Mickey On Top of the World

Sometimes when I’m looking for a special something (or someone) to add to our family’s Disney collection, I think the simpler the better.  A perfect example is anything classic Mickey and today’s selection from Nick’s treasure trove of Disney classics is a prime example of exactly what I consider to be the perfect Disney must-have.  Enjoy!

Mickey On Top of the World

By Nick

As I have talked about in past posts, I collect globes. I also, obviously, collect Disney. And my favorite Mickey Mouse era is from the early to mid 30′s. Put them all together, and you get this terrific piece from the Walt Disney Collectors Collection.

Now, obviously he isn’t on a full globe, but close enough.
This is Mickey from the classic 1936 cartoon, “Thru the Mirror”.

This sculpture measures 4.5″ high.

The tail is metal.

This was the Walt Disney Collectors Society member gift sculpture from 2000, and bears the Disney Millennium logo.

Make way for Mickey!

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