Flea Market Disney Treasures: Minnie and Mickey Banks

Welcome to the weekend!  You know what that means – Time for another installment of Saturdays With Nick!  As usual, I had no trouble spotting another post about a couple of Nick’s flea market finds to share with you today.  These items from Nick and Barbie’s collection are too cute!  I’m always envious of their amazing array of Disneyana!  I suppose I should be glad, instead, that there are no flea markets where I live to tempt me with awesome Disney collectibles or I’m pretty sure I’d be perpetually broke.  Don’t forget – you can follow Nick, Barbie, and friends an all their social medias:

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Flea Market Disney Treasures: Minnie and Mickey Banks

Weekends at the Columbus Flea Market are hit and miss. Some days, my wife and I walk the isles of stuff, and don’t find a thing. Other times, we pick up several items, like these banks. Let’s start off with this large, 8″ x 6″ (20.32  x 15.24 centimeters), ceramic Mickey bank.

I picked it up for $5.

You can make out the simple Copyright Disney under the price tag. Originally priced at $18!

I picked up these terrific Mickey and Minnie banks for $10.

Made of rubber, they measure 6″ (15.24 centimeter’s) tall. At their bases they are marked Walt Disney Productions, aging them to pre-early 80s.

Made in Korea.

No markings on the bottom. I’d love to know where they were originally purchased.

As a bonus feature, which I didn’t even notice when I bought these, they each have one articulated arm! Minnie’s raises up to her mouth. You can almost hear her giggle!

You can hear Mickey saying “Thanks for stopping by the Disney Musings Blog, hope to see you again real soon!”