – they say Tonga Toast is the most amazingly delicious stuff on Disney property – devotees of this menu item from the Polynesian’s Kona Café swear by its perfection….which may explain why it’s been on the menu since 1971!

Snack Fix Section:

Amy (Facebook) “Beignets and a mint julep from New Orlelans Square. Mmmm…”  Initially, this started to go under the breakfast category – that’s when I eat my Beignets (with café au lait, of course) – but serving them alongside a mint julep sounded like a rockin’ afternoon snack to me.  And, as we say here in Louisiana – Amy’s answer “flung a craving on me!”  50 points to Amy for making me hungry for beignets!

Megan (Facebook) “Port Orleans River Roost lounge had these amazingly awesome pimiento cheese fritters with this delicious red pepper jelly on the side.  We ended up having them three or four times during our Disney World trip in January/February and I’ve craved them more frequently than any other snack from Disney World.”  I have stayed at Port Orleans and how these incredible-sounding perfect little combos of sweet and salty goodness escaped my notice is nearly unbelievable!  Has anyone else tried these?  I want them!!!

Ruth (Facebook) “The lemon tart from Raglan Road” – well, Ruth, I love lemon and happen to have myself a little ADR at Raglan Road coming up!  Shall I send you a picture?  ‘Cause I will certainly be giving the lemon tart a try!!

Niki (Facebook) enthusiastically answered – “SELMAS!!!”  Uhmmmm, what?  Niki had me stumped…what the heck is a Selma’s?  I’m supposed to know all about Disney stuff (I do have my own blog and all) and I’m embarrassed to say I had to Google Niki’s answer.  Selma’s is a bakery that makes cookies sold in Disney parks!  Ah, okay, so I asked Niki (pretending I knew all along what she was talking about) what kind she wanted and she answered, “At this moment in my life white chocolate raspberry.” So, Niki – 75 points for stumping me and a gift of sorts in return.  I found a blog while I was conducting my Selma’s research and they claim to have developed a white chocolate cookie recipe to duplicate your Selma’s favorite:  MyBakerLady.com – enjoy!

Embedded image permalink

Photo Credit – Disney Dream Girls

Heather (Facebook) is absolutely positive, her Disney food delivery would be “cheese empanadas from the Mexico Pavilion.”  Why, Heather, do you need those?  Heather confessed,  “I dream about them. Literally.”  Dreamy food?  Oh, boy – I am going to have to try those empanadas!!!  Great review here at EatingWDW.com  I’m putting these babies in the snack section only because they don’t contain meat, disqualifying them from being among the “Meaty Main Courses”.

Disney Dream Girls (@DisDreamGirls) – The reply was simply a picture of a certain popular frozen treat and…. “need I say more?” #dolewhip #polynesianresort #delish

The WDW Blog (@theWDWblog) “hmmm right now I would have to say the kitchen sink from Beaches & Cream I’ve got a sweet tooth atm :)”  I don’t know if you’ve ever SEEN the monstrosity that is the Kitchen Sink – mother of all ice cream sundaes, but that baby is humongous!  I asked WDW Blog if they knew how much one weighed and the answer was, “Oh geez I have no idea at least 5 pounds lol (that’s without the bowl counting) lol”  I assure you – that is no joke!

Rebecca (Facebook) didn’t want to get left out of this week’s round!  She said,  “Am I too late? Right now I’m thinking Butterfinger cupcake, because that might be the only way I could get it any time soon. :D”  I’ve written an entire post on craving this particular sweet treat and I applaud Rebecca’s choice.  The Butterfinger cupcake (available DSCN2520at Disney’s Hollywood Studios) would satisfy hunger as a breakfast, dessert, or late night snack.  Excellent answer!

Dennis (@oakmanner) “Jalapeño cheese stuffed pretzel!” Okay, Dennis – haven’t had one, but I have heard they’re good.  I want mine with a cold, dark beer to wash it down.  Mmmmmm.

Meaty Main Course Cravings:

Kelley (Facebook) “Filet from LeCellier!  I would say Dole Whip float, but I’ve just about mastered that recipe.”  First – I LOVE the filet at Le Cellier – say what you want about the price or the difficulties one often encounters trying to score an ADR to eat at this table service restaurant in Epcot’s Canada pavilion – the steaks are excellent!  Second, yes, of course I asked Kelley for her Dole Whip recipe and here it is:

  • Ok, here’s the recipe I use for my small ice cream maker: Mix 2 cups Dole pineapple juice and 1 cup sugar until sugar is dissolved. Add 1 cup heavy cream, 1 tsp vanilla, splash of each – lemon juice and lime juice. Add milk to make 4 cups total. Make in ice cream maker, freeze then serve with pineapple juice. YUM!

Teresa (Facebook) “Monte Cristo sandwich!” – Once again, it’s a food item I’ve heard about repeatedly on blogs and podcasts.  It seems the Blue Bayou restaurant at Disneyland serves up a version of this battered-and-fried turkey, ham, and cheese sandwich – sprinkled with powdered sugar and served with blackberry preserves on the side- that is to die for.  Just in case we want to try this and don’t have a trip to California in our near future, here’s a recipe for it from the Disney Food Blog.

Chris Schenck (@Incage2) “ribs from flame tree!”  Now THESE I can recommend!  We love Flame Tree Barbeque at the Animal Kingdom park.  Great food.

Embedded image permalink

Photo Credit – David Hodges

Embedded image permalink

Photo Credit: David Hodges

David Hodges (@thedislife)  “Does this count as one food item?” – Like the Dream Girls, Dave answered with a picture – all I can say is Holy COW! (they used a whole cow!) – what on Earth?  Dave tells me his choice is the “Bacon wrapped meatloaf….. Wolfgang :)”  (Wolfgang Puck’s in Downtown Disney) So, I asked Dave how close he came to finishing this meat and potato monstrosity and he answered with another picture!  “I licked the plate and had this for dessert :)”  People, I believe we have a winner!  1000 points to David Hodges for his appetite!

Thank you ALL for playing!  Come back next week and find out the answer to What if……?