Disney Resolutions – 2016 Version

Polynesian-Villa-Fireworks-New-YearIf you’ve been hanging around here a while then you know I’m not big on life-changing New Year’s Resolutions.  I don’t believe in trying to change yourself, your life, or your habits anytime other than when you’re ready to embrace change.  Nike’s motto “Just Do It” perfectly sums up how I feel about change.  If you want to lose weight, quit smoking, relax more, be angry less, do more or less of anything – do it when you’re ready, not because the calendar says January 1.  Since I stared this blog in 2013, I’ve made only Disney resolutions at the beginning of the year and today I’m stoked about 2016 and what’s in store Disney-wise.  I’d also love to hear what your Disney resolutions are, so please leave a comment!

Disney Resolutions – 2016 Version

I’m going to the movies!  Oh, my goodness!  The 2016 Disney movie lineup is simply The Standard Movie Snacksspectacular!  Zootopia, Jungle Book (finally!), Captain America Civil War, Finding Dory, and Moana (those are the ones I’m most excited about).  There are more, but those five are at the top of my must-see list.RM-Sunrise-runDisney-Princess-Half

I’m running alone – again, but hopefully for the last time!  Next month I’m headed to my next couple of runDisney races.  Since Joseph trained for and ran his first 10k and half marathon with me last fall, I have hope that I’ll finally be able to convince at least one or more family members to join me for the 2017 Princess Half Marathon (or Glass Slipper Challenge). Running-Age-Group-Awards-5K Over the past 18 years, I’ve run almost all the races I’ve entered by myself, but I’ve enjoyed having Joseph by my side so much, I’d love to have him with me at Walt Disney World for a race or two.  I know Megan can run (when she wants to) and she would absolutely love a runDisney event…I’ll be working on that.Morimoto-Asia-Lunch-Raymond

I’m learning to share – and resolve to do it more often!  Last week when Raymond and I were at Walt Disney World, we shared food in restaurants big time!  We had a ton of ADRs (Advance Dining Reservations) booked – so many that we could never have experienced each restaurant to the fullest without sharing.  We shared omelets at breakfast (Grand Floridian Café), three-courses at lunch (Skipper Canteen and Morimoto Asia),Morimoto-Asia-Kakuni-Pork-Bao appetizers at dinner (Jiko, Bluezoo, Shula’s, Flying Fish, and Narcoossee’s) and were able to taste so much more – while wasting so much less food than we would have without sharing.  We felt less stuffed and saved money too!  In a few weeks we’ll be back at Disney World before cruising on the Disney Dream…let’s see if we can keep up the culinary cooperation!

I’m going to show my adult children how to be kids again!  There’s no better place to embrace your inner child than at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party!  MM-Magic-Kingdom-MNSSHPWe’ve booked a week in October for Epcot’s International Food & Wine Festival, but I’m dying to show ’em how to dress up and totally be a kid again for the night in Magic Kingdom at one of the most special and fun events Disney has to offer.

I vow to find the most perfect shoes ever!  Ugh!  I’m showing my age for sure.  I took five pairs of my most broken-in, tried and true Disney touring shoes last week and my feet still killed me. RM-Running-Shoes In fact, one day we went to Disney Springs in the morning with Epcot planned for the afternoon and I had to stop and buy some sandals at the Sanuk store because I was bleeding in to my sneakers – ones I’d worn comfortably several times in the past.  The problem for me is that all the walking and standing in line causes my feet and ankles to swell.  Maybe the cure is some deluxe compression socks or some extra-special comfort sandals – whatever it is, I’m committed to finding the cure.  I’m old-ish, but I’m not THAT old – I’m not letting my feet keep me from doing all that I want to do.

This year my goals are few and simple.  What are your 2016 Disney resolutions?


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  1. Let me know when you find those shoes! I am also on that quest and would love to know what you find.

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