Magical Disney Moments are Alive and Well

In the weird way of coincidences, Nick, Dave and I recorded episode 153 of The Disney Exchange on my 53rd birthday.  I was filling the guys in on my recent trip and afterwards remembered a story I meant to share about one particularly awesome Disney moment in a vacation chock full of them.  Before I tell you all about it, let me emphasize something…

Magical Disney Moments are Alive and Well

In my last post, I mentioned the perfect same-day FastPass I managed to snag for Tower of Terror while we were finishing up our touring plans at Magic Kingdom.  Raymond and I hopped to the Studios, arriving about an hour before our FastPass window opened.  We took our time soaking up the Christmas-y atmosphere on our way to 50’s Prime Time’s Tune-In Lounge for a beer.  It’s our go-to place now that Min & Bill’s Dockside Diner doesn’t carry good craft beers anymore.

We couldn’t have been happier or feeling more Disney-ish.  Peppy Christmas music was playing and one of us might have actually been dancing down the street in joy.  I was wearing my favorite Darth Vader holiday shirt.  As we made our way along, we spotted a couple of Storm Troopers on patrol.  I’ve been super excited about Galaxy’s Edge and have loved the build-up to it with more and more Star Wars action in the park.  I soon found myself walking right behind one of the Storm Troopers and quietly said to his back, “I’m with the Resistance.”

Much to my surprise, he heard me!  Before I took another step, that Storm Trooper spun around and jumped back, pointing at me!  Very loudly, he informed me, “The Resistance will be crushed by the weight of the First Order!”

I can’t imagine what my facial expression must have been.  I was shocked!  I was thrilled!  And slightly embarrassed (I actually blushed).  What a cool thing to happen!  Then the Trooper abruptly spun back around and continued on his way.  I looked at Raymond and found him very clearly amused at this unexpected turn of events.

To remember the occasion, we made sure to get a picture of us channeling The Force in front of Tower of Terror.

In case you’ve heard some negativity lately about the decline of Disney magic at Walt Disney World, I’m happy to say that it’s alive and well and still making us happy after nearly 30 years of visits.  When we arrived at Tower of Terror, a bellhop named Michael was so amazing, he had the entire group in our service elevator laughing hysterically before the doors closed.  It’s still there, the magic, you just have to watch for it!

Have you had a magical Disney moment lately?

7 thoughts on “Magical Disney Moments are Alive and Well

  1. Our favourite phrase for a few years has been ‘look at that – cut backs!’.
    There is no doubt The World is a different place from our first visit in 1989, but we had some excellent experiences on our visit this year in Aug/September.
    We had a wonderful server at Hollywood & Vine (Hi Brian), and a CM who literally spent over 2 hours trying to embroider a hat for us as it kept going wrong. Cast compliments paid accordingly via twitter.
    We also had Stormtroopers interact with us – my dad went to the little boys room at the Studios, when he came back he had his arms in the air and was followed by 2 Troopers with weapons ready – it was hilarious.
    On our 2nd H & Vine visit we had the best time – so much character interaction, lots of special moments with them.
    We’re off back in just 10 days & we’re really looking forward to it.
    The Disney sparkle was officially gleaming.

    • I’m elated that it’s clearly not our imagination that those special, treasured Disney magical moments are still going strong. I’m so happy you stopped by to share your experiences, Kelly, thank you! Wow! 10 days to go- enjoy the decorations & have a wonderful time! – Lisa

  2. I was in the Disney Store, here in Vancouver and told them I have a friend on Prince Edward Island, she has no access to anything Disney. The CM got out a bag and started to fill it with every sticker, pin, sew on badge – anything they have in the store as a free giveaway! I was shocked and thrilled and so was my friend!

    • How wonderful! I’ve been getting so tired of hearing negative things lately about how Disney has gone down and cut back- I don’t see it.

  3. lisa how cool !!!! the Disney magic is indeed alive & well. as a guest you just have to stop & smell the roses so to speak and just as you did live the moment . hint anytime a castmember goes above and beyond to make your visit special either stop @ guest relations and fill out a survey card or as I do email guest relations when I get home. belive me it goes a long way in helping the castmember get the kudos that they deserve . for most they don’t make a lot of money so anytime they can get a pat on the back it can be magical for them . t-14 working days & counting for all the Christmas bueaty

    • You are in the home stretch! I tweet a #CastCompliment to the official WDW twitter account and they give the employee a certificate of recognition.

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