Disney Gifts For Dad

RM-Maharajah-Jungle-StopGot a dad?  Is he a Disney fan?  GREAT!  You’ve come to the right place.  I’m married to an awesome Dad who happens to love all things Disney and I’ve had a few years-worth of gift buying practice.  Here are a few gift suggestions for the Disney dad in your life…

(Merchandise pictures are courtesy of the Disney Store.)

Disney Gifts For Dad

For his closet – The coolest new Disney clothing items are all part of the Twenty Eight & Main collection.  Retro, laid-back, and perfect for Dad!  These duds are for cool dudes.  One of my favorites is this Rocketeer tee ($32.95).    Rocketeer-TeeSeriously, this collection is wonderful.

For his office – This Disney Parks Attraction Poster calendar ($21.95) is the gift that keeps on giving – save the pictures and have them framed. Disney-Parks-Attraction-Poster-Calendar-2016 What dad would not love this rosewood pen ($21.00)  The Disney Parks Products, stationery and office selection is full of classy choices for everydad.Disney-World-Rosewood-Pen-Arribas

For his castle – Two things come to mind.  First, a little Mansion merch for his gadget drawer in the form of this awesome Haunted Mansion bottle stopper ($19.95).  Haunted-Mansion-Bottle-StopperI own one of these myself and am a huge fan!  Second, a new coffee mug – pick one that’s microwave and dishwasher safe like this Magic Kingdom map mug for $12.95.Magic-Kingdom-Map-Mug

For his next Disney vacation – If your favorite dad deserves a little extra TLC or some extra rest and relaxation, treat him to something extra special on your next trip to Walt Disney World.  RM-Grand-Floridian-Senses-SignThe Senses Spa at the Grand Floridian offers excellent massages sure to make dad feel pampered and relaxed.  If that’s not your Dad’s cup of tea, you can always treat him to a round of golf, a movie, bowling, a Segway tour or a Dessert Party.

For his love – Help Dad keep the magical memories close at hand.  Turn his favorite vacation photos into unique gifts.  Bundle up your favorite Disney vacation pics into a Disney photo book.  For $79.95, this gorgeous, personalized reminder of your family’s vacation memories is easy to make with your own pictures and/or your Disney PhotoPass pictures.  We made one a few years back and I cannot count the number of times we’ve paged through it and relived those precious moments.  Disney Photo Book Disney Photo Book2Also available are smart phone cases, magnets, mousepads, ornaments, and more.

Are you shopping for a Disney-loving Dad? What are your best gift ideas?

Are you a Disney Dad? What are your favorite kinds of Disney gifts?

Disney at Home – Mary Poppins Art

Mary Poppins ArtBack in the fall, when Christmas was looming large, I started trying to help Joseph pick out a gift for Raymond.  Joseph is…well, he’s….picky.  And opinionated.  Huhn…wonder where he gets that from?  Best to get started early, ’cause at the last minute the two of us would be locked in an epic battle of wills over finding the perfect gift.  We take holidays very seriously here at Living a Disney Life.

I started looking around at some of my favorite online shopping sites and throwing out ideas via text message or during the occasional phone call.  Have you tried recently to communicate by phone with an 18 year old male away at school?  If not, let me tell you there’s a lot of silence and monosyllabic answers.

So, anyway, I described a wide variety of gift options and put them to the test:  “Well? what Mary Poppins Artabout that one?” – every question was met with a grunt (or no reply at all by text).  I took that as a no and kept looking.  Purely by coincidence I stumbled upon some interesting art.  Disney art – well, technically, art based on Disney, but one picture in particular caught my eye – a Mary Poppins movie-themed print that was appealing in its simplicity.  Hmmm – could I have found THE gift?  After so much rejection I was about to tell Mr. Picky-pants to go it alone and shop solo for his Dad’s present.

Mary Poppins on the WallScreen shot included in the next text – I waited for yet another rejection…what?  Could it be?  He loved it!  So, knowing better than to hesitate during such a moment, I placed the order.  Joseph was home for semester break when the package arrived and we carefully opened the box and slid out the contents – even better in person than it was in the picture.  The colors are muted, but match our décor perfectly.  We both just stood there staring at it for a moment – then I noticed Joseph was smiling and realized he was imagining how happy his dad would be with this gift.  And Raymond loves the picture every bit as much as we’d hoped he would.  The Mary Poppins picture now hangs prominently in our foyer.

What do you buy the hard-to-shop-for Disney fan? What’s one of your favorite Disney gifts?

What Disney Gifts did Santa Bring?

IMG_2453We Disney fans have got to be, without a doubt, the easiest people in the World to buy gifts for – if it’s Disney, we love it!  So, the very best thing about having Christmas behind me?  I now get to enjoy the new Disney “toys” I found under our Christmas tree!

Confession time:  While I was shopping Disney for The Fam, I did (I hope I’m not the only one who does this) buy myself a little something.  Couldn’t help it – I love Mulan and the ornament was too cute to pass up.

My own purchase aside, I’ve got to say, I’m completely thrilled with the variety and thoughtfulness of this year’s Disney gifts.

Here are some of my most favorite:

IMG_2439The Haunted Mansion bottle stopper.  Perfect for me since I love wine almost as much as I love Disney – Thanks, Megan!

Tea and cookies, anyone?  If you happen to already have Mickey Mouse dinnerware and an “awning red” kitchen, then a tea-for-one set and matching cookie jar are perfect gifts, no?




Raymond continued Megan’s theme with some additional Disney kitchen items (mixing bowls and salad plates).  Plus he booked a trip to Disney World for us all to take this spring – can’t wait!

