Random Stuff: Wantable Style Edit #2

Wantable BoxAfter my first Wantable Style Edit was a disappointment, I went online and gave lots of feedback on why I returned every item.  Then, with much anticipation, I waited for box #2.  And waited.  Finally I received an email on August 12th that explained the delay:


I’m writing in regards to your August Style Edit. It’s been about 2 weeks since you placed the order so I just wanted to give you a little update 🙂 We don’t have enough items that match your preferences at this time so we’re simply waiting to add some great new items to our inventory. By taking a little more time to put together a quality edit, we are confident that you’ll love what you receive! Sometimes opening up some of your preferences (especially color choices, price ranges, body parts exposed) will allow us to match you with many more options! You’ll get an email when your order is shipped out with tracking information. We thank you for your patience & are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have by reaching out to hello@wantable.com

Best wishes,



Not enough items to match my preferences?  I immediately went online to see what I could change to help the situation.  Here’s what I found:

  • On my profile, here are the things I said I didn’t want:  Tight fitting tops and bottoms, pants that are extra long, clothing that exposes my cleavage, legs, or midriff.
  • I didn’t select “dislike” for any particular clothing items – I either chose “like” or “love” for every one listed.
  • Likewise, I didn’t choose “dislike” for a single clothing style listed (classic, rock, boho, casual chic, glam).  I didn’t select “very little” for any of the occasions listed (business casual/work, cocktail/special occasion, laidback/casual, date night/night out).
  • I did opt out for the $150 and up price point in every category.
  • I liked every color except gold and beige, I liked every pattern choice given, and I declined only wool and fur in the fabric section (impractical where I live).

Overall, the body exposure portion of the survey was the one in which I selected the most restrictions.  Probably, that was the issue.  Which won’t change.Wantable-Stylist-Note

The next email I received was to tell me my August box had shipped.  I was excited when it was delivered Saturday (the 22nd).  Megan and I were spending the day together, so she was with me for the unboxing and gave me her honest feedback.

Wantable Style Edit #2Wantable-Order-Details-August-2015

In the box:  a dress, a skirt, two shirts, and a jacket.  The two tops were both by Lumiere, The jacket and skirt were both by BB Dakota, and the dress was from Kut From the Kloth.  I found it strange that labels were doubled up like that – not a lot of vendor variety.  I’ll go into all the details now, but spoiler alert!  I didn’t care for a single item, returned everything, and cancelled my subscription.  Two boxes tried, $40 gone, and nothing to show for it.  I’ll continue on with Stitch Fix which has a broader appeal and seems more friendly to customers of all ages, styles and figure types.  (Note:  All the pictures look odd because I captured them from video.  In the end, the video was sad, my disappointment too obvious, and I decided not to post it to YouTube.  By the time I decided to just write this post, I couldn’t take any clothing pictures because I’d sent everything back already.)

First item out of the box was a floral high-low maxi dress by Kut from the Kloth ($65).  Wantable-Unboxing-DressThe fabric was lovely – soft and delicate – and the style was very romantic.  I could not imagine going out in public in this dress or where I would wear it.  For someone else (read:  younger), this dress would be lovely.  On me, it looked silly and unflattering.  The straps were wide enough to cover a bra, but the front was too low-cut for me.  RM-Wantable-Floral-DressNext up, a red and cream, geo-printed long-sleeved blouse by Lumiere ($59).  Wantable-Unboxing-BlouseGenerally unflattering and ill-fitting, this top had no place in my wardrobe.  The sleeves were super long on me.  There was nothing exciting or interesting about this top.  It didn’t open all the way down (more Henley-style) and closed with small snaps.  It was very different from anything else I have in my closet.  For me to wear it to work, it would have to be tucked in – lots of fabric to tuck, which would add un-needed bulk.  To wear it casually…uhm…no.

