Walt Disney Rand McNally Globe

Some things never change – It may be a new year, but I still have the same old envy over yet another item in Nick and Barbie’s Disneyana collection!  Check out this adorable globe and see what I mean…

Walt Disney Rand McNally Globe

By Nick

As a collector, I have a wide range of tastes. As you may know, I collect Disney. I also have collected comic books, Star Wars, and Muppets (before they were Disney). In addition, I have a sizable globe and map collection, reflecting my love of travel. So, put 2 things I love to collect together, and you have a sure fire winner, such as Star Wars and Disney, or Star Wars and Muppets

Another winner is this metal Disney globe. It’s a smaller globe, measuring 10″ from the base.

Brought to us by Walt Disney and Rand McNally.

I’ve dated this globe to the late 1950s. As globes are not dated, you can figure out roughly when they were manufactured by geopolitical names and boundaries. Now, I’m no scholar, as anyone I know will tell you, but this globe also has a couple of clues that helped me reach that conclusion.
First, I know it’s from after 1955 by this wonderful little graphic of Mickey inviting us to “Visit Disneyland and see All your Disney friends like ME.”

Then, the globe also shows Goofy riding a camel across French West Africa, which Wikipedia tells me was a federation that existed from 1895 until 1960. So, It had to be made somewhere between 1955 and 1960.
Best guess.

Mickey points the way, and lets us know “There’s something to learn Wherever you turn.”

Indeed, there are little bits of trivia all around this globe.

The base has some interesting characters, including Willie the Whale from the short cartoon “The Whale Who Wanted to Sing at the Met” from the 1946 “package film” ” Make Mine Music” from 1946.

I thought I’d share a picture of part of my globe collection. There are several more, scattered around the house.


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New Disney Ornaments!

Christmas-Disney-Ornaments-WrappedMaybe it’s been mentioned a time or two, but my favorite Disney collectibles have always been Christmas ornaments.  As souvenirs, I think they’re perfect, so I always make time to carefully select one or two (okay, sometimes more) on every Disney vacation.  This year presented two great opportunities – Walt Disney World in February and cruising on the Disney Magic in Norway in June.

New Disney Ornaments!

When we get home from a Disney trip, I have a tradition of sorts – I put my new ornaments in a drawer with our Disney pin collection so I’ll know right where to find them when it’s time to decorate our Christmas tree.  While the tree hasn’t yet gone up, I pulled my 2015 ornament stash out this evening to inspect our newest treasures and here’s what I found…Christmas-Ornament-Disney-2015

Clearly I didn’t have much time to shop in February!  I selected only three new additions to the collection from Disney’s Days of Christmas in Disney Springs.  The first was to commemorate the year – I love how Mickey’s wearing his sorcerer hat and holding up his Mickey ice cream bar.  I’m sure it was that Mickey bar that sold me on that ornament!  Christmas-Oswald-OrnamentThe second ornament was my favorite of the three – Oswald holding a wreath.  We’re big Oswald fans at our house.  Look at his little face…Isn’t he adorable?  Christmas-Hitchhiking-Ghosts-OrnamentFinally, to go with the Haunted Mansion singing bust ornament set I bought in 2014, I added the Hitchhiking Ghosts.  They’re awesome!

There are ornaments available for purchase aboard Disney cruise ships.  I know this because I’ve bought some in the past.  This cruise, though, I opted for souvenirs from Norway.  Bergen, Norway, to be precise.  When we took our walking tour of the city, our guide mentioned there was a Christmas store conveniently located between the end of the tour and our ship.  Easy, convenient, and irresistible!Christmas-shop-Bergen-Norway

Megan and I each decided Norwegian flag ornaments would be perfect mementos.  Christmas-Ornament-Norwegian-FlagI also found a tiny glass frog prince I couldn’t pass up.  Christmas-Frog-Prince-Ornament-from-NorwayFinally, we purchased a non-ornament.  We bought this funny little figurine.  Partial to pigs, this little pair was impossible to leave behind -so, while not Disney, they came home with us anyway.Christmas-Pig-Norway

Now, assembling the 9-foot tree, fluffing all the branches, making sure the lights are all on, and adding the many layers of decorations is going to be quite the project (as usual)!  I’m motivated, though, to get going, so our newest ornaments can find their place as part of our Disney Christmas collection.

