Mickey Mouse Disney Dollars

Happy Saturday, Disney Friends!  Continuing with last week’s theme – let’s look back in history and reminisce about the heyday of the Disney Dollar!  I remember having a few of these around when the kids were little, but at the time they *gasp* struck me as inconvenient since I had to keep up with them between visits to Walt Disney World or a Disney Store.  I can’t even remember how we got them to begin with, but I would love to have them back now!  Have a great weekend, everyone!

Mickey Mouse Disney Dollars

By Nick

87 years ago, “Steamboat Willie” was released, making a star out of Mickey Mouse.
7 years ago, Disney released these Disney Dollars to celebrate Mickey’s 80th Anniversary.

The one dollar bill features the “pie-eyed” Mickey of the early 1930′s.

1928-2008, Mickey Mouse, Eightieth Anniversary.

The back of each bill features a nice illustration of Mickey’s evolution through his 80 years.

The five features Mickey as the Mickey Mouse Club Bandleader, from the mid 1950′s.

 The ten features the modern, computer generated Mickey Mouse.

 Happy 87th to the Big Cheese! (Mickey will turn 88 on November 18, 2016)

Now that Disney Dollars have been discontinued, I wonder what commemorative merchandise will be released for Mickey’s next big milestone birthday?  Have you still got any Disney Dollars at home?  Are you planning to keep them now or go ahead and spend them?

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  1. This reminded me to check…looks as if I spent the last of my Disney dollars a few years ago. I thought I may have had one or two tucked away somewhere but sadly, no!

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