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Sometimes (okay, lots of times), I’m an awfully smug Disney fan.  I have this blog, I co-host a Disney-themed podcast, I visit Walt Disney World or take a Disney cruise 2-3 times a year, I follow a ton of like-minded Disney fans on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Periscope, and Blab – I’m in the know!  I know Disney!  And then the fates step in to remind me that I, contrary to what my Disney-inflated ego may tell me, do not know everything.  And I cannot tell you how happy that makes me!  Disney delights me by surprising me with what I don’t know – there’s still hidden Disney magic for me to find…even after all this time.RM-Tambu-Lounge

Back in February, Raymond and I arrived early at the Polynesian for our dinner at Kona Café.  We wanted to spend time at the Tambu Lounge in those comfortable tables and chairs scattered around outside ‘Ohana.  We got there just in time (before it got busy), claimed a centrally located happy hour spot, ordered up glasses of wine and proceeded to bask in the ambiance.  Before long, we noticed another couple looking for a place to sit and offered to share our table with them.  That’s how we met Carol and Brian – a great pair of fellow Disney fans!  We had lots to talk about over appetizers and more wine.  Carol and Brian were meeting up with their friend Wendy and her son, Ryan – before long our table was a happening spot!  Ryan (age 12) and I struck up a conversation about what we love most about Walt Disney World.  He mentioned how much he enjoyed collecting Disney Transportation Cards.  WHAT?  I’d never heard of them.  Never.  Not once.  ME! The proud mom of a Disney-loving son myself.  HOW DID I NOT KNOW?

Disney Transportation Collectible CardsRyan & Disney Transportation Card

Ryan explained:  They’re sometimes hard to find, but these cards are fantastic!  On buses, boats and monorails – collectors like Ryan ask Cast Members if they have any cards.  Sometimes they don’t, but when they DO, you can rack up quite a variety of trading cards specifically for Disney transportation.  I was fascinated!  I had no idea!  I’m a Disney fan over 50 and here was a 12 year old young man reacquainting me with the very best of all Disney magic – the unexpected kind!  And Ryan – once I’d been suitably amazed and humbled – presented me with my very own Transportation Card with which to begin my own collection.Disney Transportation Cards

My most sincere thanks to Ryan for reminding me that I don’t – and will never – know everything about Disney World, and for sharing his passion for collecting Disney Transportation Cards by patiently explaining the process and giving me my first card.  Ryan, you’re a great kid!

Did you already know about these Disney Transportation Cards?  Have you collected them?  Tell me how you found out about them and what your experience has been!



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  1. oh for the days when you could sit up front with the driver of the monorail & receive one of the cards you are describing

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