IMG_2435I have been hinting for quite a while that it would be super cool to start collecting those new Disney shoe ornaments.  Have you heard about them?  The Disney Parks Blog as a great write-up about them with fab pics here.  Anyway, someone (sweet Megan) finally took pity on me and got my collection kicked off with a perfect shoe – Tink’s –   Check out the wings!


Finally, my very wonderful and thoughtful friend, Phyllis, took the time to make me a Living a Disney Life scrapbook.  She wanted me to have a memento of how I turned my Disney obsession and a little free time into my very own blog.  Posts and pages printed and adorably embellished with colorful Disney bling.  Thanks, Philly!

What Disney gifts did Santa bring you?


IMG_2446 IMG_2447






What’s on Your Disney Christmas Wish List?

TIMG_0059here hasn’t been a Christmas since Raymond and I married that there weren’t Disney gifts.  Clothing, P.J.’s, ornaments, movies, games, stuffed animals, toys, home décor – and so on.

One year in particular stands out in my memory as the absolute best for Disney gift-giving!  Megan was 16 and Joseph 11.  They had been arguing most of the year (literally) about where to go on our next vacation.  Megan wanted – and to this very day – always votes for – Disney World; Joseph wanted to see the ocean.  Any ocean.  We hadn’t been to the beach in so long, poor thing couldn’t remember what the ocean looked like.  The argument went on and on, month after month.  Seriously, aren’t you surprised sometimes by how tenacious siblings-at-odds can be?  During all that debate, an idea began to form.  What if we could give them both what they wanted?

The perfect solution would be a Disney Land-and-Sea Vacation.  Hey – what if we could pull itIMG_1049 off as a Christmas surprise?  When could we go?  Both the children were extremely involved in activities outside of school.  Megan had auditioned for and become a member of a local ballet company four years earlier – the practice and performance schedules were seriously demanding.  Our best bet was to try to go on Christmas break – which, if this trip was going to be a Christmas gift, would mean leaving right after Christmas Day.  A little web surfing and a few mouse clicks later… Ta-Dah!  We’d booked a package that would have us enjoying four Disney-World-days at the Polynesian (over New Year’s) before sailing on a 3-day cruise in the Bahamas.  I’ll be honest – Raymond was not in favor of this plan, but only because he had no interest whatsoever in taking a Disney cruise – thought it would be boring compared to Disney World.  HA!

Booking the trip was SO much easier than trying to keep it a secret.  That part was torture!  There were several times over the months leading up to Christmas when either Raymond or I would start to make a comment or ask the other one a question about the trip in front of one or both of the kids – each time we managed to catch ourselves just in the nick of time.

IMG_2389Now we needed to figure out how to stage the big reveal.  This was going to be the best gift EVER and I wanted the gift-giving to be so epic – the most incredible, most unique, most FUN and exciting moment-to-remember-from-childhood for our precious youngsters!  I came up with a scathingly brilliant idea! (Triple points if you can name the movie reference there).  I decided that by making the gift’s discovery a little challenging, the surprise would be even better!  A treasure hunt would be just the thing!  In fact, a pirate-themed treasure hunt would go right along with the gift!

As with most of my hair-brained schemes clever plans, I pulled out all the stops!  I wrote clues on scrolls written in pirate-speak suitably aged and burned around the edges.  These clues lead to puzzle pieces that, when assembled in their cardboard-backed frames, would form a poem that described the surprise.  Note:  gluing poetry onto puzzles before cutting the pieces apart while preserving the ability to read aforementioned poem is WAY harder than it sounds… IMG_2388y’know, just sayin’.

So – Christmas morning finally arrived!  The moment Raymond and I have been waiting for….the first scroll is handed to the children and, reading the clues, they begin their search to find puzzle pieces.  Here’s where my plan went a teensy bit awry.  See – I thought the whole plan would be just perfect if the location of the final puzzle pieces were really authentic to a pirate-treasure-finding-mission.  I had Raymond bury a small wooden chest in the side yard – pretty far away from the house.  So, that treasure chest (carefully wrapped in plastic) containing the final puzzle pieces was about a foot deep near a small pine tree next to a bayou – a lovely location for a sunny December day.

IMG_2387In my defense, keep in mind that here in Louisiana we sometimes wear shorts on Christmas – today even (December 20th), was in the 70’s, tomorrow will be near 80 degrees.  Yeah….Christmas day in 2006 dawned pretty chilly.  And RAINY!  Oh, the following-the-clues part was great until our teen and tween realized they would have to use a map (outside in the rain) and a shovel to dig in the MUD in order to finally find out what was up.  Oh, the eye-rolling and loud sighing – just imagine the indignity and horror!  Indeed.  We were downrightIMG_2385 cruel to ruin Christmas in such a way.

But they completed their mission!  Put the final pieces together and read the poem.  Then they just stared at us.  After a moment… light bulb!  No, REALLY?  You mean it?  Seriously?  We are going to Disney World and on a Disney Cruise…..Really?

Yep – it was worth every single moment of preparation and secrecy.  And we had a great trip.  And the children forgave us for our cruelty.  AND Raymond had a fantastic time on our first Disney cruise – so much fun, in fact, there have been four more since.

IMG_1045“Our children are different a girl and a boy.  What should we give them a game or a toy?  For Megan it’s one thing for Joseph another – Can they share just one gift, this sister and brother?  This present’s so clever, two halves of a whole – You’d better get ready – Mom and Dad are on a roll!  Now Megan we know what will make you most jolly – this time next week you’ll check in to the Poly.  And Joseph beware!  It’s pirates you’ll be seein’ when you set sail with Mickey to cruise the Caribbean.”

IMG_0990So….What’s been your favorite Disney Christmas surprise?