Disney Children’s Books- Vintage Treasures

Disney-branded toys, games, and books make wonderful collectibles – especially those with a little history to them (translation – “old stuff”).  I love combing antique stores and flea markets for mid-century Disney items, but I’m a rookie compared to Nick.  He seems to magically come upon the best of the best to add to his collection.  Today’s featured items are extra-special because they weren’t purchased, but given to Nick out of love.  Family treasures are the best of all!

Disney Children’s Books- Vintage Treasures

-By Nick

These 2 books from the early 1940’s belonged to my Father-in-Law, Dan.


Pinocchio. Given as a gift to Dan from his mother in 1944.

Copyright 1939, 1940 by Walt Disney Productions, Hollywood, California. D.C. Heath and Company, Boston.

Nice spot illustrations are throughout the book.

A very well loved book, several pages are loose.

Walt Disney Story  Books.

Bambi was given as a gift to Dan from his Grandmother in 1945.

Copyright 1944 by Walt Disney Productions. D.C. Heath and Company, Boston.

This book is in better shape.

These wonderful books were passed on to my wife, and then her younger sister. He recently re-discovered them, and has passed them on to me.

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