In Magic Kingdom? Avoid the PeopleMover!

There’s been much too much love shared among Disney fans on social media, in blog posts, and on podcasts  for Tomorrowland’s PeopleMover attraction.  Way too much effusive praise.  I feel the need to warn you away.  Don’t listen to the hype, I say!  Why?  Well, if you’ve never ridden the PeopleMover, now’s not the time to try it.

In Magic Kingdom? Avoid the PeopleMover!

Let me give you the five best reasons to mark this attraction off your to-do list…

  1.  You’re afraid of heights.  You’re pretty high up on this ride – at times, on the very edge of the track even.  It’s straight down if something goes wrong.  Better not chance it.
  2. You like clean air.  You’d think that a birds-eye view of Magic Kingdom would be refreshing, right?  Nope!  The exhaust fumes from the Tomorrowland Speedway are toxic!  You’ll have a difficult time breathing, trust me.
  3. You’re a thrill ride junkie!  No thrills here.  PeopleMover is a total snooze-fest.  A boring, narrated, slow-moving tour of Tomorrowland’s sights and attractions.  You want thrills in this section of the park?  You’ll want Space Mountain or Stitch’s Great Escape, for sure.
  4. You (or any member of your party) are afraid of the dark.  Your ride vehicle will enter tunnels of complete and total darkness.  Like can’t-see-your-hand-in-front-of-your-face pitch blackness.  And not in a thrilling way.  It’s boring and uneventful…unless it’s your biggest fear, then it will be horrible.
  5. You want to be cool.  This ride is for dorks and geeks.  Cool kids do not ride the PeopleMover.  It’s the last place you’d ever want to be caught if you want people to think you’re worldly and hip.

So, if you’ve been here before you know that I’m always completely honest, right?  I give you my opinions in a straight forward, no-nonsense way and I can’t lie to you now.  I love the PeopleMover!  It’s the only must-do Tomorrowland attraction for me on every visit.  I’ve taught my entire family to appreciate and adore this wonderful ride as much as I do, but too many people have started to notice its awesomeness!

It’s getting too popular.  Where we used to walk on no matter the season or time of year, we’ve recently started to have to wait in line.  Sometimes for as long as 20 minutes!  I don’t like this development and want you to pass up PeopleMover so those of us who love it the most can have it to ourselves.  Am I asking too much?  I don’t think so.  Re-read the list of reasons to avoid the PeopleMover, take them to heart, and keep on walking, okay?  Please?

Holler if you love PeopleMover!!!!

About Those $649 Cabanas in Tomorrowland

Right now they’re big, white, and generic-looking.  Disney World’s newest pricey specialty offering has a lot of tongues wagging.RM-Tomorrowland-Walkway

About Those $649 Cabanas in Tomorrowland

If you missed this latest Disney news tidbit, Magic Kingdom guests may now rent a “cabana” for the day near Space Mountain in Tomorrowland.  The amenities and details included in the $649 price can be found here.  The cabanas are, for now, actually large, windowed tents like the ones people rent for outdoor events.  Inside, guests will find some tables and seating along with the charging station and lockable storage trunk.  At face value, critics see yet another money grab at an exorbitant price for wealthy vacationers (even if it does include customized Earhats).

I can see a different side to this…

I feel certain this is the first of several tests and, if successful, will result in actual cabana-like structures in keeping with the Tomorrowland (or other) surroundings and they’ll come with air conditioning.  If you’ve listened to the latest episode (#116) of The Unofficial Guide’s Disney Dish with Jim Hill, you’ll find that these test cabanas may be the tip of the iceberg for in-park getaways.  If Jim and Len are right, cabanas will be in several (if not all) parks and may be elevated to allow guests unobstructed, prime viewing for parades and fireworks.RM-Tomorrowland-Skyline

I see a certain appeal for this concept with a particular sub-set of Disney vacationers.  And it may not be such a bad or outrageous idea.  Imagine for a minute that your vacation includes multi-generations.  You may be headed to Magic Kingdom with grandparents or infants or both!  Suppose you’re staying off property and want everyone to get a full day of park touring, plus have a place to rest, nurse a baby, take a nap, or take turns babysitting or simply hanging out.

