Tangierine Café in Epcot

This week’s Saturdays With Nick post is a restaurant review of a place our family has yet to try.  We’ve stopped in Epcot’s Morocco Pavilion plenty of times, but have yet to eat at any of the restaurants there – opting instead to shop or enjoy live music.  After reading this review, I’m adding Tangierine Café to my must-try list!  Have you eaten in Morocco?  Which restaurant would you recommend?

Tangierine Café in Epcot

By Nick

Like Flame Tree Barbecue at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, The Tangierine Café, located in Epcot’s Morocco Pavilion, is a quick service eatery that we don’t visit on every trip to Walt Disney World, despite it being one of our favorites.

We’ve visited on several visits to WDW, usually to meet with friends at their request.
The menu is on display outside to help you make a decision before entering.
Orders are made and picked up at the counter.

Seating is somewhat limited inside and out. The larger dining section is to be found in front of the counter.

There is also a smaller, more intimate seating area past the coffee/dessert counter.
October 2013 we ate with our friends Pam and Tom, and this is the section we dined in.

On that trip I had the Mediterranean Lamb Wrap, served with Tangierine couscous salad and lentil salad. Barbie had the Vegetarian Platter which is Tangierine couscous salad, hummus and tabouleh.

Both excellent.

In January 2014 we went with friends Claire, Laurie, and Angelo.

Angelo, Laurie, Claire, Barbie and me.
I look forward to stopping by this wonderful eatery on my next trip!
Tangierine Café’s menu can be found here.

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The Time We Almost Ate at Spice Road Table

Spice Road Table TableA few weeks ago, Raymond and I found ourselves in Epcot, in need of a snack, and with a bit of time on our hands.  Circumstances like these always make me want to try something new!

The Time We Almost Ate at Spice Road Table

We were enjoying a leisurely stroll through World Showcase.  We’d just left our friend Nick (yes, the Disney Musings and Disney Exchange Nick) as he headed off to meet friends in the Mexico Pavilion.  I realized I was hungry and we had quite a bit of time before our Il Mulino (in the Swan) reservation.  We needed something light – I immediately thought about the small plates at Spice Road Table and how we’d never eaten there.  We could sit and relax for a while enjoying this Morocco pavilion eatery’s prime location on the World Showcase Lagoon.  We’d heard mixed reviews (many negative), but we were willing to be open-minded.  We are pretty easy to please and were only after a snack.Spice Road Table Dining Area

We approached the podium inside the entrance and I asked how long the wait would be.  I couldn’t see much of the dining area, but there appeared to be open tables.  The host said there would be no wait and we where promptly shown to a table near the water.  We opened our menus and began discussing what we would order to share.  The weather was great and we loved our table’s location.Spice Road Table ViewNormally, at this point, we’d expect a server to stop by and ask about beverages.  If they’re busy, they’d stop by to let us know that they’ll be right back.  There were hardly any other diners around us.  We talked over our options and decided on the  Hummus and Imported Olives with Cornichons and Zaatar Pita Bread ($10) and the Brie Fondue – Baked Brie with Rosemary Croutons ($10), we’d also planned to order cocktails.  We were ready!  We were hungry!Spice Road Table Menu2 Spice Road Table Menu1Spice Road Table Menu

At one point during this time, we noticed a group of several women we believed to be servers congregated near the entrance to this patio dining area engaged in quiet discussion.  Certain they were deciding which tables needed attention and by whom each party would be assisted, we felt certain our order would be taken in short order.

Here’s where being married for almost 27 years comes into play.  We made small talk.  I took a few pictures.  Then Raymond gave me a look that spoke volumes…This look clearly asked, “How long are we going to wait for a server?”  I, of course, was already prepared with my answer, “We’ve been here 7 minutes, let’s give them 3 more.”  Seriously, on the nearly empty dining patio, guests shouldn’t have to wait more than 10 minutes to be greeted by a server.

We sat in companionable silence – Raymond with an amused look on his face as he watched me try to surreptitiously check my watch a time or two.  Finally, I burst out laughing and we got up and left.  We weren’t mad, just surprised and a little disappointed (we wanted something to EAT!).  No one spoke to us or even seemed to notice our departure.  We ended up in the Japan pavilion’s Katsura Grill where we shared sushi and drank sake and enjoyed being together at Walt Disney World. Katsura Grill - Sushi and Sake

As for Spice Road Table?  There are too many other places to eat for us to try that one again anytime soon.

Have you eaten at Spice Road Table?  How did your experience compare to ours?


Epcot’s Morocco Pavilion – Five Great Things

Morocco in Epcot's World ShowcaseOne of the most amazing things about the World Showcase in Epcot is how each country’s pavilion embraces guests in a way that allows them to feel they are actually visiting that country.  I love that!  This magic – taking you away to an exotic place far away – is particularly well done in the Morocco Pavilion.

Located between the Japan and France Pavilions, Morocco is unique, extremely well-themed, and absolutely charming.  With warm colors, beautiful landscaping, and exotic architectural shapes – you genuinely feel transported.  Here’s a fun fact – If you look past the Morocco Pavilion, you can see the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror off in the distance at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  The tower’s color was chosen specifically because it would be visible in such a way – it’s painted to blend in with the color of the buildings in the Morocco Pavilion.Mo'Rockin entertainment in Epcot's Morocco

Five Great Things about the Morocco Pavilion

1. Entertainment – Mo’Rockin!  This is my favorite part of visiting Morocco – live music and belly dancing!  Talented musicians play Middle-Eastern and African inspired music on an outdoor stage (on the side of the Morocco Pavilion closest to Japan).  The belly dancer performing with them is amazing.  The act appears several times throughout the afternoon and evening.

2Epcot's Morocco / Spice Road Table. Food – So many choices!  Restaurant Marrakesh:  Table Service dining offering flavors of Morocco and the Mediterranean for lunch or dinner. Tangerine Café:  Quick/Counter Service restaurant (Mediterranean wraps and Shawarma platters are the specialty) , and Spice Road Table:  Newest eatery in Morocco offering small plates; perfect for a light meal or evening snack.

3. Shopping – Morocco’s shops are a treasure trove of authentic merchandise.  You’ll feel like you’re in an exotic marketplace as you shop for jewelry, clothing and accessories, wood crafts, baskets, musical instruments, carpets, and textiles.  There’s a lot to choose from!

4. Characters – Jasmine and Aladdin are available in the Morocco Pavilion for meet-and-greets.  Jasmine and Aladdin in Epcot's World ShowcaseThese are two of our favorite characters because of the way they interact in perfect character for fun and great pictures.  Once we even ran into Jafar in Morocco and while he wasn’t a speaking character, he was exactly the way you’d expect – aloof and arrogant and very funny.

5. Henna Tattoos – Opportunities to learn about the Moroccan culture abound in this pavilion and include the opportunity to get an ornate, unique and completely temporary henna tattoo.  Both Megan and Joseph took the time for this experience several years ago.  Design books are available for help in selecting just the right image.

Is Morocco one of your favorite stops along the World Showcase?  What’s your favorite thing to do or see there?Tile Closeup / Morocco Pavilion / Epcot's World Showcase Tangerine Cafe / Morocco Pavilion / Epcot's World Showcase Morocco Pavilion's covered seating area