Memento Mori: Ghostly Shopping in Magic Kingdom

Happy Halloween!  It’s the perfect day for this particular installment of Saturdays With Nick.  Spooky shopping!!!  If you’ve not had the pleasure, next time you visit Walt Disney World, save a few minutes and some souvenir money for Memento Mori.  Personally, I think this is one of the very best attraction-related shopping experiences to be found in a Disney park!  I’ll let Nick fill you in on the details…

Memento Mori: Ghostly Shopping in Magic Kingdom

By Nick

A new shop, (or is it an old residence?) mysteriously appeared a few months ago in the Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Square, at the exit of the Haunted Mansion.

Memento Mori was the home of Madame Leota, until her disappearance, and, I suppose, partial reappearance within the Haunted Mansion. Her portrait can be found inside.

According to Webster’s Online Dictionary, Memento Mori means “a reminder of mortality.” Google  provides a definition that is even more appropriate; “an object serving as a warning or reminder of death,” and the Memento Mori shop is happy to provide such reminders of the iconic ride it is located beside.

There are a lot of items in here that appeals to fans of the HM, and you can go a little nuts. Indeed, if  we had more space in the house, I’d have walked out with much more than just the one item I did leave with. I could easily see having a room dedicated to some of this fanatasmagorical merchandise.

Think of a merchandise category, and there is a really good chance you’ll find it here. Clothes? Obviously. Shoes? Check. Make-up? Wait, what? Yes. Haunted Mansion Make-up kits from the Beautifully Disney line!

Want to redo the kitchen in Early American spooky? Yes, you can do that also. Dish Towel sets are $19.95, coaster sets are $24.95.

We were very interested in the dinner plates, but had breakage concerns. The round plates are $26.95.

There is a lot to see here, and you may stay so long you actually build up an appetite. If you are hungry for Haunted Mansion food, popcorn and cotton candy are readily available.

Want chocolate? They have chocolate in the form of bats, for $4.95.

There are many t-shirts and even collared shirts to choose from.

The Gracey Family Reunion shirt is $24.95.

This shirt of the Ghost Host himself, which is $ 36.95, changes, transforming into a skeleton…

…like the portraits below.

A version of this can be had on a postcard as well.

Looking for the perfect Haunted accessory to go with your clothes?

How about a protective case for your smart phone?

There are action figures for boys, and even something for your little girl. Perhaps she’ll like a Haunted Bride doll for $21.95?

Holidays aren’t forgotten, as there a couple of different ornament sets to be had.

There are higher end collectibles and home decor items, such as the Haunted Mansion wall hanging for $100.

This replica of the Haunted Mansion sign can hang in your home for $95.

Plenty of less expensive souvenirs can be found as well, such as key chains, notepad and magnet sets, and antenna toppers, which are 2 for $8.

You can even take home an 8×10 ghostly image of yourself or a loved one for $19.95 plus tax.

Step behind the curtain for your own piece of “Spirit Photography.”

I had read online that there is a limit to how many items a guest could purchase at one time, and indeed there was this sign hanging under one of the displays:

When I asked a Cast Member why guests would be limited to 6 items, unless otherwise specified, I was told it was because people would buy items in bulk, and sell them on eBay!

We did buy one item, the throw pictured below, for $59.95.

As you can see, Disney has found yet another ingenious way to separate me and my money.
“Hurry back, hurry back,” indeed!

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Frontierland’s Prairie Outpost & Supply

Welcome to Saturdays with Nick!  Today Nick explores Frontierland and discovers a hidden gem!  Have you shopped at the Prairie Outpost yet?

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Frontierland’s Prairie Outpost and Supply at Walt Disney World

By Nick

On our last trip to Walt Disney World, while walking through Frontierland in the Magic Kingdom, it occurred to me that I was in need of provisions for the evening. I stopped into Prairie Outpost and Supply expecting to find hardtack and perhaps some dry salted beef, and instead was confronted with an entirely different type of staple. Sugar!

Sugar in the form of jellybeans, lollypops, cookies, cotton candy, and various chocolate covered concoctions!

There are also “healthy options” as well, such as candy apples and chocolate covered strawberries. Fruit is healthy, right?

So, next time you’re in the wilderness and need a pick me up, stop on over to the Prairie Outpost and Supply, and a friendly Cast Member will great you with open arms!