There would always be a shaded, cool, private spot at your disposal.  No need to pack up and leave for nap time or meltdowns.  You’d have a secluded place, all your own, to regroup, relax, and recharge (literally and figuratively) without having to waste time returning to your resort.  Grandma and Grandpa could comfortably enjoy the Festival of Fantasy parade without sitting on a curb in the burning sun.  Mom and Dad could tend to the needs of little ones away from public view and know that nap time will be in a cool and comfortable place.

While I’m not in a stage of my life where I could justify forking over $649 for the luxury of a Disney park cabana, I’ll never say never.  I can easily imagine a time when having the convenience and amenities that come with booking a little personal space in Walt Disney World could be a worthwhile and time-saving investment.

Your turn!  Are these cabanas an extravagant ripoff or a legitimate in-park convenience?

Thoughts on Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress

In the same way I’ve developed a peculiar mental routine on Space Ship Earth, my enjoyment of The Carousel of Progress has now also become based on certain habits I’ve developed over the years.  Raymond is included as part of my amusement on this attraction.  Here’s how it goes.RM-Carousel-of-Progress-Selfie

Thoughts on Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress

We’ll be in Tomorrowland and will have either just gotten off of Space Mountain or the PeopleMover and I’ll look longingly towards Carousel of Progress then make eye contact with Raymond.  No words necessary, he will either heave a sigh of resignation or raise an eyebrow while motioning me with one hand to lead the way.  As we enter the theater, I’ll look back to be sure he’s still with me and, grinning madly, beeline for the front row.  Raymond and I both know why I’m doing this – so there’s nobody in front of me that will be subjected to my enthusiastic singing along with the show.RM-Carousel-of-Progress-Exterior

Promptly after the Cast Member spiel, I will sneak my phone out of my pocket so I can take pictures even though I’ve got dozens already and there’s nothing new to see.  Raymond will nudge me, I will show him that the flash is off and we’ll settle in to watch.  (And sing.)

Valentines Day!  I love this scene and I this is Dad’s best outfit.  Hey…when this show was first shown at the 1964 World’s Fair, my mom was THERE!  Aaaaand expecting me!  So, the Carousel and I are totally connected!  carousel-of-progress-dadOh, LOOK!  Rover is so cute!  (Awww…I wonder what Junior’s doing now.)  Wait!  I totally get the theme of this show, but now I remember how the mysterious automatic appliance demonstrations are scary!  Singing along with this show is the BEST!

The 4th of July!  Ohhhh, no, I don’t like this part…the appliances become possessed and the neighbors unfriendly after the fuse-blowing part.  Patricia’s going to dress up as the Statue of Liberty and be whiny before Dad makes THE best pun about carrying a torch.  carousel-of-progress-dad2Uncle Orville!  Yes!  Voiced by Mel Blanc (do I detect a hint of Bugs Bunny in there somewhere?)  Can we please just go back to singing the song now!

Halloween!  This would be awesome if only the terms “rat race” and “commuting” weren’t mentioned.  Those two words alone have the ability to pierce the Disney Bubble!  Cool! We had a cuckoo clock just like that one when I was a kid!carousel-of-progress-dad3Focus, Lisa, Patricia and Babs, dating Wilfred (the slug) and Howard (the clodhopper),  are going to the Halloween party.  Yep, got it.  Patricia’s trying to lose inches with that ancient exercise machine!  Some things never change.  Dad, you need to get up off your patootie and help Sarah with the wallpapering.  Singing!!!!carousel-of-progress-christmas-scene

Christmas!  Memo to me: the grandma and her virtual reality game acumen are going to freak me out, so I should focus on cool details like the Christmas tree and how adorable the dog looks in this scene.carousel-of-progress-rover-at-christmasStop with the voice-activated oven before you burn the turkey! Never mind.  Quick!  Check for Mickey Mouse under the tree.  YES!  Still there. carousel-of-progress-christmas-tree

Y’all sing along with me now!

