Happy Meal Toys – Disneyland’s 40th Anniversary

Happy Saturday, Y’all!  I’m so glad it’s September!!! While it’s still in the 90’s during the day here in Louisiana, there’s a very tiny, but definite, hint of fall in the air early in the morning and after the sun goes down.  Time for another installment of Saturdays with Nick and  I cannot stay out of Nick’s Disney collectibles!  Once again, I’ve found some unique and funky little treasures – How I wish I had paid much, MUCH more attention to McDonald’s Happy Meal toys through the years!  Have you got any of these?

Happy Meal Toys – Disneyland’s 40th Anniversary

By: Nick

As Disneyland celebrates it’s 60th Anniversary today, I thought we’d look back at a truly excellent set of Happy Meals Toys released by Disney and McDonald’s back in 1995, celebrating Disneyland’s 40th.

This set is a viewer set, like a mono viewmaster, featuring Disneyland park attractions.

These first two were for totally different attractions than what I’d assumed they were. Here we have Peter Pan. This must represent Peter Pan’s flight, right? Nope

It is actually for Fantasmic.

The next one, I thought must have been from a parade, but it is actually from a dinner show called Aladdin’s Oasis, that ran during two summers and on selected weekend days during other seasons.


This last one is pretty easy to guess. Mickey is riding Space Mountain.

Happy Anniversary Disneyland!

Happy Meal Toys – Disneyland’s 40th Anniversary

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Walt Disney World Lagniappes

Here in Louisiana, we’re very familiar with the concept of lagniappe (pronounced lan-yap).

At Oxford’s online dictionary, Lagniappe is defined as “something given as a bonus or extra gift.”.  ORIGIN:  Louisiana French, from Spanish la ñapa.

We like to think of it as anytime you unexpectedly receive a little something extra.

Disney World clearly understands and embraces the idea of lagniappe and I’ve created a short list of my favorites.

Walt Disney World Lagniappes


Celebration Buttons and Surprises – When you book a reservation at a Walt Disney World resort or restaurant (by phone), you’ll be asked if you’ll be celebrating anything when you visit.  If the answer is YES, you’ll most likely receive a celebratory lagniappe!  Upon checking in at your resort, you may be presented with a complimentary celebration button (if not, just ask for one!).  In a restaurant, you’ll often receive an acknowledgement of some type that will make your dining experience even more magical!RM-French-Regional-Lunch-Dessert

Photos with your camera – While we’ve purchased Memory Maker a few times (before it came with our Annual Passes), we’ve always appreciated how willing Cast Members and Disney Photographers are to take our picture with our own camera or smartphone.  Some of these pictures have been among our favorites and It’s a great way to immediately share your happiness with friends and family on social media.Chewbacca-Meet-and-Greet

Electrical Water Pageant – If you’ve seen it and didn’t absolutely love this adorably cheerful nighttime spectacle, I’m afraid I simply don’t understand.  This nightly parade of floats on the Seven Seas Lagoon is awesome! The floats are made of dancing light effects and the music is perfectly peppy! Plus, you can watch the pageant from outside the parks – just visit the boat dock at one of the Magic Kingdom resorts at the appropriate time. (Get all the details about times and best viewing spots here.)  Since this is a free show with no park ticket required, it’s a perfect first day activity if you’re not going to a park. It may be only 15 minutes long, but this little show’s a gem – don’t miss it!electrical-water-pageant-serpent-2 electrical-water-pageant-fish

Random Character Interaction – Lately Disney news has been full of performer contracts being cancelled (Most recently Scoop Sanderson in Magic Kingdom), but there are still prime opportunities to happen upon some extra special Disney magic in the form of wandering or unexpected characters (like the Dapper Dans!). Keep your eyes peeled!RM-Dapper-Dans

Thank You Card – When you get home from your Walt Disney World stay, the surprises keep coming!  We’ve received a very nice thank you card after the last few visits that includes Disney artwork suitable for framing.disney-thank-you-minnie

What are your favorite Walt Disney World lagniappes?

Lazy Person’s Disney Countdown Calendar

When my vacation countdown’s in the home stretch, I want a countdown calendar that’s more exciting than a number on a smartphone app. I may not have little ones at home anymore, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want a cute way to note the passing of one less day between me and my Disney World vacation! Being a tad lazy, I’ve found a way to mark my countdown to Disney that takes little effort and results in my own ridiculous happiness.  I’ll share my secret with you now for my…

Lazy Person’s Disney Countdown Calendar

You can do this on the cheap or fancy it up a bit – your choice.  I’ve done it both ways, so I can show you how to do it low-budget or with a bit more of an investment – either way’s a piece of cake. Make this on your own or as a fun craft project with your kiddos.

Let’s get started. Here’s what you’ll need:disney-countdown-calendar-supplies

  • Straws
  • Paper Circles (can be made from construction paper, craft foam or pre-purchased “straw toppers”)
  • Stickers or Leftover Scrapbooking Decorations
  • Chalk pens or magic markers

Fancy Version:

Take an straw topper, add a Disney sticker, add a number (if you want to) for the countdown with a chalk pen.  disney-countdown-straw-topperKeep going until you have your countdown complete and TA-DAH!!! Boom BABY!  Store those straws in a cute holder and use one each day until it’s time to GO!disney-countdown-calendar-straw

Budget-Friendly Version:disneycountdown-homemade-straw-toppers

No need to break the bank on fancy straws and toppers – especially if you have a couple-few (as we say in these parts) kids that will each want their own collection of countdown straws.  Just buy those cheap economical straws at the grocery store and use some leftover craft foam (like I did – mine was left over from making Stateroom Door Décor) or construction paper even.  disney-countdown-calendar-tutorialMake your own straw toppers by cutting foam or paper into circles (trace around a juice glass) then cut slits at the top and bottom of each circle.  Decorate as desired and there you go!disney-countdown-calendar-easy

I’m enjoying milk and cookies as I count down the days until my next Disney vacation!

What’s your favorite way to count down to Disney?

Disney’s Mickey and Minnie – Plane Crazy Clock

Welcome to the Weeeeeeekeeeeeend, Disney Friends!  This week’s Saturdays With Nick brings us another unique and adorable item from Nick’s endless Disney collection.  I did a little research and wanted to let you know that if you love this item, you can purchase one for yourself on eBay! (This one looks to be in excellent condition). Also, if you’re interested in seeing the 1928 cartoon, Plane Crazy, you can find it here.  It’s just 6 minutes long, but is a great classic Disney cartoon.  Happy Saturday, Everybody!

Disney’s Mickey and Minnie – Plane Crazy Clock

By Nick

This clock was just uncovered in my attic, portraying Mickey and Minnie from their true first cartoon, Plane Crazy.


There is an alarm, which is turned on and off by pushing the horseshoe. It’s pretty primitive, but still works fine, with a new battery of course.

I believe this clock came from the Disney Channel, but am not 100% sure.
Back in the early 90′s, when I first got the Disney Channel, it was a pay channel. If I recall correctly, it was $10 a month, and worth every penny. It actually played Disney movies, and old cartoons, as well as shows such as “The Swamp Fox”, “The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh”, and Zorro.
Every month I got a channel listing guide, with articles, and a little catalog section, and I still have them somewhere waiting to be rediscovered.

When I do find them, I’ll share them here.

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