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DSCN3118IMG_0406First Things First:  I love the DisBoards – if you have never been there, go.  Now.  Tips, discussions, trip reports, reviews, debates, ideas, rumors and much more – almost ALL related to Disney!  I’ve been a member since 2006 (GreenAcres is my DisBoards’ name) and I have found the information there invaluable.

People on the cruise boards are always asking questions about dressing for a Disney Cruise – specifically, what families should expect / wear on formal night.  I’ll tell you – the full-blown formal attire, dressed to the nines – is going out of style on Disney Cruises.  If you wear long dresses or tuxedos, you will certainly be among the minority.  That being said, we still do it – Dress for Formal Night.  Raymond and Joseph DSCN1644have owned their own tuxedos for years (WAY less expensive than renting, I promise) and Megan and I have always purchased our dresses strategically to ensure uber-bargain prices.  I know what you’re thinking – I’m on vacation and I do NOT want to go to all that trouble…I’ll be uncomfortable…I only want to wear shorts and tee shirts – and you’d have a point.  Still – I think everyone ought to be free to choose what makes their vacation special.

Why do we dress up?  I’ll give you the top fives reasons:

IMG_03801.  You get the opportunity to go all out – spit and polish, together as a family – and let your children show off all those good manners you’ve been drilling into them year after year.

2.  Gives children the opportunity to shine – to truly feel like the prince or princess you tell them they are.  If you have a need to feel royal as well – this will allow you a grand chance to embrace your inner monarch.

3.  Great practice for proms and weddings or if your children ever need to attend a red carpet IMG_1820event – they’ll be ready!  Don’t laugh – both of my dear offspring have expressed a time or two how happy (grateful even) they are to feel comfortable when faced with formal occasions.

4.  Family pictures!  I like the professional pictures we’ve had taken on the ship, but I love the candid shots we took ourselves even better.

IMG_03795.  Memories – making them as well as recalling the past.  For me, dressing up triggers memories of one of the happiest days of my life.  When I see Raymond in his tuxedo – I can perfectly recall the excitement of our wedding day (when my Disney life began!).

Need to know where to shop?  Want to know what to pack for a cruise?  Questions and comments are always welcome.


3 thoughts on “Disney Cruise Line – Dressing for Formal Night

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  2. You all look wonderful! On our one and only cruise, I had no idea what to wear on formal night. I wore khakis and a nice sweater (it was an Alaskan Cruise), but felt under dressed. I’ll be wearing a nice suit for an upcoming (non Disney! (I know, it was a gift from my FIL)) cruise.

    • LOL NON-Disney? I won’t tell anyone, Nick. We did the Alaskan cruise in 2011 and had a great time on Formal night! People that just refuse to even TRY to show at least a little respect to the spirit of Formal Night kill me – I just don’t get it. If you really want to wear cutoffs and flip-flops – order room service! 🙂

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