The third item I unboxed was a thin, dressy white cross-front blouse, also by Lumiere ($59).  The front (ONLY the front) had a draw-string hem.  Wantable-Unboxing-White-Wrap-BlouseWhen I tried the top on, one of the strings pulled out from the hem completely – it was not sewn in at all, so I couldn’t see what it would look like tied.  The fit was very baggy with wide shoulders and very long sleeves.  The killer, though, was the top’s complete lack of any type of closure.  Call me crazy, but I want to be able to move around without flashing anyone. RM-Wantable-White-Wrap-Front-ShirtItem number four was a tomato-red gathered midi-skirt by BB Dakota ($54).Wantable-Unboxing-SkirtRM-Wantable-Red-SkirtHad this skirt been at all flattering on me, which as you can see, it wasn’t, it still would have posed a dilemma.  It was like the floral dress in that I couldn’t imagine when and where I would wear it.  On to the last item…

I’ve been looking for a vegan leather jacket and, upon first glance, this one, by BB Dakota ($95), showed promise.  The fabric was very thin and had a fragile feeling to it as if care would be needed not to accidentally tear it. Wantable-Unboxing-Jacket The outside was leather-like and the inside felt like suede.  The sleeves had elastic panels on the undersides that made them fit well, and the draped lapel was pretty and feminine on a black “leather” jacket.  I think it was doomed for me because I tried it on last and had been so disappointed by the first four items.  It didn’t feel like $95-worth of quality or versatility to me, so I folded it up with all the other clothes from the box and send them all back.   RM-Wantable-Vegan-Leather-JacketI still feel like a clothing subscription box has potential for me, but not this particular one.  I’ve searched the internet in general, and YouTube particularly, for recent Wantable Style Edit reviews to see if other folks are having more success, but not a lot of feedback is available out there.  If you subscribe to Wantable and have written (or vlogged) a review, please share a link in the comments.

On the bright side, I just received an email from Stitch Fix that my next box is on the way!


Road to runDisney and Bulu Box

***This is a sponsored post that contains affiliate links.  I received a free Bulu Box in exchange for writing a review.***  That being said, the following is a completely honest review.

Bulu Box EndYou might have already noticed I’ve developed a passion for both runDisney events and subscription boxes.  Usually, where I’m concerned, the two are pretty much mutually exclusive.  I’m working toward my second Glass Slipper Challenge during the Princess Half Marathon Weekend at Walt Disney World in 2016 (February 20th & 21st).  Gaining optimum fitness and weight management are important goals for me.  I might have mentioned a time or two about how, once you reach a certain age, weight just seems to jump onto you – no matter how hard you try to eat right.  Not gonna lie – it sucks!

Enter the Bulu Box.  As a Fit Approach #SweatPink Ambassador, I get the chance to apply for a variety of sponsored post opportunities.  Due to my crazy busy life, I apply for very few, but recently the opportunity to review a Bulu Box arrived by email and I got excited!  I’ve not subscribed to any subscription boxes other than fashion/clothing boxes and the one for Junior’s dog treat obsession…but, the chance to receive a complimentary subscription box that promotes healthy living?  Perfect!!!  I didn’t even know such a thing existed.Bulu Box Contents

The beauty of the Bulu Box is that it’s a sample box that gives you the opportunity to try different healthy-lifestyle based products .  Why this is perfect for me (and my family) is that I don’t want to drop major money for a full-sized product without finding out if we like it first.  Have you seen how expensive a container of protein powder is?  What if it tastes horrible or is grainy-textured?  Money down the drain (literally).  What if that bargain box of protein bars at my local discount store are too sweet or taste like cardboard?  Again, waste of money!

So what was in my complimentary Bulu Box?  A wide variety of awesomeness!Quest Protein

  • TWO packets of protein powder to try (Quest Protein Powder Packets $54.99/30 servings, four flavors available).  I find certain protein shakes work very well at controlling my hunger.  This one sounds delicious.
  • A sample jar of anti-itch cream (Earth’s Care, $11.99 for 2.4 oz. full-sized product) is perfect for our household – the wasps, mosquitos, and red (a.k.a fire) ants are in full attack mode this time of year.Movit Energy Gummies
  • Long a fan of gummies for energy, especially while running, the sample package included in the Bulu Box of Movit Energy Gummies caused Raymond and I to have a mini-debate over who needed them most (full-size retail, $15.99, 60 calories per serving).mediterra bar
  • I was also stoked to find a nutrition bar that is savory instead of sweet!  Initially this sounded strange, but since I’m always outspoken about my lack of a sweet tooth, a savory bar seems custom-made for me!  They also come in sweet versions. (Mediterra Nutritional Bars, full-sized retail, $23.95/12 bars)Yerba Prima Drink Mix
  • Finally, a sample of fiber-filled, orange-flavored drink mix reminded me that I often don’t get enough fiber (I know, TMI) and might find such a  product helpful. (Yerba Prima Daily Fiber Formula, $14.64 for full-sized bottle).

