Disney’s Animal Kingdom – Gorilla Falls

Gorilla at Disney's Animal KingdomIt was Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail for just three months after Animal Kingdom first opened.  Then Gorilla Falls became the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail.  Now, after 18 years, the trail’s name has been changed back to the original. No matter what you call it, this is an awesome place to explore in the Africa section of the park.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom – Gorilla Falls

I could give you all the reasons there are out there for all the name switching, but none of that matters.  What’s important about this particular trail is that it is fantastic and deserving of a solid slot in your Animal Kingdom (full day!) touring plans. (AND the gorillas are wonderful!)  RM-Pangani-ForestIt seems to me that a lot of people will, if they go on the trail at all, squeeze it in between Kilimanjaro Safaris and whatever’s up next on their FastPass+ schedule.  Rushing through this collection of animals, precisely crafted atmosphere, and information is not advised! You need to allow ample time (I prefer early in the day) to make the most of this opportunity.  The Safari is great, but the trails are where you can take as much time as you like to watch and learn (and photograph!) Animal Kingdom’s animals.Hippos at Disney's Animal Kingdom

What do I love about Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail?  I’m glad you asked!  Like so many other Disney experiences, it’s not one thing alone, but rather the individual parts coming together to make the whole so wonderful!  Underwater hippo viewing, naked mole rats, meerkats, not one, but two separate gorilla viewing areas and so much more!Gorilla-Mother-and-Baby Gorilla at Animal Kingdom WDW RM-Gorilla-and-Baby-in-Grass

Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail is themed around animal conservation and research, so there’s a ton of interesting information all around (animal list, exhibit details and full backstory here).  The research building is packed with details and fun opportunities for further exploration – open drawers, look around, check out the minutiae of the carefully designed Disney details.  Cast Members are always available to answer questions or provide fun facts about the animals along the way.RM-Meerkat-Feast

Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail is a must-see for me every time I visit Animal Kingdom.  What’s your favorite part of this experience?

3 thoughts on “Disney’s Animal Kingdom – Gorilla Falls

  1. whenever there are youngsters about it is amazing to watch the silverbacks . if they are misbehaving all it takes is one look from the alpha male and they stop & calm down .

  2. I agree – this is a VERY worthwhile exhibit/attraction. I love to go later in the day (5pm-ish) but sometimes miss the silverbacks. I will try first thing in the morning next time I’m lucky enough to be there. The hippos sometimes swim right by the glass and it is so amazing to watch them. I LOVE AK and I love Pangani/Gorilla Falss♥

    • Thanks so much for reading & commenting, Liz! Those swimming hippos crack me up. The silverbacks are awesome! Sometimes they are very active and we’ve even seen one with a metal bowl using it to get a drink of water.

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