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IMG_3131Today I’m launching a new type of review – the Unfair and Unbalanced Review.  I have found that for a generally (very) opinionated person like myself, one of the best things about having my own blog is that I can talk about whatever I like and express my opinion honestly.  You want a fair and balanced review of something Disney-related?  This may not be the place for you – you’re entitled to an opinion of your own here, too.

Today I offer you my Unfair and Unbalanced Review of Counter Service Dining Options at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  When I’m finished, I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions as well – please be as unfair and unbalanced as you like.

Here are the choices:

ABC Commissary – The last time we ate here was on the Dining Plan.  I remember nothing – means it wasn’t horrible, but wasn’t delicious either.  Currently there are not a lot of choices on the menu – burgers, seafood platter, or salad.

Backlot Express – More choices than the Commissary (and more ambiance, if you care about such).  Dogs, burgers, nuggets, and a couple of salads and grilled sandwich options.  Just okay.

Catalina Eddie’s, Rosie’s All Star Café, and Fairfax Fare – I’m lumping these IMG_3028three together, but don’t get the wrong idea.  It’s not because they’re poor choices for counter service – just the opposite, if fact.  They are all in the same area (Eddie’s and Rosie’s are side by side, Fairfax just a few steps away) and if The Fam and I want lunch in the Studios, this is where we head nearly every time.  Here’s why:  At rope drop, we make a beeline for Toy Story Midway Mania, then go straight to Rock’n’ Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror.  At that point, depending on the Fast Pass situation, it may be close to lunch.  If not, we’ll visit the shops on Sunset Blvd. until we’re ready to eat.  These eateries are in the Sunset Ranch Market on Sunset near the exits for RnRC and TOT and each, on their own, has pretty slim menu options… Combined there’s good variety.  With a great outdoor seating area and pretty tasty food – everyone can find something they like.  Raymond and I like the hot Italian deli sandwiches (over the pizza) from Catalina Eddie’s and the BBQ pork sandwich from Fairfax Fare (ribs and chicken are also on the menu there).  They’re good!  Rosie’s has burgers and nuggets (good for picky eaters).

Min and Bill’s Dockside Diner – This is where we go for beer.  I’ve heard the Italian sausage is good here too, but since it became tradition – I’ve only had the beer.

Pizza Planet – if you like pizza (or food) do not eat here.  Please, just trust me.  They call it pizza, but I’d rather just put a piece of cheese and some ketchup on a slice of Wonder bread and eat that.  If you like this restaurant, please don’t tell me.  I actually might think less of you.

DSCN2520Starring Rolls – THE choice for a mid-morning snack.  Perfect location as you start down Sunset Blvd, on the left next to The Hollywood Brown Derby.  Delicious, delightful treats can be found here.  If you’ve heard rumor of a Butterfinger cupcake – this is the place.

Studio Catering Company – This sandwich shop actually has some pretty decent choices of the pressed, wrapped, and grilled variety.  The downside for us is the location – it’s near nothing we care all that much about.  Near the entrances to Lights, Motor, Action and Backlot Tour (oh, how we used to love you) on one side and the Honey I Shrunk the Kids play area on the other.  On a crowded day at the park, this place would be a good bet as it’s out of the way and there’s lots of seating.

Toluca Legs Turkey Company – Yes, home of the gigantic smoked turkey leg.  Hot, greasy, meaty goodness.  Joseph eats one here almost every visit.  I ate one once.  Then I found out the fat gram and calorie count.  Seriously – I’m pushing 50 and my metabolism’s shot.  I must never eat one again.  You go right ahead though.

So – bottom line.  Our favorite choices for counter service at the Studios is over at the Sunset DSCN2572Ranch Market area near the end of Sunset Blvd.  You’ll find reasonably priced, tasty fare in a great location.  Toluca Legs is over there, too, if you just have to have one – don’t blame me if you go home heavier – I did try to warn you.

Weigh in!  (Hahahaha – I kill me!) What are your favorite counter service places at Disney’s Hollywood Studios?




4 thoughts on “Unfair and Unbalanced – Disney’s Hollywood Studios

  1. Haha; ‘if you like pizza (or food) do not eat here!’ That cracked me up! I love an opinionated blog, what’s the point otherwise?! Visiting from Sits tribe 🙂 Great blog!

    • Hi Charlotte! Thanks for stopping by from the tribe. Glad I could make you laugh! You’ll find no shortage of opinion here. 😉

  2. LOL!! I don’t know why this amused me so much but it sure did! Oh, I know one reason: don’t hate me but we end up eating at Pizza Planet practically every trip. XD It has nothing to do with the food though and everything to do with the fact that my daughter loves Toy Story and loves video games (even though she is awful at them)! She even won a prize with The Claw last time so… there you go. 😉 We had dinner at Fairfax Fare last time, though, and I liked it – though I felt immediately I should not have ordered the gourmet hot dog that I did, but chalk that up to my not being too fond of hot dogs, not to the food itself. 😉 (So why did I order it? Truffle oil. I was seduced by truffle oil!) I’ve also been to Backlot Express and I had the grilled vegetable sandwich. I don’t know the quality of anything else they’ve got, but that sandwich was GREAT. Or maybe I was just REALLY hungry? LOL, who knows!

    • The lure of Pizza Planet certainly is strong! Stop in for a soda and to enjoy being there….eat somewhere else! I’m begging you!!!

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