Merry Christmas Disney Friends!

I hope this post finds you well and full of all the season’s happiness and magic.  You, the friends I’ve made within the Disney fan community, are dear to me in a way I could not have imagined when I started this blog over three years ago.  Some of you are fellow bloggers and podcasters, but all of you are Disney fans like me.  Through social media, I’ve been able to see and hear about the adventures you’ve had on your Disney vacations, I get your take on movies, restaurants, resorts, and Disney news.  We may not always agree on everything, but our friendly discussions are part of the fun.

I started this blog as a way to cope with the major life-changing event of becoming an empty-nester.  I’d spent 23 years raising two amazing people in a home full of near constant activity.  Raymond and I encouraged our kids to pursue their interests and we did our best not to miss a single ballgame, dance recital, taekwondo tournament, or school event.  Suddenly – all of that stopped on a dime.  I wasn’t sure how life would be.  I’d heard horror stories and, while I was pretty certain I wouldn’t be thrown into a midlife crisis over it, I did realize I’d have an awful lot of free time on my hands.

That’s where you guys came in.  Suddenly, I had a community.  It started with Tips from the Disney Diva and Devos where I was fortunate enough to be chosen as a writer and was welcomed by the other writers with open arms.  Then I started Living a Disney Life and poured my love for both Disney and my family into every article.  In 2015, two of the best friends I’d made in the Disney fan community, Nick Maglio and Dave Hodges, were kind enough to team up with me for The Disney Exchange Podcast and they’ve kept me laughing every week for the past two years.  I’ve been blessed in a million ways, great and small, all along the way.

Merry Christmas, Disney Friends!  You’ve given me your friendship, your advice, and your care and concern through the ups and downs of life.  You’ve shared your stories, your vacations, your families, and your hearts with me – all gifts beyond measure.  May the peace and joy of the holiday season be yours and may 2017 be a healthy and prosperous year for you and your family.

All my best…Lisa

Feeling Thankful Disney Style

Castle-PictureThanksgiving is for counting blessings and I’m not sure I can count that high!  Of course I’m thankful for my family and friends, my work-family, and my home and health.  I’m also incredibly thankful for you.  Yes, YOU.  You regular visitors and those of you who stop by from time to time.  Most of you are fellow Disney fans, some are young parents, many are understanding empty-nesters (like me), others are co-mid-life-experiencing people who share in my confusion – how did we get here so quickly?  Where did the time go?

Why do I appreciate you?  That’s easy – Life’s full of ups and downs.  We don’t always know what’s going on with strangers we encounter, often we’re unaware of difficulties and challenges our own acquaintances and casual friends are dealing with.  I’m like you and my life is full of unexpected twists and turns.  Being able to share my little corner of the word and my love for all things Disney with you has been rewarding beyond measure.  Your comments, feedback, kind emails, good-natured debates, and constant support have kept me going during some stressful times over the past two years.  You get me in a way many people, who don’t share our Disney passion, can’t.  For that, and your friendship, I’m indescribably grateful.RM-Mickey-Heart-Ornament-Front

I appreciate the fellow Disney fan bloggers and podcasters who came to my rescue when I was saying goodbye to my mom in June – their support and guest post contributions kept me and this blog going – I’ve said it before and it’s absolutely the truth – the Disney fan community is a loving and caring place to be a part of.IMG_3869

I’m thankful for those of you who lend me your ears – The Disney Exchange Podcast as grown over the past year to encompass a humbling number of regular listeners, Twitter followers, and Facebook friends.  I’m so fortunate to have Nick and Dave to be my friends and co-host the show with me…we talk Disney and have a great time every single week.IMG_2293

Happy Thanksgiving, Disney Friends!  May your blessings be bountiful and your home be filled with love, laughter, and happily ever after…Lisa

Meet My Friend Nick from Disney Musings

RM-Nick-and-Lisa-at-EpcotIf you happened to catch this post about how much I enjoy meeting new and not-so-new friends at Walt Disney World, then you’ve heard me mention my buddy Nick and his wife, Barbie.  Nick and I both are contributing writers at Tips from the Disney Divas and Devos, which is how we met.  Nick and Barbie live in New Jersey and have their own blog called Disney Musings.

