Disney Collectibles – Bambi & Flower

Disney Collectibles – Bambi & Flower

By Nick

The very first movie I can recall seeing was “Bambi” in my hometown movie theater. Some of the images and emotions of this classic have remained with me my entire life, and it is near the top of my all time favorites. I have several Bambi items in my collection, and I am happy to share one I just recently added. 

Back when the Walt Disney Classics Collection started, I was much younger, and didn’t have the resources to buy many of the WDCC figures I so desired.

Fast forward almost 20 years (!), and my finances have improved, while, often, the prices for WDCC figures have come down, and are more in a price range I’m comfortable with.
Such is the case with this Bambie figure.


]This is one of those pieces that makes me smile every time I look at it, and makes me ask myself why I waited so long to get him.


He stands 6″ high, and carries the 1993 Treble Clef production mark. The official title of this piece is “Purty Flower”.

Who is Bambi looking for? Why, the Purty Flower of course!

And here he is now!

I’ve had Flower since 1993. I picked him up because he was a more affordable price, with the hopes that I’d be able to get Bambi at some point in the future.


Watch it!


Flower stands 3″ high, and also carries the 1993 Treble Clef production mark. “Oh…Gosh” is his response to Bambi’s “Purty Flower” comment.

And here they are together, finally, after almost 20 years!


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Stitch! Walt Disney Classics Collection

While I may not be a fan of his great escape attraction in Magic Kingdom, I do love Stitch!  Today’s featured item, a little figurine from Nick’s collection, is absolutely adorable and reminds me that I haven’t watched Lilo and Stitch in quite a while…what a perfect thing to do on a hot summer Saturday afternoon!  Have a great weekend, Everybody!

Stitch! Walt Disney Classics Collection

Summer arrived in the Northern Hemisphere this week.
This Walt Disney Classics Collection Stitch was the 2006 Spring Premiere Event limited edition sculpture. But to me, it says “Summer” rather than Spring.

“Greetings From Paradise” measures 4 1/2 inches high.

What do you think Stitch has in his coconut?

That is one awesome shirt he’s sporting!

Limited to 4000.

The production mark for 1996 is the Trowel, in honor of Practical Pig in the Academy Award winning 1933 cartoon, ‘The Three Little Pigs’.
For another WDCC Stitch figurine, check out this post by Barbie.

Here’s hoping everyone has a wonderful Summer here in the north, and we hope folks in the Southern Hemisphere have a wonderful Winter!

Do you collect any of the Walt Disney Classics Collection figures?  Which ones do you have?

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Brave Little Tailor – Walt Disney Classics Collection

It’s time for another exiting installment of Saturdays With Nick!  That means it’s the weekend (finally)!  Until I met Nick, I only thought I had a pretty decent collection of Disneyana.  Compared to Nick, though, I’m a total rookie.  I’m sorry to say I have not one single piece of the Walt Disney Classics Collection and will reluctantly admit, this is probably not a bad thing.  For my own sanity and the safety of my wallet, I need to draw the line somewhere.  That doesn’t keep me from absolutely adoring this pair of cuties.  Be sure to check out the expression on Minnie’s face!  Totes adorbs! (Nick loves it when I say that!)

Brave Little Tailor – Walt Disney Classics Collection

By Nick

These Mickey and Minnie, Brave Little Tailor Walt Disney Classics Collection pieces are among my favorite collectibles.

Mickey stands 7 1/4 inches tall. Plussing includes a matte platinum finish on his scissors.

Titled “I let him have it”, it is the 1993 Animators Choice Figurine, and the first year redemption sculpture for the Walt Disney Classic Collection. It bears the Treble Clef production mark, symbolizing the music in the Academy Award-winning ‘Silly Symphonies’.

Minnie stands 6 1/2 inches tall. Her veil is painted with opalescent paint, and her shoe buckles are painted gold.

Titled “Princess Minnie”, this piece was the 1996 Animator’s Choice sculpt.

She has the Sailor’s Hat production mark, which represents Donald Duck’s on-screen debut in 1934 animated short, ‘The Wise Little Hen’.

They perfectly capture 2 beloved characters in a beloved scene from a (Is he going to say it again? Yes!) beloved animated short.

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