Living a Disney Life – 2015

You guys are the best!  I don’t tell you enough how much I appreciate you.  Another year has come and (nearly) gone – it’s hard to believe it!  2015 was incredibly busy and also full of life’s joys and sorrows.  I know sad times are necessary for us to truly appreciate happy ones, but that knowledge doesn’t always make those tough times easier to bear.  What did make a difference in my life in 2015 was all of you.

Through this blog and the Disney Exchange Podcast, on twitter, Facebook, and Instagram – you and I have formed friendships.  In many cases, we’ve shared life’s challenges and successes and cheered and supported each other along the way.  Our common interests brought us together and the kindness of the Disney fan community is humbling and amazing.

Living a Disney Life – 2015

In February, I ran in my first three runDisney events and you were there via social media with words of encouragement.  From the Frozen 5k (very appropriately named as the weather was certainly freezing) to the Enchanted 10k and the Princess Half Marathon…I shared my view along the way tweeting pictures as I ran and your responses kept me going when I got tired.  Thanks for that!Princess-Half-Main-Street

In June, family tragedy struck.  Just before The Fam and I sailed through the fjords of Norway on the Disney Magic, I lost my mom after a long battle with Alzheimer’s.  This blog would have gone dark for weeks if not for my Disney friends’ help.  Mike and Gary from the Por Favor Podcast, Keith and Sean from Enchanted Tiki Talk, Andrew from The Mouse for Less, Curt from Geekin’ on WDW, and of course Nick and Barbie from Disney Musings all provided entertaining and informational Disney articles for your reading pleasure.  They also offered me kind words of friendship and support during a difficult time in my life.  That meant more than I can say.Mount-Floyen-Selfie

In September, Raymond walked Megan down the aisle and suddenly our little Princess became a grown-up married woman and our family of four became five.  The entire pixie-dusted wedding was as perfectly perfect in every way as any of our imaginations could have dreamed up.  We are as proud to call Grant our son as Joseph is to call him brother.  After a honeymoon at Walt Disney World, the newlyweds have settled well into their new life together.  Thank you for all the well-wishes and kind words during that time.Father-Daughter-Wedding

The year is coming to a close – Many months ago, Raymond and I decided that we couldn’t let 2015 end without one last visit to our favorite vacation destination.  In a year packed with hellos and goodbyes, we consider ourselves blessed with the very best family and friends any two people could ever wish for.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!  We love you guys!  We’ll be back with more Disney adventures in 2016 and we hope you’ll be along with us again!  Wishing you a very Happy New Year – LisaDCL Norway Raymond and Lisa

Disney Dining – An Ode to Filth

Por Favor PodcastHi there readers! This is Gary and Mike from the Por Favor Podcast. Lisa has been kind enough to give us some space on her wonderful blog. After much consideration, we figured we should talk about what we know best. Filth.

For anyone not familiar with our podcast (we have literally dozen’s of listeners!) we endearingly refer to most food as filth. At least most food that we eat. That’s mostly because we eat generally filthy offerings, especially at Walt Disney World.

A perfect example of filth would be a burger from Pecos Bills with all the fixings. Apple slices would not be considered filth. I think you get the basic idea.

Now, on to the really fun part. We are going to break-down some of the filthiest foods in Walt Disney World. Some you will have surely heard about, some may be new to you. Each holds a place near and dear to our hearts…and stomaches.

