Winnie the Pooh Breakfast Tea – Flea Market Treasures

Happy Saturday, Everyone! Here’s a honey of a flea market find for all you Pooh fans! While I’ve always been more of a Piglet fan, myself, I can’t deny the cuteness factor of this set of tea-time accessories. If Nick might ever be inclined to share, I’m ready!Piglet-Mug

Winnie the Pooh Breakfast Tea – Flea Market Treasures

By Nick

I picked this Winnie the Pooh honey and tea set up at the Columbus Flea Market recently for $5.
My wife is a honey lover, and I thought she’d love this, especially the honey pot.

I mean “Hunny Pot”.


I’m not sure what “honey syrup” is, and neither my wife or I have been adventurous enough to find out. The tea is pretty good, though.

The real star of this show is the Hunny Pot though.

So cute!
So, who’s up for a spot of tea?


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