Bulu Box’s online shop is the perfect place to pick up nutrition, fitness, and weight loss/management products.  The subscription box is a great way to try out different products at an economical, free of any commitment-to-full-sized-product-expense way to try an impressive array of products.  Have I purchased a subscription?  You bet I have.  One subscription box that allows our active family to try-before-we-buy a wide variety of healthy products?  Perfect!!!

Bottom Line:  Bulu Box subscriptions are for health-and-fitness-minded people who want to try before they buy!

If you’re interested in a Bulu Box subscription for your family, use the code SWEATPINK to receive 50% off a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription.  As a Bulu Box subscriber, “you’ll receive 4-5 vitamin, supplement and healthy snack samples to try.  Every sample in Bulu box is also available in full-size in the Bulu Box shop”.  (There’s also a rewards program for subscribers.)

I’m out of control with subscription boxes!  Which are your favorites?



Random Stuff: Stitch Fix Review

imageThis post doesn’t have anything to do with Disney, but it does involve an important aspect of Living a Disney Life and that is time management.  I enjoy writing this blog!  I love planning Disney vacations (currently, I’m working on the next three) and I am thrilled to be a co-host on The Disney Exchange Podcast with Nick and Dave.  All this Disney happiness during my non-working hours is taking a toll on my ability to enjoy one of my other favorite pastimes, shopping.

I can’t think of a single time in my life that I haven’t absolutely loved shopping.  I’m good at it, it’s fun, and retail therapy is an important stress-reliever for me.  Lately, though, between Disney-related hobbies, Megan’s wedding-planning activities, business and leisure travel and training for another half marathon – I’ve found I need some help with filling in gaps in my wardrobe.  Thus, I have jumped on the clothing subscription box bandwagon and have been receiving Stitch Fix boxes for the past couple of months.  As with most things in life – the results have been mixed.  I’ve put together some pros and cons for clothing subscription boxes in general and I’ll sprinkle those in throughout this…

Random Stuff:  Stitch Fix Review (YouTube Video for Fix #3 HERE.)

In a nutshell:  You complete an online style profile (you can link to a Pinterest board showing your fashion preferences and other social media if you like), pay a $20 “styling” fee (which goes toward the price of any item(s) you keep, wait impatiently for the email that says the box of items selected especially for you has shipped, then wait (with more impatience) for the delivery.  You can get clothing and accessories – you decide how much you want of each.  If you keep all the selected items, you’ll receive a 25% discount on your Stitch Fix box.  Pro:  Convenient and also fun to open the box and see what surprises are in there!

Your Stitch Fix box will always contain:

  • Five items (clothing and accessories)
  • A postage-paid return shipping bag (for anything you don’t want to keep)
  • An invoice detailing each piece and the total with discount (less $20 fee) for keeping all items
  • Style suggestion cards showing photographs of each item with complete outfits/accessories
  • A note from your stylist
  • A 3-day time limit to decide what to keep. (Con:  Busy schedule may mean difficulty finding time to try on all the items and see what’s already on hand for mixing/matching.)

