Animal Kingdom’s Festival of the Lion King

Welcome to the weekend, Disney Friends!  It’s time for another edition of Saturdays With Nick. Unfortunately, this week’s version was produced by a seriously misguided and mistaken Nick! Unless you share his opinion (which is seriously WRONG! Yay for Tumble Monkeys!), Let’s hear it for fans of the Festival of the Lion King! Our family loves this show and we are, of course, always RIGHT! We do welcome all opinions here at Living a Disney Life, so here’s Nick’s sorry review.  Have a nice weekend.

Animal Kingdom’s Festival of the Lion King: I Don’t Get It

By Nick

Okay. Let’s start by saying I love the movie The Lion King. It is absolutely a classic. Animation is great. Story wonderful. Music extremely catchy and enjoyable.

But I just don’t get what the attraction to Festival of the Lion King at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is, and why it is the most popular stage show in Walt Disney World (according to more than one Cast Member).

Granted, the surroundings are beautiful and the theater very well themed.

There are 4 sections, each one representing an animal. Elephant, which is where I was, Lion, Giraffe and Warthog.

There are “tumble monkeys”, areal acrobats, fire twirlers, and sing alongs.

It sounds and looks great, but, I just don’t have a desire to see it again, unless I’m with people who feel the need.

To be honest, I think the problem could be my dislike of circuses. And this is very much like a circus to me, with a “center ring” and other “rings” around it.

I think Finding Nemo – The Musical to be much more entertaining, creative and inventive!

What is your opinion of Circus Festival of the Lion King?


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