Saying Farewell to the Osborne Lights

Osborne Lights GlobeWe set aside the entire day on December 27th (2015) to spend at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  Sure, we were there to enjoy our favorite Studios’ attractions and we wanted to check out the new Star Wars Launch Bay, but mostly we wanted to pay our respects to the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights.  After a successful 20 year run as one of the most beloved Christmas traditions at Walt Disney World, the lights will be turned off for good on January 6, 2016.

Saying Farewell to the Osborne Lights

We wanted to spend time strolling the Streets of America where the Osborne Lights are displayed – both during the daytime and at night.  The lights are spectacular when they’re on, but during the daylight hours, there’s also a certain charm – a special atmosphere – when the lights are off, the sun is shining, and the streets are mainly deserted.DHS-Olaf DHS-Roger-Rabbit-Christmas

We arrived at 7:30 for the 8:00 am scheduled park opening.  We managed to knock a couple of attractions off our to-do list and grab a bite at Starring Rolls before we made our way to the quiet Streets of America.  The day was gloriously sunny and warm – not Christmas-ish at all, which made the setting seem almost surreal in both its quiet abandonment and seasonal spirit.DHS-Minnie-Mickey-PicnicDHS - Christmas Dalmations DHS-Flying Goofy

We knew that a million tiny details that were so obvious during the day would all but disappear at night as the lights would shine and blink with the music and as “snow” fell on guests packed tightly in the streets to see the spectacle for the last time.DHS - I'm the baby!DHS-Christmas-Stitch DHS-China Bowl-WindowDHS-Mr-Gold'sWhat fun it was to be all alone on the Streets of America during one of the busiest weeks of the year at Walt Disney World!  We took our time and soaked up the wonderful surprises hidden all around.  After we’d seen what we could and used all our FastPasses (plus a few extra attractions), we headed to Epcot for a pre-dinner stroll around World Showcase.  We ate at the Dolphin’s Blue Zoo that evening – after which we caught a bus back to the Studios for the big show.

Now we had lots of company on those same previously-empty streets!  The place was packed and the displays and details we had admired by day took on a completely different look at night.DHS-Osborne-Lights-Dalmations DHS-Osborne-Lights-Goofy-FlyingDHS-Osborne-Lights-Olaf DHS-Osborne-Lights-Baby

DHS-Osborne-Lights-Mr-Gold'sThe music was wonderful!  The lights were as special and spectacular as could possibly be imagined.  As an added bit of fun, we moved as quickly as we could through the hustle and bustle to spy as many Mickeys (and Minnies) as we could before we called it a night.DHS-Osborne-Lights-Minnie DHS-Osborne-Lights-Mickey DHS-Osborne-Lights-Green-MickeyWill the Osborne Lights be missed?  You betcha!  At the same time, we are anticipating the many new and exciting experiences to come after all the changes are complete at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (or whatever the park may be named in the future).

Were you a fan of the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights?  What did you love most about this incredible and unique experience?

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  1. 20 year passholder right told the wife we would go see the LIGHTS wed eveing of our last day of our trip . it was as if all of greater Orlando was there . so bad the bus driver got out of line at the light an took a different street to get us there . hot , humid , sadly was not what we were hoping for . but at least we got to see them dinner at 50s prime time café perked us up . im going to miss you OSBORNE LIGHTS, XMAS OVERLAY COUNTRYBEAR JAMBREAREE , THE XMAS LIGHTS @ EPCOT THAT WERE ON THE MAIN WALKWAY TO WORLD SHOWCASE.

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