Disney at Home: Gardening for Disney

RM-Lisa's-ThumbTake a close look at this picture of my thumb.  Seriously, zoom in on it and check it out.  You will find not even the slightest hint – not even a tiny smidge – of green.  Luckily for me, Raymond has not one, but TWO green thumbs (and the other 8 digits are green as well).

Of all the ways we try to save money for Disney vacations, my favorite is by growing our own vegetables and herbs.  Even though I’m plant-care impaired, Raymond’s a natural at raising thriving flora and is willing to plan, plant, and maintain a summer vegetable garden.  I take care of the herbs – they’re very low maintenance and most, except basil, are perennials.  He lets me pretend my contribution is meaningful and important.  (Shown are oregano and rosemary – I’ve also got parsley, mint, basil, and sage.)  RM-OreganoRM-Rosemary

Every spring around Easter, Raymond plows the garden plot into neat rows and uses a combination of seeds and small plants to begin the process of supplying our household with fresh tomatoes, zucchini, butternut squash, eggplant, peppers, corn and lettuce for the summer.  Weeds and insects require the most attention, but in what seems like no time at all, I’m planning meals around what’s ready to eat.RM-Zucchini RM-Lettuce

Just last week, zucchini and lettuce were ready to enjoy.  Tomatoes won’t be far behind.RM-Green-TomatoesBefore long we’ll be rolling in produce with plenty to share…except the corn.  It always looks like there will be plenty of corn…until the raccoons realize it’s there.  Then, an entire stalk at a time, the corn will slowly disappear each night.  Yes, it would be easy to put up a hot wire (electric fence) that may help save the corn, but I just don’t have it in me to do that to those poor raccoons.  RM-CornIf they’re crafty enough to find the corn and hungry enough to shuck (they actually do) and eat the ears off an entire corn stalk in one sitting, I’m inclined to let them have our corn.  We do manage to scrounge a few ears for ourselves during this time, but it’s rather disappointing how few we end up with.  Still – for saving money on produce, we (I really mean Raymond) have become experts.RM-Lettuce-for-Salad

What’s your favorite way to save for a Disney vacation?