Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland – 5 Great Things

RM-Tomorrowland-WalkwayI love Tomorrowland – yes, yes, I do love ALL the lands, but Tomorrowland holds a special little place in my heart.  Happy memories are involved and plenty of nostalgia – a red flag for my acceptance of any future (I’ll admit, necessary) changes to this side of Magic Kingdom.  Contradictory?  Indeed, but there you have it.  I’d say goodbye Stitch’s Great Escape without batting an eye.  The Speedway, while a wonderful vacation memory for many of my friends, has seen better days and could, at the very least, do with an upgrade to some sort of high tech vehicles.  I don’t visit Sonny Eclipse’s Starlight Café, opting for other Magic Kingdome eateries instead.  Buzz Lightyear’s fun, but not as much as Toy Story Midway Mania over at the Studios.  RM-Buzz-Lightyear-Mural RM-Buzz-Lightyear-Space-Ranger-Spin-InteriorIt’s weird how Tomorrowland mixes the old and the sorta new and still presents itself as Tomorrow-ish.  The mash-up isn’t bad, just strange – The whole being greater than the sum of its parts, to be sure.RM-Stitch's-Great-Escape RM-Sonny-Eclipse

No matter the odd assortment of attractions and details, I’m about to share my favorite bits and pieces in yet another list!  Friends, I give to you…

Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland – 5 Great Things

  1. Carousel of Progress – The rumors about this attraction, one of my most favorite of favorites, are a bit dire.  Said to be either going away forever (at some unspecified future time) or moving to Epcot, the Carousel is OLD like me – in fact, we’re the same age.  I say this makes us cool, hip, retro, and therefore awesome!  What would Tomorrowland be without guests singing, “It’s a great big beautiful tomorrow…”?  I like it best when I’m wearing my Carousel of Progress t-shirt when I see it!RM-Carousel-of-Progress-Exterior
  2. The PeopleMover – What is not to love about this attraction?  If you don’t like it, please don’t tell me…I could never understand your point of view and we couldn’t be friends.  This is the coolest, chill-est, most relaxing tour around Tomorrowland – in the most beautiful omnimover next to a Doom-buggy.  Full belly, tired feet, or just needing to dry off from Splash Mountain – the reasons to hop on the PeopleMover are endless!  The view never gets old.RM-PeopleMover-Outside-Sign RM-PeopleMover-Seat
  3. Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor – I can’t help that I am genetically predisposed to adore puns – the best and most amusing form of humor I know.  I’ve passed this gene onto my children and they’ll agree with me – this show is hilarious!  Every single time.RM-Monsters-Inc-Laugh-Floor RM-Monsters-Inc-Laugh-Floor2
  4. Space Mountain – I try to score a FastPass when possible and the older I get, the harder the Mountain is on my body.  That doesn’t mean I want to change anything!  The queue, while not the most interesting, has a fantastic soundtrack.  I might not jump in and out of the rocket as easily as I once did, but there’s a lot to love about this attraction – the landscape of Magic Kingdom would not be the same without it.RM-Space-Mountain-Sign2
  5. The Details – Metal palm trees, soaring planets, cool colors, eye-catching shapes – the atmosphere in Tomorrowland is incredibly unique.  This is what Disney does best!  Total immersion into this alien land – while the whimsical Fantasyland and the old-fashioned Main Street U.S.A. are right next door.RM-Tomorrowland-Palm-Tree RM-Tomorrowland-Skyline

How do YOU feel about Tomorrowland?  What’s your favorite attraction there?  What would you change tomorrow (LOL!) if you could?

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  1. I love visiting Sonny Eclipse at Cosmic Ray’s, riding the People Mover,and seeing Carousel the most.

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