At Walt Disney World, No One Cares

Viking-RaymondThe way we vacation at Walt Disney World is different than anyplace else we visit.  We’re much more inclined to be fun-filled and relaxed.  We feel ageless – we can just be ourselves without worrying what anyone else will think about our antics.  We’re not alone.  We’re among other Disney fans who completely understand our passion!  We can throw off our worries and cares for a bit while we remember what it was like to work hard all day at…playing.

At Walt Disney World, No One Cares

If you eat dessert first.  No problem!  Grab a churro and a Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar and call it lunch.  If ever there was a place to relax your diet standards, this is it.  I’ve always wondered what would happen if I asked for that scrumptious banana bread pudding at ‘Ohana to be brought out first?  I think I’m going to try it and see!IMG_3785 DSCN3085

If you cry on Main Street.  Raise your hand if you’ve teared up during Wishes or over that elated feeling when you first see Cinderella Castle.  It’s okay!  You’re not alone.  One time, I sat next to a young woman who cried hysterically during the Festival of Fantasy Parade.

If you geek out over your favorite character.  Yes, grown men and women wait in line for character meet-and-greets all the time.  There’s no judgement here.  My loving Donald does not make me immature or odd.  It makes me happy! RM-Army-man-selfie

If you act your shoe size (not your age).  Wear an Earhat!  Sport your pin-trading lanyard with pride!  Be excited about parades, rides, attractions, and shows.  Search for Hidden Mickeys!  If every member of your group wears matching tee shirts, you’ll fit right in with dozens of other families doing the same thing.  At home, your Goofy hat or Yoda backpack might garner some strange looks, but at Walt Disney World, it makes you look cool.Star Wars Shopping at Disney's Hollywood Studios

If you look a mess.  If there’s one place you don’t have to worry about your appearance, it’s at Disney World.  It’s hot or rainy (or both), you may be soaked from Splash Mountain or Kali River Rapids! You can wear shorts and a tee shirt nearly everywhere and fit right in.  Bad hair is practically mandatory.  I particularly enjoy the look I achieve from the Tower of Terror / Rock’n’ Roller Coaster double whammy!PeopleMover

There’s a lesson here for our children.  There will be times in life when we need to be serious, professional, somber, or sedate and there will be times when we can (and should) kick up our heels and embrace the FUN!  What are your favorite ways to have a great time at Disney World?