My first box arrived – I’d been styled by a person named Heather.  My box contained a silver statement necklace (Romolo Hawkins Metal Feather Collar Necklace, $34), a black dress (Datherine Barclay Mallie Silk Dress, $104), a cream knit 3/4 sleeved shirt (Fate Celaya Mixed Material Knit Top, $54), a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans (Kut From the Kloth Kate Boyfriend Jean, $78), and a sleeveless blouse (Collective Concepts Lydia Floral Print Key-Hole Blouse, $68).  Honestly, I didn’t love anything and only liked the necklace enough to keep it so I wouldn’t completely lose my $20 styling fee.  Some of the items I actually hated passionately.  I’m all for trying new things – and I did try each item on with an open mind. Con:  Many of the items are pretty pricey for what they are.  Pro:  Getting to try everything on in your own home with items you already own!  Here are the results:

imageMy thoughts: The necklace is fine for both work and casual wear. I like silver.

imageThe black dress made me look like a box and to make matters worse, it had this giant flap of fabric dangling over the waistband in the front which was both strange and unflattering.

imageThe cream knit top was thin, short, and, as you can see, even Junior thought it left a lot to be desired.

imageThe boyfriend jeans were heavy, thick denim with baggy knees – there was nothing good about them.  I’d seen them in other reviews and on Pinterest and wanted to try them…they were just not for me.


The blouse was busy!  And it had that ONE medallion right over…well you can see in the picture.  I thought maybe I should edit my style profile and give the process another go and maybe I needed to pin more stuff on my Pinterest board, so I did that as well.

In a few weeks, Stitch Fix round two arrived.  This time, I had a different stylist, Lana,  who seemed to understand me better…I was prepared to dislike the two items I ended up loving from that box.  Yes, I kept TWO things this time.  Here are the results:


There are no pictures of me in this cardigan ($58) – it was absolutely huge and while it would have been great for our Disney cruise in Norway, I looked like I was playing dress-up in it.image image

This blouse (Sweet Rain Pax Chiffon Trim Blouse, $38) was very pretty, but I want wider straps!  At this point in my life, strap-less bras are not my friend.  Plus, if I have to wear a tank under a shirt to make it work, it’s too hot to wear here in a Louisiana summer.


In this dark, poor picture (I’ll do better, I promise) you cannot see that the pants are olive (Kut From the Kloth Siena Capri Pant, $58), super lightweight, and adorable (kept!).  The gray shirt is a thin, heathered sweater material – dressy enough for work, but also perfect for casual wear (RD Style Keira 3/4 Sleeve Split Back Knit Top, $48).  The split back is fun and interesting.  I wore this on the Disney cruise and it was very soft and comfortable.  Then I wore it to work and got a ton of compliments on it.

imageThis gold necklace looked cheap (Zad Winnie Pave and Spike Necklace, $28).  It also reminded me of either a wedge of cheese or a slice of pie and I couldn’t imagine ever wearing it…so, back it went with the print top and cardigan.  My hopes were high for round #3.

June Stitch Fix (#3) – Look!  The photos are fancier and I used them in this YouTube “Unboxing” video (if you want to check it out).  This time I was styled by Kristen M.  She had the right idea, but sadly, the fit was poor on all three of the shirts in this fix.


I like tank tops for summer, but this one was ill-fitting and made me look HUGE!  (Hem & Thread Aldwick Swing Knit Tank, 38)image

This top had lots of color and would have been versatile if it had fit around my hips, but it was too tight.  (Market & Spruce Coval V-Neck Top, $44)


This green tank had a beautiful back detail, but was not for me!  It wasn’t just a little bad, it was horrible.  It did look better under the navy blazer, but then the back would be hidden. (19 Cooper Marlow Crochet Back Detail Top, $48)


The navy knit blazer is a perfect year-round staple – plus it’s super soft and comfortable. (Tart Kaylie Solid French Terry Blazer, $128)


Yes, they are ridiculously expensive for pull-on pants, but the picture cannot do justice to the flattering fit of these britches!  I felt 10 lbs lighter!  Plus, they’re very comfortable and multi-seasonal. (Margaret M Emer Polka Dot Print Hight Waisted Cropped Pant, $98)

All in all, I’ll be giving Stitch Fix at least a couple more tries.  This time I fine-tuned my style profile a little bit more and tried asking for specific items like a white jacket or cardigan and dark-wash jeans.

If YOU are interested in trying Stitch Fix and you use my referral link, I will receive a $25 credit.If you have any questions, I’ll do my best to answer them.  Thanks for reading!