Walt Disney World – Tips for Going Bagless

Waiting for Toy Story Midway ManiaThink how much time you’d save if you could avoid the bag check lines at Walt Disney World park entrances!  Be among the first to ride Toy Story Midway Mania before the standby line is more than 60 minutes long!  I often spend a day or two traveling light – footloose and bag-free – on my vacation and, unless you’re still in the diaper bag phase of life, with a little careful planning and the right wardrobe choices, you too can waltz right on in and bypass those nice folks at the bag-check tables.

You will need pockets for this to work.  I divvy up all the items we need to carry among everyone in our group – Cargo shorts, skorts, capris – whatever you like – the more pockets the Travel Sunscreenbetter!

TEN Small Things (to help you tour bag-free):

1 & 2) Mini sunscreen and lip balm – these two are absolute necessities.  Applying the first coat of sunscreen liberally before leaving your room in the morning is a must.  After lunch, a quick touch-up helps ensure you remain burn-free.  Lip balm with a high (at least 30) SPF or a clear zinc stick for lips and face is a great investment!

3) Small camera, no case – Just carry it around by the strap and snap away!

Small Digital Camera4) Pins for trading – Love Disney pin trading?  It’s not comfortable to always have a pin-filled lanyard around your neck all day – especially on days without breaks or super-hot, humid ones.  On a bag-free day, pin a few pins on a cap or visor or just pocket a couple for emergency trading purposes.

5 & 6) Cap and sunglasses – When the summer sun is beating down, I must have at least a visor and some shades.  Added bonus with the cap – no need to worry about carrying any hair styling tools – nobody’s going to see your hair!

7 & 8) Cell phone (and portable charger) – If you plan on frequenting your My Disney Experience mobile app to keep up with, book, or change your FastPass+ selections and ADRs, you will want a portable charger (around $40) or be tied to a charging station for a period of time.  The chargers are usually about the same size as a cell phone – easy to carry and use on the fly.Travel Bandages

9) $2.50 – more figurative than literal, this item refers to the fact that being bag-free comes with a price…in this case, the price of a bottle of water.  I like bottled water versus any other beverage on a hot day.  When I’ve opted not to bring any drinks or snacks into the park with me, I’ve got to suck it up and pay for them.  I’m okay with that.  Sometimes you spend a little money to save a little time.

10) Bag of first aid/medical necessities.  We have a small plastic container that works well, but we’ve also used a mini-ziplock bag to hold an assortment of “in case of emergency” items – travel packs of ibuprofen, antacid, bandages, blister relief etc.  This tiny first aid kit fits easily into a pocket (and has come in handy many times).

Believe it or not, we’ve also carefully (and aggressively!) folded rain ponchos to fit into cargo pocketsCargo Pocket as well!  I still take a small backpack on many days to carry water, snacks, and character autograph items and pens, but from time to time, I just want to get a jump on the day.  Sometimes, no matter how light the bag is, it just feels like a burden and I need a break!  Whatever your reasons for wanting to be bag-free, I hope you found some useful tips here today.

What are your best suggestions for leaving a bag behind?





5 thoughts on “Walt Disney World – Tips for Going Bagless

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  2. For Southern California’s Disneyland Resort I most prefer to go bagless! Really, its the best way to enjoy any theme park if you can swing it. The most minimal basics: iPhone, keys, lip gloss/chapstick, ID, Annual Passport, and Debit Card.

    Your recommendation on pockets could not be emphasized enough! Last bagless trip to Disney I did without pockets in a dress was a very poor Idea and I broke the iPhone screen. The more pockets, the less you spend. I even bring my disposable water bottle full and throw it away when I am done.

    My partner and I also swear we will never be stroller parents at Disneyland – we are strong people and will be baby-wearing all the way!

    Loving your blog- hope to get my first Disney post up soon!

    • Hi Erica – thanks for visiting. I can’t go bagless everyday, but I sure do love the feeling of freedom it brings! I’d die on the spot if I broke my iPhone screen. I know for sure we would never have made it without strollers – you’re a stronger woman than I ever thought about being!! LOL!

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