DIY Disney – More Mickey Christmas Ornaments


DIY Mickey Ornaments (Part 2)

In my last post about DIY Disney ornaments, the ornaments were super easy to make and cute as can be, yes?  Let’s do it again today – make more Mickey ornaments, but this time, we’ll go “intermediate” level – I think you’re ready!

While shopping at my favorite craft store (again, yes, I like it there and yes, Christmas decorations were still 50% off) – I spotted these babies and thought – hey!  With a little help from Raymond and his manly tool-wielding-ways, I can really make some fancy new ornaments.  As luckIMG_2029 would have it, Raymond was with me.  So, I shot him a look (no words required) and he held out his hands to carry the ornament boxes for me.  Gotta love a man that’ll shop and carry at your favorite craft store…and I do!

Do this:

Buy shatterproof ornaments only.  On sale.  (Hey, my tutorial, my rules.)

IMG_2030Use a hack saw (or another favorite saw of your choice) to remove the ornament-hook-holder-part from each small ornament.

Same deal as last time, fire up the glue gun and apply the glue in a donut shape where the sawed-off part used to be.

Eyeball the ears (yup, just had to say that again) and, after waiting a few seconds for the glue to cool down a smidge, slap those ears on.IMG_2039


So, a teensy bit more difficult this time (what, with the sawing and all), but well worth the trouble.  Minty Mickey Mouse ornaments.  Made ’em myself.