Fantasyland’s Big Top Souvenirs

If you’ve yet to visit the new Fantasyland expansion, make a plan to stop by Storybook Circus and visit one of the best-themes, coolest shops in the Magic Kingdom.  Today’s installment of Saturday’s With Nick gives us a terrific idea about what can be found under the Big Top!

Fantasyland’s Big Top Souvenirs

By: Nick

Ladies and Gentlemen, please direct your attention to the Storybook Circus portion of the New Fantasyland expansion, to discover the most stupendous, the most terrific, the most fantastic new shopping experience in all of Walt Disney World: Big Top Souvenirs!

That may have sounded like hyperbole, up there, but this really is a fantastic place, with a circus tent atmosphere located in the new Fantasyland section of the Magic Kingdom next to Pete’s Silly Sideshow.


The fun starts before you even get inside the store. On one of the days we visited, 2 Cast Members were out front, and they were pin trading in a new and novel way.

The pins were presented on popcorn themed cushions! Love it!
The circus atmosphere continues throughout your shopping or dinning experience.

I did say dining, as there is a snack section and a beverage section. I didn’t have any of the goodies this trip, but will be sure to the next time I go to the circus.

It’s great to see one of my all time favorite characters, Humphrey the Bear, represented. Not familiar with Humphry? Please check out some posts about him here.

There are circus cars all around the store, serving different purposes, such as this embroidery station.

Checkout locations.
They have all sorts of merchandise, from your basic Walt Disney World and Mickey Mouse tees…
… to special items, such as these hats, mugs and plates featuring Dumbo.
So come one, come all, to the newest and best store in all of Fantasyland: Big Top Souvenirs!
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My Disney Best of 2014

Memory Maker Photo in Disney's Hollywood StudiosWhat a great year this has been!  I’d been looking forward to 2014 and it did not disappoint.  I can hardly believe it’s almost over!  Two trips to Walt Disney World – one of them a second honeymoon – and a full year of blogging about my love for all things Disney made for a great big bunch of fun!  Just in the last few weeks, even more exciting things have happened.  I could gush about the blessings of 2014 forever, but I want you guys to hang in with me all the way to the end of the list, so I’ll narrow my happy moments down to ten of the very best!

My Disney Best of 2014

10. Best Disney Recipe at Home – I had trying a couple of recipes on this year’s Disney New Year’s Resolutions list.  Hands down, those Maui Potatoes (formerly of ‘Ohana fame) were the most delicious Disney delicacy produced in my kitchen with my own little hands.'Ohana Cheesy Potatoes in Process 1

9. Most Popular Reviews – I wrote blog posts about a wide variety of topics, but by far the most popular of all those posts were the reviews of Disney’s Memory Maker.  We totally blew it on the first go (review here), but gave it another chance after we learned some important lessons and totally got our money’s worth on the second try.Character Meet-and-Greet with Sully

8. Most Relaxing Disney Moment – It was a tremendous, extravagant splurge, but worth every penny – the massage for two in the Senses Spa at the Grand Floridian.RM-Grand-Floridian-Senses-Sign

7. Best Disney Meal – This is TOUGH!  Raymond and I enjoyed Citricos (Grand Floridian) more than I can say, but because Megan and Joseph were with us for this incredible dining experience, I’m going to have to say the Flying Fish (Boardwalk) takes the top spot in this category.  The atmosphere, the food, and the service (Bob!) were all impeccable.  We couldn’t have had a better time anywhere on or off Disney property.Flying Fish Cafe Artisanal Cheeses

6. Best Disney Purchases – I bought some limited edition t-shirts and some great new pins and they were all pretty darn special, but my best Disney purchases this year were the new Christmas ornaments Raymond and I picked out together at Disney’s Days of Christmas in Downtown Disney.  We had a great time choosing just the right mementos of our vacation then enjoyed the memories those ornaments brought to mind as we decorated our tree.Haunted Mansion Mickey Ornament

5. Best Disney Snack – I’m only making this a category because I threw myself into Disney snack consumption this year with gusto!  I’m still reeling over the number of snacks I purchased and consumed in the name of research.  It’s no wonder I gained a few extra pounds!  The winner has to be the Croissant Donut (a.k.a. Cronut) from Epcot’s Refreshment Port.  It’s the perfect snack food…but not for sharing.IMG_3812

