Disney Parks – Smoking, Strollers & Ice – The Outrage

Walt Disney World Summer Crowd

If you follow any Disney-related social media folks, you’ve surely seen this article and/or the associated outrage. Personally, I’m struggling to come up with any negative feelings about this latest series of Disney park announcements and believe me, I’m trying to see these changes from every possible view. Let’s take a closer look at the news and my estimates on the outrage level for each…

Disney Parks – Smoking, Strollers & Ice – The Outrage

Smoking (14% Outrage / 86% Support)

As smokers and non-smokers on social media weigh in, I see a few negative comments. My favorite of these: “Disney just alienated half their fan base” and “No more family vacations!” One smoker observed, “With as much money as I pay to get in those parks, I shouldn’t have to waste all my time leaving and returning just to have a smoke!” I’m actually sympathetic to that person as the smoking areas have never bothered me. Since smokers in the US make up just 14% of all adults (according to the CDC’s 2017 data), Disney isn’t worried about any attendance-related impact from banning in-park smoking. Unlike alcohol, Disney doesn’t make any money from smoking, so there’s that. The Twitter and Facebook comments I’ve seen have been overwhelmingly in favor of the US Disney parks smoking ban, with “It’s about time!” seeming to be the most popular sentiment.

Strollers (25% Outrage / 75% Support)

Honestly, who hasn’t been rammed by a giant, hard-to-steer stroller in a Disney park? It’s such a common occurrence, frequent Disney park visitors joke about it all the time. Add in those space-hogging wagon strollers and park walkways become increasingly traffic-jammed and hazardous. One problem I’ve noticed is that popular large rental strollers don’t have the familiar handling of one’s own stroller and learning to maneuver this new vehicle seems to take some time for many people. Also, those giant strollers on the Monorail were getting ridiculous. I’m in favor of this change, but also sympathetic to people who’s children have special circumstances (asthma, for example) and need a mobile resting place. Most of the complaints on social media are in the “what will we use now?” category. Excellent article here for help.

Loose and Dry Ice (100% Confusion)

I haven’t found anyone who can tell me what horrors must have occurred with loose or dry ice to get them banned in Disney parks, but I’d like to know! I’ve never taken perishable food into a park and fortunately have had no need to keep any medicine cold. If you know what’s up with this, please post a comment! (Reusable ice packs are still allowed.)

So…no smoking, no giant strollers or wagons, no loose or dry ice. I can’t even tell you how much of my Twitter and Facebook feeds have been taken up with this particular news over the past several days! Personally, I think it’s going to be okay. How about you?