At Walt Disney World there are Bubbles Everywhere!

Sometimes those Disney merchandise geniuses come up with ideas that are at once both brilliant and horrible.  An excellent example of this is the Disney bubble machine!  Currently selling like hotcakes for $21-ish apiece.  Sales must be booming as evidenced by the hundreds…thousands…MILLIONS OF BUBBLES!  (Seriously, the amount of bubbles being churned out continuously is ridiculous.)At Walt Disney World there are Bubbles Everywhere!

At Walt Disney World there are Bubbles Everywhere

Back in April, there was one unfortunate incident in the FastPass seating area for Rivers of Light.  We were there with a big group and were waiting cheerfully for the show to start when suddenly…One child, bubble machine percolating non-stop, was inundating nearby guests to the point where the parents were asked politely if perhaps the bubble production could be put on hold until the show was over.  Parents answer?  NO!At Walt Disney World there are Bubbles Everywhere!

When Raymond and I were in Epcot a bit more than a week ago, the bubbles were extensive.  There we were, Food & Wine in full last-weekend pandemonium, and this little girl in a stroller was literally covering every guest waiting in line at a food booth with bubbles.  Her grandparents looked on indulgently as people and their food and drinks were peppered with soapy bubble solution.

Bubbles were plentiful in every park, every time of day and street vendors were cleaning up (see what I did there?) with booming bubble sales.  There was no escape.  It wasn’t terribly annoying at first, but the more bubbles we came in contact with, the worse it seemed.  I like bubbles as much as the next person, but having them blown at me by the thousands and having them constantly in my face got on my nerves.  Even the Cast Members were guilty of bubble abuse!  I guess that’s how they sell so many machines…by shooting bubbles nonstop at passersby.  (I found this thread and now I know I’m not alone in my bubble anger.)

Have you experienced this whole bubble thing?  Thoughts?

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  1. ah ! here we go again the ME MYSELF AND I attitude so many people have today. my child is a good child better than yours oh ! and we paid good money to come here so there . bad manners is bad manners whether you are at Disney world or at home . parents wake up . what does it teach the child ? in the real world as they age a black eye maybe. no real friends . but then parents don’t want to be parents they want to be there friends . lisa sorry this happened to you & so many others. hope it doesn’t happen to jina & I .

    • You’re bound to notice the bubbles. Disney has to be making a fortune on them- they are everywhere! I hope you come away unscathed- it was bubble solution in my food that made me the most angry.

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