One of the things I like about Nick and Disney Musings is that he and I are often of differing opinions on Walt Disney World restaurants and attractions.  It makes for fun debates and good-natured ribbing.  For example, Nick and Barbie consider the Hollywood Brown Derby one of their all-time favorite Disney World restaurants, me?  Not so much.  It’s also great to know, after meeting them, that Barbie and Nick are as kind and fun in person as they seem to be on Disney Musings.  It’s fun reading other Disney fans’ views on various aspects of Disney travel and entertainment.  Disney Musings also has a RM-Barbie-Nick-Lisafew other contributing writers who offer many different perspectives on a huge variety of Disney travel topics – including Walt Disney World, Disneyland and Disney Cruise Line.

Nick and Barbie have some incredible Disney collectibles and amazing Disney Christmas decorations I’d love to show you.  And I will!  Show you, I mean.  Starting next Saturday, I’ll share one of Disney Musings’ blog posts here for you to read each week.  I know you’ll enjoy following along with Nick and Barbie on some of their Disney adventures as much as I do.  Wait until you see some of their awesome Disney Halloween and Pirate Night costumes!

Check back on Saturdays for some extra Disney fun!  If you want to get a jump on exploring all the goings on at Disney Musings, click here.

Like Disney Musings on Facebook here.

Follow Disney Musings on Twitter here and Instagram here.



While I’m at Walt Disney World

Living a Disney LifeIt’s a poor practice to go away and leave things unattended.  There’s risk – it’s not safe.  I care enough about this little Living a Disney Life blog to try to look out for it.  I wouldn’t dream of leaving without making sure the place will be taken care of – Plus, I really care about you guys and I wouldn’t want you to go away empty handed should you happen to stop by while I’m out – you are a great bunch of people – you deserve top shelf reading material!

Keeping all that in mind as The Fam and I pack our bags, fasten on our Magic Bands, and mosey on down to Walt Disney World, I want you to know I’ve invited some friends over to take care of the place while we’re gone – and these are some pretty special friends, too!  While I’m off enjoying a Dole Whip and some churros, riding Expedition Everest and Rock’n’ Roller Coaster, feasting on dinners at Flying Fish and Tutto Italia – I will be leaving your Disney-blog-reading enjoyment in the very capable hands of the following Disney experts:Nick and Barbie - Disney Musings

Nick from Disney Musings Nick and his wife, Barbie are (like most of us) huge fans of all things Disney.  On the Disney Musings blog, Nick, Barbie, and a variety of guests share their Disney travel experiences, tips, reviews and magical memories.  Some of my favorite Disney Musings’ posts are ones where Nick and Barbie let us into their home for glimpses of their amazing collection of Disneyana.  And if it weren’t for Nick, I never would have found Beers and Ears!  Nick is also a contributing writer for Tips from the Disney Diva and Devos.

Heather from Disney for Five+ – One of the things I like most about Heather is that she’s nearly as old as I am and tends to really understand me and all my Disney-ness.  Heather’s blog focuses on tips for taking Disney vacations with large families.  She knows all the best places to stay, eat, and play at Walt Disney World – she posts not only helpful hints and reviews, but also tells great stories.  Speaking of which, Heather also writes books!  You can check out her Amazon author page here.

Rebecca from Disney with Me – Rebecca’s got a sense of humor that just won’t quit and is one of the hardest working people I know.  Like me, Rebecca loves Disney podcasts and is a fellow Muppet fan.  Blog posts on Disney With Me range from podcast reviews to Disney travel advice, reviews of other Disney blogs and more.  Rebecca’s a Disney travel specialist and would be happy (overjoyed, even) to help you plan your next Disney getaway – (see: Fairytale Journeys by Rebecca Kelly on Facebook).

Curtis and Lindsay - Geekin' on WDWCurtis from Geekin’ on WDW Curt and his Daughter, Lindsay, may be the new kids on the Disney Podcast block, but they are seasoned Disney travelers (and DVC members) who love Walt Disney World vacations.  The Geekin’ on WDW Podcast strives to give listeners a way to keep the Disney magic alive between vacations.  Curt and Lindsay share their family’s vacation stories, favorite rides and attractions, most loved restaurants and characters – all wrapped up in charming father/daughter conversations.

See?  I wasn’t kidding, was I.  Besides you, I’ve made some fantastic friends in the Disney community and am over-the-moon excited to have them as guests here while I’m gone.  I’m just sorry I’m going to miss all the fun.  Oh, wait!  I’ll be having a pretty good time myself, won’t I – what’s more fun than a trip to Walt Disney World?  Talk to you when I get back!