Still Loving Expedition Everest

RM-Expedition-EverestStill Loving Expedition Everest

In the early days of this blog, I waxed poetic about my favorite Disney World attraction, Expedition Everest.  Now, a couple of years later, I’m reevaluating my attraction rankings.  I’ve changed my mind about the Country Bears over time (I love them now!), I’m still anti-Stitch’s Great Escape, and my favorite Walt Disney World attraction is….still Expedition Everest.

So many to choose from, so many fantastic, amazing experiences…EE (as I like to call it) edges out all competition in my mind for a few simple reasons:

  1.  The Location!  Biggest and bad-est thrill ride in Animal Kingdom.  EE’s got a great lead-up going for it.  Like walking down Sunset Boulevard towards the Tower of Terror in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the approach to Everest is full of interesting and amazing, well-themed atmosphere.  There’s a tendency to rush to this attraction.  You’ll see folks bookin’ it and you’ll want to get swept up in the excitement.  Resist it, friend, take your time on the approach.  It’s worth it.  Especially if you’ll be heading for the stand-by line.RM-Expedition-Everest-Sign
  2. The Queue!  There are some absolutely amazing waits in the World, but nothing beats the queue for Expedition Everest.  It’s interesting, mood-setting, and so heavily detailed you would swear you’re in both a yeti museum and a Yeti-hunting outfitters.  If you see me in this line, please don’t rush me.  I like to take my time.RM-Expedition-Everest-Queue-Statue
  3. The Anticipation!  You’ll weave your way in and out of all the amazing displays while you wait in line.  During this time, you’ll see and hear the tea-trains heading up (and down) the Forbidden Mountain.  Excitement builds.  By the time you board the train yourself, you are SO excited, you can hardly believe it!  (Or maybe it’s just me.  Holler at me in the comments if you are completely unmoved by the build up to this ride!)RM-Expedition-Everest-Yeti-Museum
  4. The Broken Yeti!  Oh, sure, the whiners and haters are gonna hate.  The Yeti used to be both more visible and more active.  His/her dreadlocks were spectacularly displayed as a gigantic simian arm took a swipe at you as you passed by.  Now we have Disco Yeti and I don’t care.  I may fondly recall the early days when the original Yeti was visible, but now?  Disco Yeti has grown a cult following of epic proportions.  Fix it now and I predict much protesting will ensue.RM-Expedition-Everest-Tea-Train
  5. The (I can’t believe I’m going to say this) Gift Shop!  It’s one of the best.  The unique merchandise and fun atmosphere make this one hard to pass through without browsing at least a little bit.  I especially like the tee-shirts here and find a great selection for tweens and teens looking for the perfect souvenir.

EE fans!!!  Who’s with me?  What do you love most about the best Walt Disney World attraction?!?!?!?!