Disney World’s 3D Movie Experiences

DWR2009 080You know how a few years back 3D movies started to make a comeback in the theaters?  You can now pay extra to see many new movies in a 3D format.  BAH!  This new 3D business is nothing like the really cool original 3D movies!  Those were the BEST!  The audience would practically jump out of their seats and screams were guaranteed as the images in the movie seemed to fly right at you.  People would regularly put their hands out to try to touch the 3D objects seeming to hover right in front of their faces.  What fun!  What thrills!

These new 3D movies are nice and all, but are not nearly as exciting as they were in the good old days.  Thank goodness for Disney World – where you can find some of the very best 3D movie experiences on Earth.  They DO still make ’em like they used to and you can find one at each of Disney World’s four parks.  If you haven’t visited before or if (GASP!) you passed up the chance, you really need to see at least a couple of these examples IMG_2606of motion picture genius next time you’re at the World.  Short on time?  I’m sharing my three favorites with you and, surprise!  I’ll give you a little commentary about why I think each show is worth a visit.

1.  Mickey’s Philharmagic – Do NOT miss this one.  It is spectacular!  Don your “opera glasses” for this show that highlights our favorite Disney movie songs and packs a few extra surprises you’ve absolutely got to “see”.  I believe it’s called “smell-a-vision” – and in a really good way.  Plus Donald has a very big role (and you know how I feel about Donald)!  Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom.  This 10 minute show is appropriate for all ages – some might even want to see it again and again.  Let them, okay?

IMG_21412.  Muppet*Vision 3D – This is an awesome way to take a big break from the Florida heat (or rain).  This attraction includes a 15 minute introduction before the 17 minute film – but the fun starts long before you enter the theater.  Take a few minutes to look around outside at the building before you enter the pre-show area.  Once inside, be sure to notice in all the sight gags that abound here – just what we’d expect from the Muppets!  If you notice a sign that says “the key is under the mat” – it’s perfectly fine for you to check!  I think all children from brave toddlers on up will find something to love about this attraction.

IMG_48543.  It’s Tough to be a Bug – Located beneath the Tree of Life in the Animal Kingdom park – this attraction is clever and unique.  Reunite with some old friends from It’s a Bug’s Life and let them introduce you to the wonderful world of insects as you’ve never seen it before.  For this attraction, you’ll wear “bug eyes” to properly view the show.  There are some pretty significant surprises in this movie that may be too much for small children.


5 thoughts on “Disney World’s 3D Movie Experiences

  1. This is just perfect. 🙂 I fell in love with PhilharMagic the first time I saw it – it’s the perfect combo of music, 3D effects, and physical effects. And there are tiny little touches that just feel so right, like their constructing most of Donald’s vocalizations out of old clips of Clarence Ducky Nash, rather than recording new lines. I suppose the fact that “Part of Your World” always makes me cry doesn’t hurt, especially when they bring that to life so beautifully 🙂

    I also love, love, LOVE the Muppets, and finding all their hidden design fun has been so great! On our last trip we noticed the eyes and faces in some of the outside decorations as well – I had never seen those before! The Muppets film is one I’ve heard the audio to many, many times, but I still don’t get tired of it. I can watch it any time! “STOP this foolishness!” “What foolishness would you like to see?”

    So – I have only done “It’s Tough to be a Bug” once, and that was before I had kids. I thought it was excellent – but so many of the children in the room were terrified that I just had to make a mental note to be sure my kids could handle it before I took them in there. Thus far, my daughter still gets a little antsy at age 7 during intense parts of 3D movies and takes off her glasses to combat her nervousness… since that won’t help at “Bug”, we’re still waiting. 🙂 I know she’ll love it when she’s ready though! That one has some of the best “4D” technology of any of them!

    • Rebecca, I just LOVE it when you stop by! I may live my life in exclamation points, but you have exclamation points AND smiley faces. Your comments keep me going. We almost always see Philharmagic more than once per trip even though my children are 23 and 18. Muppets is so good because there is always something new I’ve never noticed before or a gag I find particularly funny. I do wish they’d do a new movie now that they have Walter – I think more people would be engaged (younger adults that didn’t grow up with the “old school” muppets like I did). I love going under the Tree of Life for “‘Tough to be a Bug” – I love the waiting area, I love most of the show – could live without the stink bug part, but I don’t dislike it enough to skip the show. Thanks for reading! Lisa.

      • LOL! I am addicted to smiley faces. I don’t know what it is, I have to go back and edit out about half of them as it is. 😉 Sometimes I feel silly, but you know what, I am who I am! And I love commenting on your blog posts – not to mention, I love that you have something new almost every day! 🙂

        You’re right, I think that’s part of what is so great about Muppets – there are so, so many little details that you can see it 50 times and still find new things. If they made a new movie I have to admit I would be sad, because it would mean they’d have to remove Jim Henson’s performance and this is the last Muppet thing he worked on. But I would actually like having Walter in it. Maybe they could make a new pre-show and add him in there? Along with Pepe the Prawn. I wouldn’t mind him showing up in the movie too. 😀

        I sometimes wish theme parks hadn’t come up with whatever smoke that is that they can use for stinkbugs/skunks. That’s my least favourite part of Journey Into Imagination, too!

  2. On our Disney trip last August, our boys (at the time, ages 9,12, and 13) discovered the joy of Philharmagic. They did indeed want to see it again and again! It’s funny, because they’d seen it when they were younger and dismissed it as “not as much fun as a ride.” They’ve now changed their tune!

    • It’s the champagne corks! That part is just the best. Also – the smell of the Be Our Guest pies. Maybe once you reach a certain age you can appreciate how absolutely fantastic all the effects work together to make this an experience (not just a plain old “show”). Thanks for commenting, Heather – I admire your parenting skills!

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