53 Days in Autumn – Epcot’s International Food & Wine Festival

Epcot in SummerIn case you’re new here or have somehow missed the first 15 times I’ve made this announcement – I am going to the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival for the first time this year!  I’m pretty stoked about it, too, as is my husband, Raymond.  See, we’ll be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary in September and this trip will be like a second honeymoon.  We’ve been dreaming, planning, and discussing visiting Walt Disney World during Food & Wine for a long time.  I love it when dreams come true, don’t you?

Food & Wine runs this year from September 19th to November 10th.  Raymond andView of World Showcase I will get to experience this special event for 7 days in October.  Mostly, we’ve always wanted to take advantage of all the limited-time food and beverage offerings – the ones everyone with an Epcot park ticket can enjoy at the special kiosks and booths set up for the event’s duration – all the food from different countries not normally represented in Epcot.  According to the Disney Food Blog, this year more than 25 marketplace booths will feature culinary samples from countries including Scotland, Brazil, Argentina and Chili (together in the Patagonia booth), Greece, Puerto Rico, and many more.  You’d think this would be enough, but I was thinking…

Epcot's France / Window DisplayA huge variety of special events within the main event are offered ranging from cooking demonstrations ($15 per person) to food and beverage pairings ($55) to cheese seminars ($79) to Parisian Breakfasts at Les Chefs de France ($39) and also a swanky sounding Italian White Truffle and Wine Pairing Dinner for a whopping $295 per person.  We’ve got only 4 ADRs (advance dining reservations) booked for the week and we’ve got tickets to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party one evening.  That leaves plenty of time to book a couple of really special (romantic even) Food & Wine extra events for the two of us, right?

I’ve narrowed down the choices to a few things I thought we would enjoy that (sort of) fit into our budget and sound a little romantic.  Feel free to weigh in with comments and/or suggestions…Remember, we’ve never been to WDW for Food & Wine before and would welcome any tips and pointers you could offer.

So here’s what I was considering…

French Regional Lunch at Monsieur Paul ($135) – either the “Tour De France” version or the “Bordeaux, Cedric Villars, Les Domaines de Rothschild” session.  Either one will fit in our Epcot's France Pavilion / Monsieur Paulschedule.  They both begin at noon and end at 3:30 pm.  The Disney Food Blog describes this as “Have a four course lunch and learn about paired wines throughout the meal from a winery principle.”  That sounds suitably romantic to me…what do you think?

Another option I think we would like is either the Italian Food & Wine Pairings ($83) or the Italian Food & Beer Pairings ($76).  Both are held at Via Napoli which we’ve heard so many great things about, but have yet to try.  Either option, again, fits into our schedule – can go either Tuesday (beer) or Thursday (wine) from 1:30 – 3:30 pm.  How can we go wrong with Italian food and libations?

Epcot's Morocco Pavilion / Spice Road TableFinally, there are Food & Wine Pairings available at three other restaurants for $55 per person.  Choices include Tokyo Dining, Spice Road Table and Restaurant Marrakesh.  It’s been years since we’ve eaten in the Japan Pavilion and we’ve never eaten in Morocco.  We like to try new things, but I’m just not sure.  These are offered in the afternoon on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Advice is welcome!

Okay – Please!  If you’ve been to Food & Wine or even if you just have an opinion and want to weigh in – help me decide what extra special add-ons we need to make our first Food & Wine Festival experience the best it can be.

7 thoughts on “53 Days in Autumn – Epcot’s International Food & Wine Festival

  1. We’ve only been to F&W once, but if you like seafood, the seafood “pie” at the Irish kiosk was phenomenal!

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  3. You will LOVE the festival! My hubby and I went last year for the first time, and we’ll be going back again this November. I’m sure whichever option you choose will be awesome! We didn’t have time for any special events, but definitely checkout the concert series and eat everything!!!!! I do know you should decide soon, as those events sell out fast. Have FUN!!!

    • Thanks, Alyson – that makes me even more excited. Early booking opens for AP/ DVC tomorrow…wish me luck!

  4. I’ve only been to F&W once, but it was amazing! There was such a bounty of things to try at the kiosks, we didn’t do one restaurant meal the whole time we were there! However… I’m all for exploring Epcot’s restaurants. I’ve dined at Teppan Edo (though not Tokyo Dining), Monsieur Paul, Via Napoli, and Spice Road Table, and loved each one in its own way. I really don’t think you can go wrong with any of the options you mentioned. Sorry I’m not much help – I just love Epcot food!

  5. The Lunch at Monsieur Paul sounds great. Barbie and I have discussed eating there on our trip in January. Since Barbie doesn’t like wine, we have never done any of the pairing events, but me and a friend have done a food and beer pairing in the Italy Pavilion which was terrific. I have not seen any info on this event returning this year, however! 🙁
    We have also done the 3D Dessert party with another couple, which was okay, but if you aren’t drinking, and the ladies were not, you wouldn’t get your monies worth.

    • I stand corrected. The Italian beer pairing is available this year, but it is now $76, up from $55 last year!

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