Disney Hallmark Ornaments – Downhill Dashin’

If you haven’t started your holiday decorating yet, it will soon be time!  We may have tons of Disney decorations at our house, but we don’t have a fraction of what Nick and Barbie use to deck their halls.  Seriously, their Disney Christmas collection is amazing!  This week and next we get to see one of my favorite ornament sets from their holiday treasures.  Enjoy!

Disney Hallmark Ornaments – Downhill Dashin’

By Nick

These 2 Disney ornaments were released by Hallmark in 2012

They are part of a set of ornaments featuring the Fab Five, titled “Ready! Set! Snow!”,  that were released from their premiere weekend in July, through November 2nd.

First up we have Downhill-Dashin’ Mickey. I am not exactly sure what happened to the box, but it got crushed somehow!

This ornament has a notch to connect other ornaments in the set.

From the box:

Downhill-Dashin’ Mickey

Ready! Set! Snow!

Mickey loves to race the sled
through snow and ice and slush.
And when he wants more speed,
he simply hollers, “Pluto, mush!”

This ornament can be connected to others in the “Ready! Set! Snow!” collection. Collect them all to create a delightful holiday display!

Nello Williams
Cullen Brown
Hallmark Keepsake Artist

Next up, we have Sled-Pullin’ Pluto.
A string, er, rope is attached, for Mickey to grab, while Pluto does the heavy lifting!

From the box:

Sled-Pullin’ Pluto

Ready! Set! Snow!

Sledding is always fun to do
with Pluto for a guide-
when Mickey and the gang climb on,
he’ll take them for a ride!

Next Saturday, we’ll take a look at the rest of the set.

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Vintage Vinyl – Disney’s Christmas Surprises

This week’s installment of “Saturday’s With Nick” details a great Disney holiday album.  As a side note – he may claim he doesn’t know where the album came from, but I know it was a gift to Nick from his wife, Barbie.  (Nick ought to do a better job of remembering important details like that or Santa might just decide to bring him a lump of coal instead of Disney gifts!)

Vintage Vinyl:  Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse Christmas Surprises LP Album

By: Nick

I’ve no idea where I picked up this Mickey Mouse Christmas Surprises record album, but it’s in pretty good shape. An “Official Mickey Mouse Club” Disneyland Record from 1958.

If the terrific illustration on the cover isn’t enough to grab your attention, I don’t know what is!
Who knew Bambi could fly?! That’s a surprise.

What are other surprises does this record hold?
Other surprises are how unusual the song selections are on this collection.

Side one:

1. From All Of Us to All of You Jiminy Cricket & Mickey Mouse

This is one of my favorite Christmas songs. Ever. So great start!

2. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing, O Little Town of Bethlehem, O Come All Ye FaithfulLudwig Mousensky & The All Mouse Choir

Then it gets weird. This is an odd one. Very Chipmunk, but not as charming or coherent.

3. T’was the Night Before Christmas Jiminy Cricket

Back on track, one of my favorite stories told by one of my favorite characters

4. Fantasyland, Story Book TreeCamarta Chorus & Orchestra

So sweet, your teeth may hurt after listening.

5. Winter Wonderland Instrumental by Ludwig Mousensky & The All Mouse Symphony

Tolerable instrumental

Side 2:

6. Jingle BellsLudwig Mousensky & The All Mouse Choir

Essentially, the Chipmunks singing Jingle Bells. I like it!

7. Adventureland, Jungle TreeCamarta Chorus & Orchestra

If you are familiar with the Enchanted Tiki Room, this seems to be the same group of singers singing about finding the Christmas tree for, or maybe in, Adventureland. Very unusual, and the lyrics are a bit difficult to follow, so I always lose the thread of the story midway through.

8. Jingle BonesWitches 3 and Friends

I’m a fan of Hallowthanksmas, but this Halloween/Christmas mash-up is too much for even me. Just straight up trippy.

9. Kris Kringle Jimmy Cricket

I really enjoy this one. It makes me wish they’d just released a full album of Jiminy Cricket doing Christmas Carols

10. Tomorrowland, Futuristic Christmas TreeCamarta Chorus & Orchestra

A standard that takes a weird and incomprehensible turn in the middle.

This album is a surprisingly bipolar collection of songs, but worth a listen if you come across it for a reasonable price. And if you have a turntable, of course!

Collecting Disney Christmas Ornaments

RM-Christmas-Tree-2014If you follow Living a Disney Life on Facebook, you may have noticed I’ve been trying to post an ornament a day from our Disney-themed Christmas tree.  I’ve really been enjoying picking an ornament to feature each day and remembering where and when each ornament was purchased (or made).  There’s the ornament we bought on our 2011 Alaskan cruise on the Disney Wonder, the ones we got to remember our Disney World vacations, the new one Raymond picket out this year to commemorate our Anniversary trip, and the ornaments of some of our favorite Disney movie characters.RM-Disney-Alaskan-Cruise-Ornament RM-Mickey-Ear-Ornament-Dated-2014 RM-Baymax-OrnamentWhile I can’t remember the exact year every ornament was purchased, there are a few that I know exactly when we got them and who picked them out.

