Disney Pins: Cinderella Castle Pin Print

It was bound to happen sooner or later.  As I was perusing Disney Musings Blog for a Saturdays With Nick selection, one of the items in Nick’s Disneyana collection looked familiar!  Black fame, white mat, combination of background picture and Disney pins!  I have that picture!  I remember where I got mine – and it wasn’t at Walt Disney World.  I got my picture from a friend at work who was having a garage sale, knew I loved Disney, and offered me the picture for what she paid for it.  I could tell she was somewhat reluctant to part with it and wanted the picture to go to a good home, so to speak.  So, for $15, I had my Cinderella Castle Pin Print delivered to me at my office.  Here’s Nick’s story…RM-Disney-Pin-Print-Cinderella-Mickey

Disney Pins: Cinderella Castle Pin Print

From: Nick

Off the Wall: Cinderella Castle Pin Print. I got this framed pin set from Walt Disney World a few years ago. I believe it was $14.95, with a $25 purchase at The World of Disney Store, in Downtown Disney. A wide selection of favorite Disney characters are illustrated here, with a few being represented in pin form.

 Pluto popping up in the foreground.

Tinker Bell over the castle.

Mickey Mouse shares center stage…

…with the castle’s namesake, Cinderella.

A pretty nice collectible at an affordable price!

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