Metal Ratatouille Movie Sign

Happy Saturday, Disney Friends!  Today I want to share with you yet another particularly special item from Nick’s Disney collection.  This one drew my eye for two reasons – We also have a Ratatouille collectible at our house and, since we just dined in Remy on the Disney Dream, this awesome item reminded me of what a fantastic time we had!  Enjoy!!!

Metal Ratatouille Movie Sign

By Nick

Raise your hand if you channel surf.
There are channel guides that we can consult to find something we may be interested in, but where is the fun in that? So we surf. And there are certain movies that, if we should happen to encounter them, we’ll stop and watch, regardless of how many times we’ve seen them. Jaws. The Matrix. The Avengers. Star Wars. (Any Star Wars, even the prequels!) Any Disney/Pixar Movie. Those last few probably aren’t a surprise as this is, after all, a Disney Blog.

Recently while surfing I came across Ratatouille, one of my very favorite Pixar movies, and had to stop and watch.
It got me wanting a collectible from the film. I only have one item from this terrific motion picture, a Hallmark ornament of Remy looking at the book, Anyone Can Cook!

I came across a few things that caught my eye on eBay, but then, as the movie ended, and I saw the Ratatouille sign over Paris, I had the idea to go to Etsy, and did a search.

Imagine how pleasantly surprised I was to find this for $30 plus $12 shipping! It’s metal and measures 14 x 14 1/4 inches.

As you can see, it is very close to the sign in the movie:

Before making the purchase, I consulted with Barbie, as this was to hang in our kitchen, and she immediately gave her approval.

We briefly considered hanging it exactly as it is in Ratatouille, but we decided it wouldn’t have nearly the same aesthetic effect hanging in the kitchen as it would with Paris in the background, so went with just hanging it on the kitchen wall visible as you enter the room.

I’m very happy with this purchase, a wonderful reminder of a wonderful film.

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Heimlich from A Bug’s Life

Happy Saturday, Disney Friends!  This week we’re taking a look at yet another amazing item from Nick’s collection.  I’ve always been a fan of A Bug’s Life and Heimlich in particular.  Enjoy!

Heimlich from A Bug’s Life

By Nick

Stuffed Heimlich. Is that a redundant statement?
(See, Heimlich eats a lot, until he’s, you know, stuffed!) Tap-tap, is this thing on?

Today, I share a couple of Heimlich’s from the Pixar film, “A Bug’s Life’, from my wife’s collection. The 1st one is a fairly large stuffed figure.

Obviously it’s from the Disney Store, but I have no other info, as my wife cut the tags off.

This next stuffed Heimlich is much smaller, and has a plastic face.


Like the bigger figure, the tags have been removed, and there is no indication as to where it came from.


What, you may ask, is a squishy Heimlich?

This is a squishy Heimlich:


Heimlich is from Pixar’s “A Bug’s Life” released in 1998. While it isn’t my favorite Pixar movie by far, it has a special place in my heart as it was the first movie my wife and I saw in a theater together.
Having this special place made me collect Bug’s Life everything. Heimlich, however, is from my wife’s collection.

What drew my wife to Heimlich the caterpillar? His accent, for one. And his love of food for the other. In fact here he is going in for the kill now!


He is rubber, and filled with some sort of, well, squishy, material. Sadly, 14 years on, the squishy material has hardened into a ball inside of Heimlich’s belly, and he is not nearly as much fun to squeeze anymore.


Made by 4 Kidz Inc. for Disney/Pixar.

Here is another squishy Heimlich. This is a keychain. I think. A REALLY big keychain. I have no idea who would need such a large key chain, but, as I don’t know what else the hook would be used for, I’m calling it a keychain.


Alas, he suffers from the same fate as the larger figure, as he has lost his squishiness.

Also made by 4 Kidz.

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Disney Collectibles for Me!

RM-Junior-SnugglesRecently, right on schedule, I again celebrated the anniversary of my arrival on Earth.  You’d think after so many years, my birthday would have become less of a thing.  It would be just another day, ho-hum, yeah, yeah, I’m another year older. But NOT in my family!!!  That’s one of the best things about us, we love a good birthday and know how to make each and every one unique and special.