There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow

There’s a great, big, beautiful tomorrow
Shining at the end of every day
There’s a great, big, beautiful tomorrow
And tomorrow’s just a dream away

Man has a dream and that’s the start
He follows his dream with mind and heart
And when it becomes a reality
It’s a dream come true for you and me

So there’s a great, big, beautiful tomorrow
Shining at the end of every day
There’s a great, big, beautiful tomorrow
Just a dream away

Carousel of Progress!  Are you a fan?  What’s your favorite scene?



Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland – 5 Great Things

RM-Tomorrowland-WalkwayI love Tomorrowland – yes, yes, I do love ALL the lands, but Tomorrowland holds a special little place in my heart.  Happy memories are involved and plenty of nostalgia – a red flag for my acceptance of any future (I’ll admit, necessary) changes to this side of Magic Kingdom.  Contradictory?  Indeed, but there you have it.  I’d say goodbye Stitch’s Great Escape without batting an eye.  The Speedway, while a wonderful vacation memory for many of my friends, has seen better days and could, at the very least, do with an upgrade to some sort of high tech vehicles.  I don’t visit Sonny Eclipse’s Starlight Café, opting for other Magic Kingdome eateries instead.  Buzz Lightyear’s fun, but not as much as Toy Story Midway Mania over at the Studios.  RM-Buzz-Lightyear-Mural RM-Buzz-Lightyear-Space-Ranger-Spin-InteriorIt’s weird how Tomorrowland mixes the old and the sorta new and still presents itself as Tomorrow-ish.  The mash-up isn’t bad, just strange – The whole being greater than the sum of its parts, to be sure.RM-Stitch's-Great-Escape RM-Sonny-Eclipse

No matter the odd assortment of attractions and details, I’m about to share my favorite bits and pieces in yet another list!  Friends, I give to you…

Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland – 5 Great Things

  1. Carousel of Progress – The rumors about this attraction, one of my most favorite of favorites, are a bit dire.  Said to be either going away forever (at some unspecified future time) or moving to Epcot, the Carousel is OLD like me – in fact, we’re the same age.  I say this makes us cool, hip, retro, and therefore awesome!  What would Tomorrowland be without guests singing, “It’s a great big beautiful tomorrow…”?  I like it best when I’m wearing my Carousel of Progress t-shirt when I see it!RM-Carousel-of-Progress-Exterior
  2. The PeopleMover – What is not to love about this attraction?  If you don’t like it, please don’t tell me…I could never understand your point of view and we couldn’t be friends.  This is the coolest, chill-est, most relaxing tour around Tomorrowland – in the most beautiful omnimover next to a Doom-buggy.  Full belly, tired feet, or just needing to dry off from Splash Mountain – the reasons to hop on the PeopleMover are endless!  The view never gets old.RM-PeopleMover-Outside-Sign RM-PeopleMover-Seat
  3. Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor – I can’t help that I am genetically predisposed to adore puns – the best and most amusing form of humor I know.  I’ve passed this gene onto my children and they’ll agree with me – this show is hilarious!  Every single time.RM-Monsters-Inc-Laugh-Floor RM-Monsters-Inc-Laugh-Floor2
  4. Space Mountain – I try to score a FastPass when possible and the older I get, the harder the Mountain is on my body.  That doesn’t mean I want to change anything!  The queue, while not the most interesting, has a fantastic soundtrack.  I might not jump in and out of the rocket as easily as I once did, but there’s a lot to love about this attraction – the landscape of Magic Kingdom would not be the same without it.RM-Space-Mountain-Sign2
  5. The Details – Metal palm trees, soaring planets, cool colors, eye-catching shapes – the atmosphere in Tomorrowland is incredibly unique.  This is what Disney does best!  Total immersion into this alien land – while the whimsical Fantasyland and the old-fashioned Main Street U.S.A. are right next door.RM-Tomorrowland-Palm-Tree RM-Tomorrowland-Skyline

How do YOU feel about Tomorrowland?  What’s your favorite attraction there?  What would you change tomorrow (LOL!) if you could?