Disney-Pixar Eve and Wall-E Figures

Disney-Pixar Eve and Wall-E Figures

By Nick

These Wall-E and EVE figures may be small, measuring around 2″, but what they lack in size, they make up for in personality.

With almost no dialogue, the characters Wall-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter – Earth Class) and EVE (Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator) convey more emotion than some actors and actresses.

Here is EVE showing her lighting skills. Clearly, because of the greenery, this is after the revegetation of Earth has begun.


Here Wall-E is dancing while listening to show tunes. If you are wondering what the little illustration is on his lunchbox, that is his cockroach friend, Hal. Now, I have a total phobia of cockroaches, but not this one, so that proves how much I love this movie.


Made by Thinkway Toys for Disney Pixar.


As I’ve previously mentioned, Wall-E is one of my favorite movies. Hmm, maybe Hal is a water beetle, now that I think of it! Even better!

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Voices of Disney – Happy Birthday John Ratzenberger

Disney-Pixar MoviesEvery time I watch a Disney-Pixar movie and I hear John Ratzenberger’s voice, I still think, “Hey!  Cliff Clavin!”.  I was an avid Cheers fan during the show’s 11-season run on TV (1982-1993) and the show just wouldn’t have been the same without Cliff Clavin – the fact-obsessed, lovably-irritating-know-it-all postal worker.  While the character of Cliff Clavin is how I became a huge fan, John Ratzenberger’s distinctive voice has been adding fun to Disney-Pixar movies from the first.

Since today is John Ratzenberger’s birthday (born April 6, 1947), it’s the perfect opportunity to offer a salute to Mr. Ratzenberger’s contribution to some of the very best, most entertaining movies of all time.

Thank you, John Ratzenberger for these memorable characters:

Toy Story – all three movies:  the voice of Hamm the Piggy Bank.  “Pardon me. I hate to break up the staff meeting, but… they’re here! Birthday guests at three o’clock!” – Hamm, Toy Story

A Bug’s Life – P. T. Flea – the harried, stressed out circus leader.  ” [singing] I’m gonna be rich, rich, rich I’m gonna be rich, rich, rich I’m gonna be the richest flea in the land, ka-ching! The streets will be paved with golden retrievers...” – P. T. Flea

Monsters, Inc. – The Abominable Snowman / Yeti.  “Wasteland? I think you mean “Wonderland”! I mean, how about all this fabulous snow, huh? Oh, and wait until you see the local village, cutest thing in the world. I haven’t mentioned all the free yak’s milk.”

Finding Nemo – The School of Moonfish – that school of fish that stops to help Dory with directions and forms shapes in answer to her questions.  “Hey, hey! You like impressions?” – School of fish

The Incredibles – The Underminer (villain that arrives from underground at the very end of the movie).  “Behold, the Underminer! I’m always beneath you, but nothing is beneath me! I hereby declare war on peace and happiness! Soon, all will tremble before me!” – The UnderminerHamm the Pig in Toy Story

Cars (both) – Mack the Truck – Lightning McQueen’s transportation.  “California, here we come!” – Mac

Ratatouille – Mustafa the waiter –  “It was not a customer. It was a critic…  …She likes the soup.” – Mustafa

WALL-E – John – “Hey… I know that guy! It’s uh, uh… WALL-E! That’s it! Hey – WALL-E! It’s your buddy John!”

Up – Tom the construction worker – “Well just to let you know, my boss would be happy to take this old place off your hands, and for double his last offer. Whaddya say to that?” – Construction Foreman Tom

Brave – Gordon the Guard – I’m sorry I have not quote for this character, but a trivia tidbit instead:  Many people had a hard time finding John Ratzenberger in Brave because the character spoke with a Scottish accent!

Happy Birthday, Mr. Ratzenberger – I can’t wait to see what you surprise us with next!

What’s your favorite Disney-Pixar character voiced by John Ratzenberger?