Tiffins – Disney Park Signature Dining Perfection

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is immersive, exquisitely themed, and carries guest away on exotic adventures.  For visitors looking for a signature dining experience that perfectly reflects the park’s theming, Tiffin’s is the place!

Tiffins – Disney Park Signature Dining Perfection

My favorite attraction in Animal Kingdom may be in Asia (Expedition Everest), but my favorite section of the park is Africa.  From the Dawa Bar and Burudika Band to the Harambe Market, Festival of the Lion King, and the Gorilla Falls trail…Every square inch of Africa is amazing!  I have yet to visit when I didn’t see several things I’d never noticed before.  On the last visit, we were serenaded by a wandering musician…what a unique and unforgettable experience!dak-musician

When the opening of Tiffins was announced, we knew we had to try it.  We love adventure in both vacation activities and dining.  By all accounts from the early Tiffins reviews, the experience sounded both exotic and delicious.  (This is probably not the best restaurant for picky eaters.)tiffins-sign

We booked an early dinner for seven to cap off a full day of Animal Kingdom touring.  The exterior of Tiffins blends well into its surroundings.  When we walked in, it was obvious that the carefully crafted details outside the building were magnified on the inside.  The most meticulous care went into making the restaurant’s interior feel uniquely special and perfect for its location.

What we liked – Everything!  The service (ask for Kile!), the ambiance, the food, the wine…every detail was fantastic.  Kile, our server, was passionate about Tiffins and was happy to share details with us about everything from the artwork on each wall to the flavors in the menu’s dishes.  tiffins-rivers-of-light-wallNotice the colorful fabric behind the lighted animal figures (just like the floats in Rivers of Light!)?  Those fabric pieces were once Animal Kingdom Cast Member costumes.  tiffins-interior-wall-detailSee the wooden poles?  tiffins-wood-carvingsThey are covered in carvings of a multitude of different animals – these very same poles were once painted bright blue and stood in Camp Minnie-Mickey.tiffins-menu

What we didn’t like – Nothing.  We loved everything about Tiffins…it was us we didn’t like.  This restaurant is special and we felt a little soggy and grimy after being in the park all day and maneuvering through an afternoon downpour.  We were a ragtag bunch eating in a very nice place.  Luckily, that’s to be expected with any in-park dining, so while we wished we’d been a bit more presentable, we enjoyed an excellent meal just the same.tiffins-soup tiffins-octopus-appetizertiffins-beef-entree

What would get us back – Time and budget.  Signature dining = expensive meal, so we’d need to plan accordingly.  Also, we’d want to book a meal at Tiffins during a day we were already planning to be in Animal Kingdom.  Unlike signature restaurants on the monorail loop or at resorts in or near Epcot, the Animal Kingdom park is pretty far away from where we usually stay.  It’s not someplace we would visit just for a meal.  All that being said, we do already have anther reservation at Tiffins in about a month.  Our first impression was great and there are many things on the menu we’d still like to try.

If you’re an adventurous eater and you love Disney signature dining, Tiffins is a solid choice for a unique and special experience.  Have you tried Tiffins?  How was your meal there?

Disney Dining: Yak and Yeti at Animal Kingdom

Welcome to “Saturdays with Nick”!  Today Nick (and Barbie) take us inside one of the most well-themed restaurants in Disney World – Animal Kingdom’s Yak and Yeti!  I’ve never been inside this restaurant…well, until now and thanks to this article, I cannot wait to give it a try in person!

Disney Dining: Yak and Yeti at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

By: Nick

Located in Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s Asia section is perhaps one of the most beautifully themed restaurants in all of Walt Disney World, Yak & Yeti.

As with almost everything in WDW, there is a back story.
Yak & Yeti is a house owned by a wealthy merchant who has fallen on hard times. To supplement his income, he has converted his home into an establishment that well-to-do travelers might seek out in India. It is filled with items collected by the owner and his family on their travels throughout Southeast Asia.

You can spend plenty of time just looking at all the incredible items scattered throughout.

My favorite dining area is on the second floor. We request a table by the window overlooking the courtyard, making it a great place to people watch as you enjoy your meal.

My wife and I ate here during it’s opening week in 2007, and the food quality has not slipped a bit in the ensuing years.

On our most recent trip, my wife and I both ordered the same dish, the Chicken Lo Mein – Lo mein noodles, carrots, cabbage, green onions and bean sprouts. Served with chicken $17.99.

Yes, you can get Chicken Lo Mein at any Chinese restaurant, but this is the best either of us has ever had! Perfectly cooked chicken, noodles and vegetables. I could go for some right now!

On past trips we’ve had the Baby Back Ribs – slow-roasted ribs, hoisin BBQ sauce, chicken fried rice, sweet chili slaw: $25.99.

The ribs are very tender, and the spice tangy, but by no means overwhelming. The fried rice is amazing.

Crispy Mahi Mahi – filet of mahi mahi, Japanese bread crumbs, Cantonese sweet and sour sauce, jasmine rice, stir-fried vegetables: $23.99.

The mahi mahi is crispy on the outside, yet light, flaky and juicy inside. The chili sauce is lightly spicy and the vegetables are always fresh.

Duck with Anandapur Glaze – roasted half duckling, orange wasabi glaze, jasmine rice, stir-fried vegetables: $23.99.

The duck was delicious, and the sauce a perfect compliment.

Yak & Yeti is owned by Landry’s Inc., which also owns the Rainforest Cafe and T-Rex Restaurants located at Walt Disney World, and they do not accept the Tables in Wonderland Card, but do give a 10% to Disney Vacation Club (DVC) members at lunch and dinner.

Have you eaten at Yak and Yeti?  What did you think about this unique restaurant?