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The Dis Life & GoofyAs I’ve mentioned many times before, I’m addicted to and crazy about Disney podcasts.  They’re popular with Disney fans because they serve a number of purposes – they’re entertaining, they keep the Disney magic alive between vacations, they keep people informed about Disney news, and, personally, they help me feel better about my Disney obsession…there are a LOT of Disney-loving folks out there just like me and a bunch of ’em host podcasts.

Disney podcasts come in lots of forms and even focus on sub-topics.  I’m partial to ones that focus mostly on Walt Disney World and have a couple of hosts that interact well with each other.  One of the newest shows in my weekly podcast listening lineup is The Dis Life Podcast. 

The Dis Life is hosted by David Hodges and most of the time, his daughter, Dannielle.  Dave The Dis Life Podcast Hostsalso has guests from time to time and  his low-key style of Disney-speak makes for a good listen.  I discovered The Dis Life when I wrote my first post about podcasts and a reader suggested I listen to this great new father/daughter podcast team.  I took that advice and have been a loyal listener ever since.

A while back, Dave was kind enough to answer a few interview questions so we could get to know a bit more about the man behind The Dis Life…

The Dis Life eat the kitchen sink before1.  What unexpected surprises (good and/or bad) has podcasting brought you? 

When my daughter and I started this we were doing it just for our own entertainment.  We hoped for an audience, but didn’t really believe that people would listen on a regular basis.  What we actually received was so much more in the way of friendships and real connections and many loyal listeners.  It was a very welcomed unexpected surprise.

2.  Who are the top three guests you’d be most thrilled to have on your show? 

If we’re dreaming big, I would say first off Walt Disney himself, but that may be a little too big. If I were to choose people who are still alive I would like to have on the show: 

A. Joe Rohde David Hodges of The Dis Life

B. The longest employed CM who still works in the parks, not an imagineer or office worker or head cheese, but a regular worker, like a custodial worker or someone like that

C. A cruise director from any of the 4 Disney ships 

3.  What’s your Disney lucky charm – or most favorite, treasured Disney item? 

My most treasured Disney item is actually the Walt Disney biography by Bob Thomas. I am David Hodges' Favorite Disney Treasurebeyond fascinated with the life of Walt Disney. I have a lot of Disney stuff from pins to coffee cups and snow globes, but if I could only keep one item it would be this book.

4.  The one thing you love most about Disney parks?

I have thought about this many times and I think I enjoy the detail in everything the most. I have been to Disneyland and WDW so many times in my life that I still enjoy the rides, but that is not why I go. I love exploring the new areas as well as finding things that have been there forever, but I just never saw them.

5.  Best advice about podcasting you’ve ever received?

The best advice I have received was to have fun with it and be personable and authentic. When you start thinking of it as a job, paid or unpaid, the fun ends and it becomes a chore. No one like chores.

We’ve only been doing this podcast for about 7 months and I have followed all that advice. It is continuing to be fun and I have made a lot of friends in the process. 

David Hodges6.  Best advice about vacationing at a Disney park you’ve ever received – and you think everyone should know?

Take a break! I was told this long ago and I have done it both ways with trying to go from rope drop to close and also by taking breaks. My vacations that I took a break each day were more enjoyable than the one’s that I didn’t. If you think you can do it all in one day, you are mistaken and you will miss half the magic.

I think this advice is more valuable than making budget or looking for the deals or finding shorter lines during parades and fireworks. I think it’s the key to truly enjoying your time in the parks.

7.  How did you first learn about Disney podcasts?  Was that your inspiration for starting one of your own?

I have been interested in podcasting for a long time. I didn’t really know a lot about Disney podcasts at first. I listened to a lot of self-help and business podcasts starting off. I also listened to a lot of how to podcast podcasts. 

I eventually decided that it was time to start my own podcast, but I had a few ideas on what I D Hodgeswanted to talk about. My first thought was to do a family podcast since I have a degree in psychology, I’m not a psychiatrist by any means, but I was going to talk about life and things that most people go through. More of a support podcast. That is still on my radar as well as a few other things. I eventually said I wanted to do something I was passionate about and also something I could do with my 16-year-old daughter (now 17). We spend a lot of time every year at WDW so it was a no-brainer to do a Disney podcast. This is when I started researching other Disney podcasts. This is also when I realized that there were a lot of them ranging from news to travel info to adults only. I was surprised to see how many Disney podcasts were rated “explicit”. Even though I was going to be presenting info that was already being talked about we were going to be the only father/daughter Disney podcast out there. At least I didn’t see any and still have not seen it. My thought was that people would like to hear about Disney from different age groups. I guess, to answer the question, my inspiration to start the podcast was my daughter and having an opportunity for us to do something different together.

The Dis Life Podcast is available on iTunes and Stitcher.

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  1. TheDisLife podcast has been a show that I have been listening to since it came on the air. I really enjoy the podcast because you can tell they share a passion for Disney that we all can relate. I have had the chance to meet TheDisLife family in the parks thanks to there awesome podcast and can say they are defiantly friends to us thanks to the show.

    • YOU, Jeff, were the person who recommended The Dis Life to me! I’m so thankful you did. David, Dannielle, and guests (like you) make the listening so much fun. It’s good, family-friendly entertainment all about my most favorite topic in the world. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  2. We Disney Geeks must stick together! Podcasters and Bloggers unite. 🙂
    Sharing your passion for something is fun especially Disney World because it inspires happiness. I’m finding that Disney World fans are some of the most fun, inspiring and passionate people. Good folks to hang around with! Check out The Dis Life episode #27 when 2 father daughter podcasting teams chat about Disney World Must Do’s. 🙂

    • People who haven’t discovered the awesome friendships and support the Disney community has to offer are really missing out, aren’t they?

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