More Disney Cruise Stateroom Door Décor

A long time ago I wrote this post about making stateroom door magnets for your first Disney cruise.  There’s not much to it, but that post has been one of the most viewed I’ve ever written.  Time for a do-over with more pictures this time.  Earlier today, I was once again putting together some door magnets for our upcoming Disney cruise so I thought I’d share more tips for making door décor.  If you’d rather watch than read or if you require a few more details than I’m including in this post, watch the video version of this tutorial here.

More Disney Cruise Stateroom Door Décor

If you’ve never taken a Disney cruise before, you should know that it’s a pretty common thing to decorate your stateroom door.  You’ll feel left out if you don’t.  You’ll also feel lost.  Long, LONG hallways of nothing but identical stateroom doors – your family members had better be great at memorizing your room number, because all the staterooms look exactly alike from the outside. Unless you make yours unique by decorating it with your own personal touch.  Decorations must be family-friendly and affixed to the door by magnets only (no adhesive allowed).Cruise Door Magnets

You’ll need:

  • Magnetic printer paper
  • Magnetic tape (or peel-and-stick flat magnets)
  • Foam Sheets
  • Scrapbooking (or other) themed stickers of your choice
  • Stick-on Letters
  • Stateroom Mickey Ears template (see below)
  • Printed photos of your choiceMagnets for Door Decorations Scrapbook Supplies for Door Magnets Letters for Door MagnetsFoam Sheets for Door Magnets

For small door magnets:  I start by cutting some shapes out of the foam sheets to use as backgrounds and embellish those with the scrapbooking stickers.  Then I cut pieces of self-stick magnet and put those on the reverse side.  That’s IT!  Add letters if you want and you’ll have some personalized magnets you can put up once or change out every day if you like.Magic in Norway Magnet

For Mickey Ears (around the room number medallion on the door) – Follow the link at the bottom of this post to browse the fantastic selection of ear templates.  Save and print your favorite set(s) of ears on magnetic printer paper then carefully (I’m scissor-challenged!) cut out the shapes and you’ll have another adorable addition to your door!Viking Hat Door Magnet

For large magnets – print big pictures on photo paper or magnetic printer paper.  If you print on the magnetic paper, you’re finished.  If you print as pictures, glue them on a foam sheet background (or a piece of cardboard) for stability, add some stick-on magnets to the back.  You are now ready to set sail with a very attractive (and easy to spot) stateroom door.Norway Cruise Door Magnet

Have you made magnets for your Disney Cruise Line stateroom?  Please share your pictures over at Living a Disney Life on Facebook!  I would love to see some new ideas!!!

Template For Stateroom Mickey Ears: – Stateroom Mickey Ears and Then Some.VikiingPRINTABLE




First Disney Cruise? This One’s for YOU – Door Décor!

IMG_0605If you are preparing to set sail on your first Disney Cruise, there are two things you need to know about:  Door Décor and Fish Extenders.  Once you know about them, your participation is purely optional, but they’re both a great way to add a little extra fun to your Disney Cruise experience.

Today I’ll cover Door Décor – come back tomorrow for the rest!

Door Décor – I highly recommend this.  Super easy and extremely beneficial!  All you really need to do is bring along a couple of Disney magnets to slap on your stateroom door.  G’head, ask….what?  WHY!?!

Two reasons, #1:  Yeah, think about it, all those doors look just alike…hundreds of them!  Customizing your stateroom entrance for the duration of your stay makes it ever so much easier for kiddos and adults alike to stop in the right place along that looooooong corridor (no need to try so hard to memorize that cabin number!).

Reason #2:  This is a fun and creative way to show your love for Disney with a minimum investment.  I make my decorations at home by buying some Disney scrapbooking supplies – some things I arrange on colored paper before I put some magnets on the back (buy a self-sticking roll of magnetic “tape” and cut it as you need it).  Some things are great just as they are, just slap a piece of magnet on the back and VOILA!  Custom Disney Door Décor.  Be as simple or as fancy as you like, but really, you’re going to feel sad (guilty even) when you see all those cool doors aIMG_2059nd yours is blank.  Note:  magnets are the only way to go as Disney Cruise Line will not allow you to use tape on the doors.

On our last Disney cruise, I made a new decoration for each cruise port and changed them out as we sailed along.  I’m an amature when it comes to door decorating – some people have the most amazing, personalized, laminated, professionally crafted stuff on those doors!  Don’t be intimidated!!!  Do as much or as little as you care to do – just do it.  Because I said so.  And also because when your kids are running down the corridor and always know which door is yours, you’ll thank me.

Link to Fish Extender Information