5 Best Types of Disney Cast Members

RM-99-Days-to-GoToday is double-digit-dance-day, friends.  I’m not bragging or anything, but I’m officially less than 100 days from my next visit to Walt Disney World.  Somehow this kicks my excitement up a notch and I start imagining myself actually THERE.  Y’know, walking down Main Street, riding a certain sketchy service elevator, heading to LA in my super-stretch, listening to the dulcet tones of Madam Leota calling spirits, taking in the particular smell of Rome burning, chowing down on a churro…the Disney World works!  All the stops will be pulled, Christmas decorations will abound.  Oh, boy!  I cannot WAIT!RM-BLT-Studio-Main-Room

Picturing all my favorite things at Disney World always makes me think about those awesome Disney Cast Members and what an important role they play in my vacation happiness.  There are a few CM’s in particular that are so critical, my vacation just wouldn’t be the same without them!

And so, for this week’s Friday Five, I give you the…

5 Best Types of Disney Cast MembersRM-Contemporary Resort Greeter

  1. The Cast Members of Welcoming – When I step off the Magical Express and see the smiling face of the first on-property Disney Cast Member, I feel officially on vacation.  They may meet me at the bus, in the lobby of our resort hotel, or at the front desk check-in – doesn’t matter to me!  They’re all smiles and that makes me happy.RM-Sanaa Server
  2. The Cast Members Who Bring Us Food – I could try to play it cool and say we mostly go to Disney World for attractions and amenities.  Thrill rides, shows, ambiance, hidden Mickeys…oh, who am I kidding.  We love the FOOD!  I know many of you live in fancy big cities and can drive a block or two to an amazing dining experience anytime you want to.  We live in the wilds of Louisiana…our options are limited.  Dining at places like Citricos, California Grill, Jiko, Flying Fish Café, Il Mulino, and Yachtsman Steakhouse are such a treat for us!  It’s not just the food – it’s the service!!!  There’s no doubt that those amazing Cast Members in these fine dining establishments make our meals extra special!RM-Photographer-DHS
  3. The Cast Members Who Take Our Picture – I’m not just talking about the PhotoPass/Memory Maker photographers.  I’m talking about all the Cast Members who are ready and willing to take pictures with our camera or cell phone to make sure we do not miss capturing all the special moments of our vacation.  They’re helpful and kind and we appreciate them beyond words.RM-Main-Street-CMs
  4. The Cast Members Who Control Crowds – I love these folks!  The Parade Prep People!  Safety may be their main (and most important) concern, but we have always found them to be funny, entertaining, and especially good at keeping guests from being trampled by a parade float while being charming at the same time.IMG_5124
  5. The Cast Member From Home – This is the rarest one of all!  We read name badges.  It’s become a bit of an obsession and has prompted many an interesting conversation.  Disney Cast Members come from all over the world and we know most of them have to be at least a little homesick.  Taking a minute to ask about a CM’s hometown helps us connect for a few minutes and, we like to think, helps return the kindness that the overwhelming majority of Disney Cast Members have shown to us over the past 25+ years.  It doesn’t happen often, but occasionally we find a CM from Louisiana.  One day, back in 2012, we found a CM from our hometown.  You can read about that story here.

What about YOU?  What types of Cast Members are your favorite contributors to Disney vacation happiness?

3 thoughts on “5 Best Types of Disney Cast Members

  1. in the 20 years of Disney visits have made many ” Disney buddies” no trip is complete with out visiting our ” buddies ” yeha bob Jackson , hollie , john, spencer, carl , gavin . I know I am leaving someone out ….

  2. Since I live in Vancouver, my chances of meeting a CM from ‘home’ are limited to the Canada Pavilion (for the most part). I used to live in a tiny town, north-west tip of Vancouver Island. I was at the Canada pavilion during a trip, reading CM tags and what do you know, there was a CM from Gold River. We chatted, turns out her parents knew my parents. It’s a Small World After All!

    • Isn’t it great when something like that happens!!! Pays to stalk the name tags.

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