Magic Kingdom

Dole Whip
​A Dole Whip from Aloha Isle might not be considered by many to fit the definition of filth, as set forth earlier in the article, but if we take into account the fact that Por Favor Gary likes to start his day with a Dole Whip for breakfast, this clearly falls into the filth file.Pineapple Dole Whip

Pork Shank
​A pork shank from Gaston’s Tavern is one of the truest forms of filth one can find in the Magic Kingdom. This greasy mass of meat is probably going to slow down your touring plans, but the lethargy is well worth it as you’ll feel a primitive satisfaction as you gnaw the last pieces of pig flesh off the bone in triumph.RM-Gaston's-Tavern-Roasted-Pork-Shank

Sweet and Spicy Chicken and Waffle Sandwich
​The sweet and spicy chicken and waffle sandwich from Sleepy Hollow Refreshments holds a special place in the pantheon of filth at the Magic Kingdom. There are some who would say that chicken and waffles don’t belong together (stuff that doesn’t go with stuff) and there are others who salivate at the idea of this culinary concoction. However you feel personally about this unique sandwich, you must agree that it is quite filthy.RM-Sweet-&-Spicy-Chicken-Waffle-Sandwich

EPCOT Center

Jalapeño and Cheese Stuffed Pretzel
​The jalapeno and cheese stuffed pretzel from Block and Hans in the American Adventure Pavilion is one of the best hidden secrets at Walt Disney World. This snack has it all. Portability, affordability and of course it’s stuffed full of cheese and jalapenos that define filth. This may be the neatest of the filth we encounter, but don’t let that fool you. This is a must try!RM-Jalapeno-Cheese-Pretzel

Scotch Egg
​Found at the Rose & Crown Pub, the scotch egg is an instant Por Favor Filth Favorite. Both Mike and Gary have experienced the true filthy beauty of this deep fried, hard boiled egg surrounded in sausage topped with an incredible mustard sauce. If this appetizer wasn’t presented so nicely in the restaurant it might take the cake as filthiest in all of EPCOT, but even in its somewhat refined form, it’s close to tops.

​The miniature version of the iconic churro can be found at La Cantina de San Angel, the quick service outside of the Mexico Pavilion. The reason this item has made our list is because of the caramel dipping sauce that accompanies it. These adorable churritos are very tasty on their own, but when utilized properly they become a conveyance system for the caramel. No trip to Walt Disney World would be complete without a churro, so you might as well grab these little beauties and double down with the filthy caramel sauce!

Disney Hollywood Studios

Peanut Butter and Jelly Shake
​The 50s Prime Time Cafe is well known amongst Disney fans for its kitschy décor and intentionally overbearing waitstaff. It’s also know to have some of the best comfort food on property. However many guests overlook an item on the menu that has earned a spot in any filth lovers heart. A peanut butter and jelly shake may sound off-putting to some, but we say, give it a try and you’ll soon realize why Mike and Gary consider this pure filth in a cup.The Hollywood Brown Derby / Disney's Hollywood Studios

Cobb Salad
​Excuse me, did someone take over the reigns on this article? How on earth did a salad make its way into a list of filth? These questions could only be asked by someone who hasn’t experienced the filthy goodness of a Cobb salad from the Hollywood Brown Derby. You know this salad must be mind-blowingly filthy to make it to such rarefied territory. One bite of this salad and you’ll forget you’re actually eating some veggies among the filth.Starring Rolls Cafe / Disney's Hollywood Studios

Ham or Turkey Sandwich
​Once again, you may be having double take, but let us explain. The ham and turkey sandwiches from Starring Rolls Cafe are so chock full of deli meat that you can barely unhinge your jaw wide enough to fit all the filth into your maw. There is a token piece of lettuce and a scant offering of tomato on top of this sandwich and the bread is merely there because society hasn’t progressed enough yet to make it acceptable to eat a pound and a half of deli meat by itself in one sitting.