Do you collect Disney Christmas ornaments?  Which are your favorites?  Please share pictures over on the Facebook page.


Christmas With a Hint of Disney

I’m getting a late start with Christmas decorating this year.  I’m not complaining, just stating a fact.  Raymond and I spent our first Thanksgiving without our offspring in Franklin, Tennessee with my family.  I missed the kids, sure, but I made the most of the completely amazing shopping opportunities to be found in this fantastically historic town south of Nashville.  While I was buying Christmas presents, I had two other things on my mind – Disney (it’s always on my mind) and holiday decorating.Christmas-Framed-Picture-Project

At my house, not everything has to be officially Disney to be Disney-esque to me.  Sometimes I like just a sprinkle of pixie dust, the mere hint of Disney will do.  While I was shopping for the people on my Christmas list, I came upon a couple of treasures – I was just checking out when I spied these amazing tiny greeting cards, but the line was so long, I couldn’t give up my place to look closer at what caught my eye.  After checking out I realized the potential of these little gems, but had to leave without them due to time constraints.  I couldn’t stop thinking about them and ended up making time to go back to get them the next day.Christmas-Frog-Prince

Greeting cards, they were, but subtle, adorable, and very well-done – not your run of the mill cards.  Two of them had that Disney-ish charm.  They were prints of a frog prince and a fork.  The first reminding me of Tiana and her Prince Naveen in The Princess and the Frog.  The second reminiscent of Beauty and the Beast’s Be Our Guest song – “No one’s gloomy or complaining while the flatware’s entertaining!” I had big plans for these small pictures!Christmas-Flatware-Picture-Project

Today at lunchtime, I struck out for my favorite craft store – boy oh, boy, was that place crowded!  I headed straight for the framing section to pick up some mats to make the little cards look more like pieces of art.  Then I made my way to the picture frames where, JOY! Everything was half-off.  After spending more time in line than I did shopping, I was out the door.Christmas-Framed-Picture-Project-Mat

As soon as supper was over, I put together my little works of art and officially have my first Christmas decorations of the year on display!  Cute, no?Christmas-Frog-Prince-Framed Christmas-Flatware-Framed-Picture

The cards by TokyoMilk can be found online here.

Have you started decorating?  What kinds of things remind you of Disney?

Feeling Thankful Disney Style

Castle-PictureThanksgiving is for counting blessings and I’m not sure I can count that high!  Of course I’m thankful for my family and friends, my work-family, and my home and health.  I’m also incredibly thankful for you.  Yes, YOU.  You regular visitors and those of you who stop by from time to time.  Most of you are fellow Disney fans, some are young parents, many are understanding empty-nesters (like me), others are co-mid-life-experiencing people who share in my confusion – how did we get here so quickly?  Where did the time go?

Why do I appreciate you?  That’s easy – Life’s full of ups and downs.  We don’t always know what’s going on with strangers we encounter, often we’re unaware of difficulties and challenges our own acquaintances and casual friends are dealing with.  I’m like you and my life is full of unexpected twists and turns.  Being able to share my little corner of the word and my love for all things Disney with you has been rewarding beyond measure.  Your comments, feedback, kind emails, good-natured debates, and constant support have kept me going during some stressful times over the past two years.  You get me in a way many people, who don’t share our Disney passion, can’t.  For that, and your friendship, I’m indescribably grateful.RM-Mickey-Heart-Ornament-Front

I appreciate the fellow Disney fan bloggers and podcasters who came to my rescue when I was saying goodbye to my mom in June – their support and guest post contributions kept me and this blog going – I’ve said it before and it’s absolutely the truth – the Disney fan community is a loving and caring place to be a part of.IMG_3869

I’m thankful for those of you who lend me your ears – The Disney Exchange Podcast as grown over the past year to encompass a humbling number of regular listeners, Twitter followers, and Facebook friends.  I’m so fortunate to have Nick and Dave to be my friends and co-host the show with me…we talk Disney and have a great time every single week.IMG_2293

Happy Thanksgiving, Disney Friends!  May your blessings be bountiful and your home be filled with love, laughter, and happily ever after…Lisa