Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse

RM-Mickey-Antenna-TopperMickey Mouse turns 87 today.  Like you, I grew up with Mickey – he was of my parents’ generation and they were fans of Walt Disney’s movies, TV shows, and toys.  My parents helped me on my way to being the Mickey Mouse fan I am today.  Raymond and I did our part to pass the love along to our children as well.

Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse

It’s a great day to take a look at where, when and how Mickey is part of my life everyday – and he is, maybe more for me than most people.RM-Mickey-Plate-Holder

Mickey greets me every morning in the kitchen and often joins me for a cup of coffee.  He rides to work with me on my car antenna and can usually be found as part of my attire.RM-Mickey-Mug

Mickey collectibles are treasured at our house and we’re always on the lookout in antique stores and at flea markets for the next big (or little) find we can’t pass up.IMG_2220RM-Mickey-Pocket-Watch-Open RM-Mickey-Pocket-Watch-Closed

Mickey makes up a large portion of our Disney pin collection and is the main star of our holiday decorating.  No matter the season, if you look closely, you’ll find his iconic shape somewhere at our house!  (For tutorials on making your own Mickey ornaments, see the posts here, here, and here.  For a Christmas door wreath, check here.)RM-Mickey-PinsRM-Mardi-Gras-DoorRM-Halloween-Decorations-WreathGeneral Dis Pics 11.13 061General Dis Pics 11.13 055

Speaking of finding that oh-so-familiar shape, let’s not forget how it’s become automatic for us to try to spot Hidden Mickeys – both in our everyday lives as well as when we’re on a Disney vacation.  Don’t you look for them all the time?  It’s totally normal, right?RM-NecklaceMed Cruise 2013 iphone 002 IMG_2918

Mickey and I almost share a birthday – his being just two days after mine.  Maybe that’s why he has a special place in my heart.  No matter the reason, Mickey’s always around and that makes me happy!

Do you share my love for Mickey Mouse?  Where can he be found in your day?

Hidden Mickeys – Another Disney Addiction

IMG_2918About 10 years ago, while planning for an upcoming Disney World vacation, I found and purchased, Hidden Mickeys a Field Guide to Walt Disney World’s Best Kept Secrets by Steven M. Barrett.  If you aren’t sure what Hidden Mickeys are, Mr. Barrett defines them as “a partial or complete image of Mickey Mouse that has been hidden by Disney Imagineers and artists….”

I thought the book would be a lot of fun to take along with us to Disney World where there are literally hundreds of Hiddey Mickeys to be found.  I explained to The Fam about Hidden Mickeys while we were driving to and waiting at the airport for our flight to Orlando.  Then I managed to locate and point out a couple of Hidden Mickeys right after we arrived at Disney World.  Joseph had always been a champion at finding things (money on the ground, Easter eggs, bugs, lizards, etc.), so he was quick to join the fun and soon everyone was caught up in the excitement of hunting the elusive Mickeys.  This was and still is a GREAT way to kill time while waiting in line for attractions!

DSCN2584Turns out, once you start looking for and discovering real, “official” Hidden Mickeys, it’s hard to turn off your Hidden Mickey “eyes”.  Ever since that first trip when we learned about those cleverly incorporated Mickeys and discovered our love for finding them, we all see Hidden Mickeys in our everyday lives.  It’s a very fun way to keep the Disney magic alive between vacations.

Soap bubbles in the sink forming a familiar image?  “Hidden Mickey!”  That shout-out, heard from time to time at our house, always answered with, “where? lemme see!” is a great reminder to me that not only have I done my job prepping the next generation of Disney fans, but also that our vacations to The Happiest Place on Earth make magical memories that last long after we’ve come home.

Yesterday when I was leaving for work, I passed a catch-all container in the garage and guess what I saw?  YUP!  You betcha!Med Cruise 2013 iphone 002