Fantasyland’s Big Top Souvenirs

If you’ve yet to visit the new Fantasyland expansion, make a plan to stop by Storybook Circus and visit one of the best-themes, coolest shops in the Magic Kingdom.  Today’s installment of Saturday’s With Nick gives us a terrific idea about what can be found under the Big Top!

Fantasyland’s Big Top Souvenirs

By: Nick

Ladies and Gentlemen, please direct your attention to the Storybook Circus portion of the New Fantasyland expansion, to discover the most stupendous, the most terrific, the most fantastic new shopping experience in all of Walt Disney World: Big Top Souvenirs!

That may have sounded like hyperbole, up there, but this really is a fantastic place, with a circus tent atmosphere located in the new Fantasyland section of the Magic Kingdom next to Pete’s Silly Sideshow.


The fun starts before you even get inside the store. On one of the days we visited, 2 Cast Members were out front, and they were pin trading in a new and novel way.

The pins were presented on popcorn themed cushions! Love it!
The circus atmosphere continues throughout your shopping or dinning experience.

I did say dining, as there is a snack section and a beverage section. I didn’t have any of the goodies this trip, but will be sure to the next time I go to the circus.

It’s great to see one of my all time favorite characters, Humphrey the Bear, represented. Not familiar with Humphry? Please check out some posts about him here.

There are circus cars all around the store, serving different purposes, such as this embroidery station.

Checkout locations.
They have all sorts of merchandise, from your basic Walt Disney World and Mickey Mouse tees…
… to special items, such as these hats, mugs and plates featuring Dumbo.
So come one, come all, to the newest and best store in all of Fantasyland: Big Top Souvenirs!
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Disney’s Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post

RM-Wandering-Oaken's-SignI know I’ve complained occasionally about the whole Frozen-ization of Walt Disney World.  Not everything is bad, though, or unnecessary.  One new Frozen-themed addition in Disney’s Hollywood Studios is nothing short of brilliant.  Of course adding a shop based on Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post from the movie was an obvious and easy choice, but even I have to admit…for something that seemingly came together in a hurry, Oaken’s shop is very well done, the details are adorable, and the selection of Frozen merchandise is very welcome indeed.RM-Wandering-Oaken's-Sleigh-Parking

Back in May, we could barely find anything Frozen to buy!  We chased rumors and ran around from shop to shop in every park where we thought we might score pins or a sweatshirt.  Finally, we ended up with two Olaf pins (the only Frozen pins we could find) and an extra-large child’s hoodie for Megan.  I was excited to wander into Wandering Oaken’s and will freely admit, I was charmed.Disney's Frozen - Olaf Pin

Before you enter the store, the exterior details make you feel as if you are definitely in Norway!  The snowy trees and landscape are fun!RM-Wandering-Oaken's-Exterior RM-Wandering-Oaken's-Snowy-Trees2 RM-Wandering-Oaken's-Snowy-TreesInside, Oaken’s is much more than a place to shop!  A blue-lit winter wonderland, compete with snowy play area (“Frozen Snowground”), take up a great deal of space at one end of the building.RM-Wandering-Oaken's-Snowy-Trees-With-Lights RM-Wandering-Oaken's-Snow2 RM-Wandering-Oaken's-SnowThere are plenty of excellent photo ops and a Disney photographer is on hand.RM-Wandering-Oaken's-Interior-Wall  STUDIO_FROZENFUN1_7068714183As you move from the play area to the store, the lighting changes and you’ll begin to notice more great details.RM-Wandering-Oaken's-Shop RM-Wandering-Oaken's-Merchandise    RM-Wandering-Oaken's-ShelvesThere is plenty of Frozen merchandise here!  I may or may not have purchased a few early Christmas gifts while I was there.RM-Wandering-Oaken's-Olafs RM-Wandering-Oaken's-SvensMostly, we just wandered around and enjoyed the immersion in those amazing Disney details.  The sauna absolutely cracked me up!!!RM-Wandering-Oaken's-Sauna RM-Wandering-Oaken's-Decor RM-Wandering-Oaken's-ToolsOaken’s is not far from Toy Story Midway Mania, so if you’re headed over to Pixar Place, don’t miss the opportunity to pop in an take a look around.  On a hot day, it’s a great place to cool off!

Have you been to Oaken’s Trading Post?  What did you think?