Animal Kingdom

Anything from Flame Tree BBQ
​Is this a cop out? Yes. Undoubtedly, but who are we to deprive you of any of the offering from what many consider the best quick-service on property. Mike and Gary can definitively say that this is the filthiest quick-service around. Between the fall-off-the-bone ribs and the best baked beans around, this joint can fling some filth. Do not do yourself a disservice and miss Flame Tree. You can’t go wrong with any of the filth offered.Flame-Tree-Barbeque

Beef Lo-Mien
​You got us. This item is no longer offered at Yak and Yeti, but we felt it was still worthy of our praises. Just because something is gone doesn’t mean it hasn’t impacted our lives. And, hey, look at the citrus swirl! It could come back. Anyway, this was one of the original food items that Mike and Gary referred to as filth on the podcast. It’s just a Chinese food take-out style box filled to the brim with filth. Tons of beef, noodles and some veggies to make people feel a little better about themselves. Maybe if this article gets enough traction, we might see this menu item make its triumphant return to Animal Kingdom.RM-Yak-&-Yeti-Restaurant-Exterior

Spice Rubbed Karubi Ribs
​It helps having a local as one half of your show, because this filth offering is from the brand new Harambe Market. Por Favor Mike had the difficult task of dragging himself to Animal Kingdom and trying out this new item. It comes with green papaya-carrot slaw and a chickpea, cucumber and tomato salad. In case you weren’t sure, that is considered “stuff that doesn’t go with stuff”. Despite this, it still was able to earn Mike’s seal of approval. Next time you are in Animal Kingdom, check out the new Harambe Market and see which new piece of filth piques your interest!

There are many more chances to indulge in filth at Walt Disney World and perhaps if Lisa is so gracious we can come back and list a few of our favorites from outside the parks! If you liked what you’ve read, be sure to check out our podcast at like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and

The Por Favor Podcast Anti-Weasel Guide to Walt Disney World

Por Favor Hosts Mike and GaryThe Por Favor Podcast Anti-Weasel Guide to Walt Disney World

Hi folks! We’re Gary and Mike, the co-hosts of the Por Favor Podcast. If you’ve heard us you know that we don’t take things too seriously (except beer, and food, and Disney, and sports, and well…never mind).

Anyway, Lisa has asked us to write an article for her blog while she jet-sets across the globe. She said it’d be a great way to cross-promote our podcast, but I have a feeling she’s just trying to get some free labor out of the deal.

One of the things that we frequently talk about on our podcast, is our love/hate relationship (ok, mostly hate) with the Walt Disney World Weasels. In case you don’t know what a Walt Disney World Weasel is, we can define it for you:

  1. Any person under the age of 16 who runs roughshod throughout a Disney Park
  2. The parent/guardian of any such person listed in definition #1No Weasels
  3. Someone who tries to game the Disney system (i.e. line cutting)
  4. Someone who stops, without notice, in the middle of a crowded walkway
  5. Someone who uses their darned iPad to take photos/video of the parades and fireworks!

Let’s be clear here, we understand these things happen on a trip to Walt Disney World, and someone can be a Walt Disney World Weasel and still be a good person, but if you frequently fall into one of these categories, then you probably want to stop reading this post! Here is the Official Por Favor Podcast Guide to Avoiding Walt Disney World Weasels©.

Step 1:

If you want to avoid the Walt Disney World Weasels, one of the easiest ways to do so is by avoiding the parks entirely. This piece of advice is not great. We love the parks. So let’s amend this step and say, go late and stay late. If you show up to the park at 11am and stay until 6pm, you are in weasel central. After the little ones are all tuckered out, it’s your chance to have your Por Favor Gary and Gastonrun of the place. Plan on staying until (after) closing and take advantage of the weaning weasel hours.

Step 2:

Avoid character meals like the plague. If you are looking for Walt Disney World Weasel central, look no further than a character meal. This is the time where the group in definition 1 and 2 are most prominent. Little weasels running around a crowded restaurant like they just free-based pixie sticks and their weasel parents sitting back with a cocktail updating their Facebook status so their friends back home can be jealous. Let’s be clear, if you want a picture with Chef Mickey, there will be weasel blood on your hands to do so. Fair warning!