4. Best New Disney Endeavor: Hosting a New Podcast – If you haven’t heard, The Disney Exchange is a brand new Disney podcast.  Episodes 1 and 2 are available from all your favorite podcast sources.  Listen to me.  Really, go download an episode and listen to me and my buddies Nick and Dave while we debate, argue, laugh, and joke our way through discussions of our favorite Disney topics.  With over 80 years of combined Disney travel experience between the three of us, sooner or later we’re bound to say something useful to someone somewhere.  In the mean time, I am having a blast!TheDisneyExchangeLogo

3. Priceless Family Vacation Moments – It’s pretty challenging to coordinate schedules and get the four of us on vacation together, but we pulled it off in 2014 (and will do it one more time in 2015).  Those of you with small children will wonder if Disney vacations lose their magic when your kids grow up and I’m happy to tell you that in our family at least, Disney vacations have just gotten more fun.  I savored every moment of our May vacation, but enjoyed the evening meals we shared together the most.  Being together in the place where we’ve had so much fun through the years and created so many happy memories – looking across the table at our children and seeing the fun, happy, productive, well-adjusted adults they’ve become was indescribably special.Meg and Joe at Disney's Hollywood Studios

2. Best Disney-Induced Euphoria – Feeling Like a Kid Again – Even though I was about to turn 50 and Raymond had just turned 60, when the two of us were at Disney World in October, we were kids again.  We didn’t have to be anything to anyone, we just were.  Relaxed, go-with-the-flow, joking around, trying new things, meeting new people, doing what we wanted, when we wanted, soaking up the Disney magic and the joy of each other’s company.  It’s good to be married to your best friend – especially one who loves Disney as much as you do!Magic Shot at MNSSHP

1. Best Disney Gift – New Friends – I’ve said it many times this year in many different ways, but the Disney fan community is just amazing.  I’ve met some of the nicest, funniest, most caring people you could possibly imagine.  If I could change anything about this year, I would have used pixie dust to bring us all together at Disney World so I could meet everyone face to face!  I was lucky enough to meet Nick and Barbie (Disney Musings) and Jane and Heather (fellow Disney Divas) and a couple of dozen other fantastic folks, but there are scores of friends yet to meet!  Hello 2015!!!RM-Barbie-Nick-Lisa

What’s on your list?  What were your best Disney moments of 2014?

Disney’s Into the Woods – My Review

RM-Into-the-Woods-StubsInto the Woods…I got lost. Somehow, after being really excited to see Disney’s film adaptation of the Stephen Sondheim/James Lapine musical, I was left wondering, “What happened?” A couple of years ago, Megan had watched a video of the musical in its original form (for a school paper) and I remember her talking about what an impression it had made – she thought it was fantastic! Long before the movie’s Christmas Day release, she’d talked it up and made sure our plans included an excursion to see Into the Woods. After the movie was over – before we even left the theater, Megan was kind enough to explain what caused my confusion – there’s a disconnect between the first and second acts of the film that does not exist in the stage version.

I didn’t dislike the film. There were many terrific parts – some dramatic, some hilarious, a lot dark as the story does not soften the occasionally brutal aspects of the original fairy tales from which the plot is constructed. In particular, the song “Agony”, a duet by the story’s two princes, is exceptionally well done. The casting is top notch and every character’s performance is rock solid. I confess I wasn’t expecting some of the darker plot twists…maybe that’s what threw me. Having not seen or read anything about the storyline, I was left dismayed a time or two wondering just where we were going and how much longer it was going to take.

I’m a huge fan of musicals.  I actually once saw Yul Brynner himself in The King and I and it stands out as one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Having grown up attending St. Louis’s Muny Opera as often as possible, I count musical theater as one of my most favorite forms of entertainment. Into the Woods did not disappoint musically.  It was Christmas, I was tired – maybe that made me less accepting of the story’s life lessons and stark illustration of what living happily ever after may really mean.  I cannot fault the music or the actors’ performances, or even the storyline, so the fault with not enjoying Into the Woods as much as I’d hoped must lie with me alone.  I wanted more lighthearted entertainment for Christmas.

Have you seen Into the Woods?  What did you think about the movie? Would I have enjoyed it more if I’d seen the stage version first?