Haunted Mansion Playset – Flea Market Treasures

Today’s Saturdays with Nick article features my all time favorite of Nick’s many flea market finds.  As a huge Haunted Mansion fan, I confess I’m positively Goofy-hat-green with envy over this incredible discovery!

Haunted Mansion Playset – Flea Market Treasures

By Nick

Walking around the Columbus New Jersey Flea Market back in April, I stopped by a friend’s table to say hello, and saw this Haunted Mansion Monorail Playset.

I confess, I didn’t have a clue as to how much this set went for originally, or how much it was worth, but I of course asked how much. The Haunted Mansion is my favorite ride at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

When she told me $5, I was very pleasantly surprised.

There are some fun accessories, including the Hitchhiking Ghosts.

Out of the box.

It opens from the back.

The stairs swing out revealing more of the interior.

A  lot from the ride is represented including the floating instruments and the dining room.

The organ, floating candelabra, and portrait gallery.
The library,  the changing portrait of Master Gracey, and a view of the cemetery from above.
The accessories in addition to the Hitchiking Ghosts include the creepy chair, clock, and Madame Leota’s crystal ball.
If all that awesomeness wasn’t enough, it also has flashing lights and sound!
All in all, a really great collectible and one of my best ever flea market finds.