Disney Ludwig Von Drake Lunch Box

Disney Ludwig Von Drake Lunch Box

By Nick

I love Ludwig Von Drake.
I love Disneyland.
I love metal lunch boxes and thermoses.
Put them all together, and you get this awesome lunch box and thermos from 1961!

The illustrations are very stylized.  In the image above, 3 of the new attractions opened just a couple of years prior are visible. We have Ludwig on the Matterhorn, with the Monorail and Submarine Voyage visible in the distance.
In the image below, we have Ludwig with a camera photographing the carousel and Sleeping Beauty Castle. Or maybe he’s spying on the folks at the cart?

Around the sides we have Ludwig visiting individual lands. I am assuming the image below is Ludwig on Main Street U.S.A., but not sure why they depicted a raging fire. Not really something you’d want guests to experience.

Ludwig taking a cruise in Adventureland… with the Tiki Birds? Did they come along willingly, or has he bird-napped them?!

This next scene features pirates, but Pirates of the Caribbean is several years away from opening. This likely represents the Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship and Restaurant, which was at Disneyland from 1955 thru 1969, when it changed to Captain Hook’s Galley when Chicken of the Sea dropped their sponsorship. The ship was a landmark until 1982. The sticker reads “Aladdin, School Lunch Kit “New Positive Lock”

Finally we have Dude Ludwig in Frontierland. Not sure if the rabbit is a friend or there to trip him up.

The corners and inside of the box are pretty scuffed, but the graphics on the box are pretty vibrant considering the age.

The thermos is also in great shape. Ludwig is butterfly hunting in Adventureland.

He should be wary of the Hippo, one of the most dangerous animals on Earth! Was he on the Jungle Cruise when he decided to just abandon ship? Where’s Disney security when you need them?!
There are more questions than answers raised on this lunch box!


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Ludwig Von Drake! (Walt Disney World Classics Collection)

Once more, Saturdays With Nick is all about an amazing Disney collectible.  Ludwig Von Drake is a wonderful, underappreciated character and I, for one, adore this particular piece from Nick’s fantastic collection of Disneyana.  What do you think about the adorable Mr. Von Drake?

Ludwig Von Drake! (Walt Disney World Classics Collection)

Imagine you’re in school, or you’re back in school, and you go to your geography class for the first time, and standing at the head of the class is a duck. That is a pretty wild imagination you have! But all things are possible in Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color!

I got this awesome Walt Disney Classics Collection Ludwig Von Drake figure as a Christmas gift from my wife a few years ago.

Titled Wonderful World of Color: Didactic Duck, this is from 2007, the production mark on the bottom is Captain Hook’s hook.

Some of the “plussings” are metal glasses frames with acrylic lenses.

The globe is made of porcelain and actually spins.

The globe stand is made of metal.

Oh, gosh, look at the time, gotta run! You know how ducks can be if you’re late for their class!

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