Step 3:

Stay at Coronado Springs Resort. This resort has been certified by the Por Favor Podcast as the least likely resort on property to encounter a weasel. It has everything going for it to repel weaseldom. It is sprawling, it is not overly Disney-fied and it is relatively far from all of the parks. Plus, if you are looking for a resort with some very comfy beds and beautiful scenery and landscaping, this resort is for you!

Step 4:

Hang out in World Showcase as much as possible. We know EPCOT Center is not the most kid-friendly park (so they say) so in general, the weasel ratio is much lower here as is. Plus, it’s huge, lots of open spaces to avoid the weasel parents texting while operating a stroller. But, World Showcase is the place to be. Not only do you have the advantage of the best food options in any park, but you have the ever-famous drinking-around-the-world to partake in (note: you run the risk of becoming a weasel if you aren’t careful in your drink consumption). We say get to World Showcase at 11am when it opens and take your time looking in all the countries. Grab a snack, meal or drink in each country and really spend some time in the least weasel-friendly locations like; Morocco, Canada, Germany and China. Editors note: Step 4 will become null and void once Frozen takes over Norway (yuck).

Step 5:

Resort hop. This is a great way to see parts of the Walt Disney World property that you probably haven’t experienced before. Instead of rushing right into the Magic Kingdom, take a resort launch to the Wilderness Lodge and check out their amazing lobby. Hop on the monorail and walk around the impeccable grounds of the Grand Floridian. Before heading into World Showcase, use the back exit and walk along the Boardwalk, an homage to a seaside resort town. Take the bus to Animal Kingdom lodge and soak in the atmosphere at one of the most beautiful places you’ll ever see! Don’t be afraid to explore each resort and see what they have to offer. The benefits are two-fold, while you are expanding your resort horizons, all the weasels are in line to meet Ana and Elsa, so they’ll be out of your hair and you might even find a new resort to call home!

So there you have it folks. Five easy steps to avoid the dreaded Walt Disney World Weasels. If you follow these simple steps you should easily lower your weasel encounter-counter for your next trip to Walt Disney World! Thanks!

Gary Arruda & Mike Hurley

@PorFavorPodcast on

While I’m at Walt Disney World This Week

Toy Story Midway Mania Queue Mr. Potato HeadIf you’ve been hanging around here for a while, you know how I hate to go on vacation and leave the place unattended.  I wouldn’t want you to get bored or lonely or have nothing new to see.  This week is no exception and I’m proud to announce that I’ve left some very special folks in charge of entertaining you!

Please help me welcome some of my favorite podcast hosts!

Here’s a sneak peak of what you can expect to read about this week:

On Monday – Scott Campbell, co-host of the Dixie Landings Radio Podcast, will drop by with an introduction about and some background on this great new show.

On Tuesday – Welcome back Curtis Stone, co-host of the Geekin’ on WDW Podcast.  Curt LOVES to have fun at Walt Disney World and offers some very valuable tips on making the most of your Disney vacation time…being goofy!!!

On Wednesday – Sean Duffy, of the Enchanted Tiki Talk Podcast, will bring you his personal experience with becoming a member of the Disney Vacation Club.  I know several of you have been thinking about buying DVC points and will love reading Sean’s story.Magic Kingdom's Tomorrowland

On Thursday – I’ll take a minute to report in from Walt Disney World and let you know how our vacation week is going.  I’m sure to have a thousand pictures by then (and I’ll have gained a few pounds as well).  If you don’t already follow along on Facebook, head on over there and see what I’m sharing while in the parks and resort restaurants!

On Friday – Those two wild and crazy guys, Gary and Mike, from the Por Favor Podcast will be stopping by with some VERY important Walt Disney World tips for….well, I’ll let you be surprised.

See?  I may be taking a few days off, but you’ll be in excellent hands.  If you’ve never listened to a Disney podcast before, I highly suggest you start with these:

Dixie Landings Radio

Geekin’ on WDW

Enchanted Tiki Talk

The Por Favor Podcast

I hope everyone has a great week – I’ll see ya real soon!