Back before Joseph was born when Megan was an only child, we started a Christmas tradition that has meant a lot to me over the years.  Back in the early 1990’s our local mall had a temporary Christmas shop that would open every year in the fall and had an astounding selection of ornaments.  We would visit that shop and allow Megan to choose an ornament every year.RM-Mickey-Heart-Ornament-Front RM-Mickey-Heart-Ornament-BackWe’d write her name and the year on the back or bottom of the ornament with the plan to give her those ornaments for her own tree when she grew up.RM-Little-Mermaid-Ornament-Front RM-Little-Mermaid-Ornament-Back

Only now I don’t want to.  Give them away, I mean.  I feel selfish, but if Megan doesn’t actually remember the plan, she won’t realize those ornaments were intended to be hers, right?  She’ll think they were labeled for nostalgic purposes and I’ll be off the hook.  Maybe, since she doesn’t have a Disney-themed tree, she’ll want those ornaments to stay at our house so when she has children of her own, they can see the ornaments she picked out as a child when they visit their grandparents’ house!  Yes, that sounds like a great plan!  You understand, don’t you?RM-Pocahontas-John-Smith-Ornament-Front RM-Pocahontas-John-Smith-Ornament-BackWhen I see those ornaments, I can so clearly remember what my little girl was like.  Born during the Disney Renaissance, Megan had a love for characters like Ariel, Belle, Jasmine and Megara.  In fact, there was a certain Pocahontas costume that was worn nearly every day until it became too small.  She was a sweet, precious, easy-going child who has become an amazing, happy, lovely adult.  I’m attached to those ornaments and the memories they represent!

Do you collect Disney ornaments?  What would you do in my predicament?  Would you keep the ornaments or pass them on to their rightful owner?



DIY Disney Christmas Tree Topper

RM-Christmas-Top-HatIt’s been long time since I’ve worked on a Disney craft project.  This one was not even planned, but happened mostly by accident.  Raymond and I were out supporting our local merchants on Small Business Saturday and we happened to be in a fantastic home décor and accessory store that always has the most amazing Christmas decorations!  We were there for just a quick stop to pick up a couple of ornaments for gifts and grab some extra ribbon and deco mesh (you can never have too much deco mesh, right?).

As we were making our way to the checkout counter, I stopped dead in my tracks, having spotted something unexpected and adorable!  I spied a small black felt top hat, decorated festively for the holidays.  As usual, I immediately said what I was thinking, “Hey!  I could put ears on this!” and Raymond, in his usual way, replied, “You could.”  Enough chitchat.  New item added to the armfuls we were carrying, we made for the cash register.

By the time we got home, I had formulated a plan for that little top hat’s transformation into a Disney-themed tree topper.  All I needed was to make use of Raymond’s mad skills with powerRM-Christmas-Ornament-Piece tools.  I handed him a large, sparkly, black shatter-proof ornament left over from the Halloween wreath project and told him to make me a couple of ears from it.  Because I love him, I did remember to yell, “Don’t forget protective eye wear!” as he headed outside to his shop.  I wish I could show and tell you exactly how Raymond managed to slice two perfect ears out of that one ornament, but I didn’t see what he did.  I will tell you it involved something called a die grinder, but I have no idea what that is or does.  If you decide to slice up a plastic ornament, I imagine a saw of some sort would also work.

Now, I knew that if I just glued those ears onto the hat, there would be a big gap between each ear, the hat, and the hat’s brim.  I was trying to figure out a way to fill that gap with some black sheet-foam that I had on hand, when Raymond solved the problem for me by cutting the foam into tear-drops that could be used to cover the RM-Christmas-Top-Hat-Ears-Reverseback of each ear and fill in that gap at the same time – I do love that man!  So, I fired up my new glue gun, which gets really super hot in a hurry, and proceeded to glue the backs onto each ear, then glue the ears carefully onto the hat, making sure the corner part of the teardrop filled in the gap between ear, hat, and brim.  I only sustained one glue-burn (on my right pinky), which is actually good – the injury count where hot glue and I are concerned is normally much higher.

So, making the tree topper proved much easier than getting it in a good position at the top of the tree!  I ended up making a spiral wire around the top of the tree to perch the hat securely on, then I used my old tree topper (sprays wired together to mimic Wishes fireworks) to add some festive touches around the hat.  The moral of this story?  Don’t be afraid to try!  When inspiration strikes, go for it.  The hat was $12.99 and for the investment, Raymond’s cutting skills, and one hot glue burn, we got a pretty awesome new Disney decoration for our tree.RM-Christmas-Top-Hat-Finished

Do you have a Disney holiday craft to share?  Let me know and I’ll put your project on our Facebook page!