Some things are always a given on your birthday at our house – you’ll be treated like royalty, you’ll receive gifts that are complete surprises, you’ll get at least one serious card that will make you cry a little, and you’ll be celebrated and made to feel loved.  Oh, and you’ll get food.  And cake.  Not so different from other families probably, but this is how we do it.

Disney Collectibles for Me!

So, my birthday rolled around and as usual, the first words I heard upon waking were “Happy Birthday!” from Raymond.  This year, I took the day off so I could enjoy a 3-day weekend and have some relaxing time hanging around with Junior while everyone else was working.  That was my gift to myself.  I ended up cleaning house and giving aforementioned canine companion a much needed haircut and bath.  That probably doesn’t sound very special or relaxing, but I knew I could expect a family gathering and Junior and I were ready, looking our best, when the time came.RM-Junior-New-Haircut

As expected, later that evening, folks showed up with food and presents.  Megan, Grant, Joseph and Raymond put dinner together while I sat on the couch, munching on appetizers and watching TV.  We ate, we laughed, we caught up and then it was time for birthday cheesecake and presents.  Let’s talk about the presents!!!

Raymond’s gift was something I’d wanted for a long time and wouldn’t buy for myself.  He initially didn’t think it would be a good idea to give his wife this item as a present.  He was afraid it would be saying something negative about me and that’s not his style. Ever.  Anyway, since I’d been dragging him to look at Fitbits every time we were in a story that carried them, he knew I really wanted one and he made the potentially risky decision to buy me one.  I was ecstatic!  He was relieved.  RM-FitbitSo far, so good since then – I’ll give it a couple more weeks and then do a full review on how Fitbit changed my life (I hope).  You know I’ve been carrying around a few extra pounds and I’m ready to tell them goodbye.  I also got a couple of pairs of my favorite running socks – THE most wonderful running socks in the world! (Balega Socks)  Good job, Raymond!!!

Megan, Grant, and Joseph went in together on a joint gift – I should say GIFTS! How exciting it was to unwrap each treasure – and treasures they were.  All vintage Disney collectibles!!!  Here they are:Birthday-Vintage-Mugs

Milk Glass Mickey and Donald Mugs!Birthday-Winnie-the-Pooh-BankWinnie the Pooh Bank!Birthday-Vintage-Snow-White-Play-Kitchen Birthday-Vintage-Snow-White-Play-Kitchen-Sink Birthday-Vintage-Snow-White-Play-Kitchen-Stove Birthday-Vintage-Snow-White-Play-Kitchen-FridgeSnow White Play Kitchen – Sink, Stove, and Fridge!Birthday-Vintage-Metal-Walt-Disney-World-TrayWalt Disney World Metal Tray!Birthday-Goofy-DAK-BoatGoofy and one of the original Animal Kingdom Boats!

Softens the blow of turning another year older, let me tell you – Great company, good food, fantastic gifts – all in all, being 51 is fantastic!!!  Best family EVER!

What are your family’s birthday traditions?

Disney Treasures! Snow White 65th Anniversary Set

It’s finally Saturday and you know what that means!  It’s time for another installment of Saturday’s With Nick!  Today’s find reminds me that even though we might get a little tired and worn around the edges; even though we may have lost the luster of youth and begin to show our age, we’re still treasures in our own way!  That’s my take and I’m going with it…who’s with me?

Disney Treasures! Snow White 65th Anniversary Set

By Nick

I bought this Snow White set complete at our local flea market this Sunday.

I’d never seen it before, and when I asked what the person selling it wanted, and he said $10, I was somewhat shocked.  I didn’t even look at who made the figures, and didn’t examine each one for any possible flaws.  The gentleman selling them wrapped each figure individually, and handed me the bag.

When I got home, I set out the display it came with.

I placed each figure out on it’s designated spot.

It was then I noticed a couple figures were indeed not perfect, such as Happy, who I assume is supposed to be holding a conductor’s baton, which is clearly broken…

…and Dopey’s drumstick has seen better days.

It seems everyone else is in pretty good condition.

The Dwarfs average 3.25″ in height, while Snow White is 5.5.”

When it came to investigating where these figures came from, I looked on the bottom, and then went to what I consider the best place on the internet to find out information on Snow White, Filmic Light.

This set was sold at CVS in 2002 to celebrate Snow White’s 65th anniversary. The display came with Snow White.

I think $10 was a very fair price, despite the small flaws, and I consider this another excellent Flea Market Find!’

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