Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream

Walt Disney: One Man's Dream / Disney's Hollywood StudiosIf you haven’t done it before, next time you’re visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios and have about 30 minutes to spare – go see the Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream exhibit.  If you’re a fan of all things Disney like I am – it’s an amazing experience and a prime opportunity to see and hear details about Walt Disney’s life and work.  It’s a great way to show children that Walt Disney is not just a brand or a company or a theme park – he was a real person – one who faced many hardships during his life and overcame them by refusing to give up on his dreams.

The exhibit, located in a sound stage on Mickey Avenue, begins with a treasure trove of Life-sized Walt Disney photo / Walt Disney: One Man's Dreammore than 400 artifacts from Walt Disney’s life.  Photos, vintage toys, props, costumes, sketches, and more are cleverly placed throughout the exhibit’s rooms.  There’s a lot to take in and the displays are each very interesting and unique.  You can see the special camera Walt used to film the very first cartoon with synchronized sound – Steamboat Willie.  You can see the special Oscars Walt Disney won for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  One of my favorite displays is of Walt Disney’s office as it was at Disney Studios in California.  I also love all the Mickey Mouse Club memorabilia.  As you meander through the rooms, you move forward in time, beginning with Walt Disney’s birth in Display wall in Walt Disney: One Man's Dream / Disney's Hollywood StudiosChicago and ending with models and dioramas of modern Disney theme park rides and attractions from around the world.

The experience ends with a 15 minute film and this, to me, is the best part!  In the movie, narrated by Julie Andrews, we get to see and hear Walt Disney as he describes his life in his own words.  Never-before-seen home movies allow us to get to know the passionate, happy man who made it his life’s mission to bring his own special brand of happiness to so many people around the world.  It’s no wonder Walt Disney’s name and legacy are still so important, playing an enormous role in our lives today.Walt Disney's Office Display in One Man's Dream

Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream is a cool and quiet escape from the busy (and HOT) hustle and bustle of the Studios.  Tour the exhibits at your own pace and don’t miss the movie at the end which begins every 15 minutes throughout the day.  Oh, and if you’re a sappy sentimental cry baby like me, bring plenty of tissues.

Have you toured One Man’s Dream?  What was your favorite part of the exhibit?

Oswald Poster Mickey Mouse Club artifacts in One Man's Dream Castle Model in One Man's Dream The Walt Disney Theater inside One Man's Dream

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  4. We stop in every trip, sometimes just for a quick walk through, other times for a longer visit.

    • I always feel like I don’t have time to look at everything as much as I want to…I can see why it’s a must-do for you on every trip, Nick. So much great history in there. Makes me emotional.

    • MAY have to, Tim? For sure you’ve got to make the time – it’s great! There’s so much to see!!! Oh, and don’t think I missed that little dig about the Villains Party – I am absolutely Goofy-hat-green with envy. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I always tear up at the end of the movie when “When you Wish Upon a Star” is played in the background.

  6. Our family loves this exhibit! On my last walk through it, I was meandering along behind a mother and son who were so cute…they kept one-upping each other on Walt Disney “facts” – most of which were completely inaccurate. If they’d just read the little signs on the items they were discussing, they’d have learned quite a lot. I had a tough time keeping my chuckles to myself that day 🙂

    • Heather, I’d have needed a muzzle! LOL. It IS a great exhibit and don’t you feel like you notice something new every time? So many famous things are in there!

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