Stitch! Walt Disney Classics Collection

While I may not be a fan of his great escape attraction in Magic Kingdom, I do love Stitch!  Today’s featured item, a little figurine from Nick’s collection, is absolutely adorable and reminds me that I haven’t watched Lilo and Stitch in quite a while…what a perfect thing to do on a hot summer Saturday afternoon!  Have a great weekend, Everybody!

Stitch! Walt Disney Classics Collection

Summer arrived in the Northern Hemisphere this week.
This Walt Disney Classics Collection Stitch was the 2006 Spring Premiere Event limited edition sculpture. But to me, it says “Summer” rather than Spring.

“Greetings From Paradise” measures 4 1/2 inches high.

What do you think Stitch has in his coconut?

That is one awesome shirt he’s sporting!

Limited to 4000.

The production mark for 1996 is the Trowel, in honor of Practical Pig in the Academy Award winning 1933 cartoon, ‘The Three Little Pigs’.
For another WDCC Stitch figurine, check out this post by Barbie.

Here’s hoping everyone has a wonderful Summer here in the north, and we hope folks in the Southern Hemisphere have a wonderful Winter!

Do you collect any of the Walt Disney Classics Collection figures?  Which ones do you have?

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Walt Disney World – Feeling Patriotic

RM-Flag-Main-StreetSummertime makes me feel patriotic.  I suppose it’s because of the holiday palooza of Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day – all great occasions to celebrate being in the good old U.S. of A.  When we visit Walt Disney World during the summer, I’m much more focused on the special events and attractions that make me feel patriotic – and there are plenty to choose from!

Walt Disney World – Feeling Patriotic

Hall of Presidents – While I might not visit this attraction in Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Square every time I’m at Disney World, I do love this attraction in the summer.  It’s cool inside and the building’s lobby is full of Americana – my favorite of which is the articles of clothing from First Ladies.  RM-Hall-of-Presidents-DressSome people find the attraction a great place to catch a nap, but I’m more inclined to sit close-ish to the stage so I can watch the subtle movements of the presidents.  The animatronics are phenomenal!  One president may have the floor, but while he’s speaking, the other presidents are shifting, nodding – actively listening.  I love that!!!RM-Hall-of-Presidents

The Flag Retreat – If you’ve never seen this ceremony on Magic Kingdom’s Main Street U.S.A., you’ve got to make time.  As the flag is lowered at the end of the day, guests are treated to a wonderful, patriotic few moments.  My full review is here and I cannot recommend this enough.Flag+Lowering

Voices of Liberty – Inside the American Adventure Pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase is (to me) the most underappreciated musical entertainment in all of Walt Disney World.  Making time to hear this highly talented a cappella group perform should be in everyone’s touring plan at least once – preferably during the summer months.  Enter the pavilion and marvel at the dome’s acoustics!  This is the way to listen to our favorite patriotic songs!!! (Full review here.)Voices-of-Liberty

The American Adventure – This is both a pavilion and an attraction!  Before or after you catch a performance of the Voices of Liberty, you can spend 30 minutes enjoying a journey through our nation’s history hosted by Ben Franklin and Mark Twain.  Sure, some people find this a cool, dark, relaxing place to grab a nap, but if you can stay awake, this attraction is a great source of patriotic inspiration.

Your turn!  Where do you feel patriotic at Walt Disney World?



Disney Children’s Books- Vintage Treasures

Disney-branded toys, games, and books make wonderful collectibles – especially those with a little history to them (translation – “old stuff”).  I love combing antique stores and flea markets for mid-century Disney items, but I’m a rookie compared to Nick.  He seems to magically come upon the best of the best to add to his collection.  Today’s featured items are extra-special because they weren’t purchased, but given to Nick out of love.  Family treasures are the best of all!

Disney Children’s Books- Vintage Treasures

-By Nick

These 2 books from the early 1940’s belonged to my Father-in-Law, Dan.


Pinocchio. Given as a gift to Dan from his mother in 1944.

Copyright 1939, 1940 by Walt Disney Productions, Hollywood, California. D.C. Heath and Company, Boston.

Nice spot illustrations are throughout the book.

A very well loved book, several pages are loose.

Walt Disney Story  Books.

Bambi was given as a gift to Dan from his Grandmother in 1945.

Copyright 1944 by Walt Disney Productions. D.C. Heath and Company, Boston.

This book is in better shape.

These wonderful books were passed on to my wife, and then her younger sister. He recently re-discovered them, and has passed them on to me.

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5 Reasons to take a Disney Cruise Vacation

Mickey and Minnie Mouse, DCLRecently a couple of friends mentioned that they’d been thinking about taking a Disney cruise.  Those TV ads make the experience look amazing, but having never cruised before, the idea seemed a little scary.  We’ve all heard horror stories of extreme seasickness, severe weather, and people falling overboard while on a cruise ship.  We’ve also listened to other people who, like our family, have had some of the best vacation experiences on a Disney cruise.

5 Reasons to take a Disney Cruise Vacation

  1. You already love Disney vacations – While Disney parks offer much different experiences than Disney cruise ships, the food, the excellent Cast Members, the lovable Disney Characters, and the entertainment are all exactly as a Disney park fan would expect (and maybe even better).The View from Deck, Disney Cruise Line in Alaska
  2. You want to visit new places – There’s a world to explore out there beyond the parks, but once addicted to the Disney Bubble, it’s hard to break free and visit a new location.  Disney cruise ships still allow you into the Bubble while moving you around to see and experience new places.  If you book Disney excursions, you can be assured you’ll be as well taken care of off the ship as you are on board.RM-Disney-Magic-Norway-Fjords
  3. You’re on a fixed budget – Sure, there are plenty of expenses on a Disney cruise, just as there are at Disney parks and resorts.  What’s great about cruising is that you can pre-calculate nearly every single expense – unless of course you want to consume copious amounts of adult beverages on your cruise.  The cruise price includes food, so all you have to calculate is excursion costs, any upcharge for specialty dining (if you elect to experience one of the adults-only restaurants) and Cast Member tips before you go – this gives you a great idea how much you’ll really be spending.  Again, adult beverages are extra and can be expensive.Disney's Castaway Cay
  4. You’d like vacation activities suitable for a variety of ages – So much less walking required on a cruise ship than in a theme park!  From toddlers to grandparents, Disney Cruise Line excels at making sure there are interesting and entertaining activities for everyone.  We love the onboard movie theater, the evening shows, the cooking demonstrations, the fitness center, and when our children were young, they loved the kids club areas.Family Beach on Castaway Cay
  5. You need a relaxing vacation – A Disney cruise, depending on the itinerary, can be just as exhausting as Walt Disney World after a week of non-stop touring.  The right itinerary, though, can serve up an incredibly tranquil and relaxing getaway.  Short cruises in the Bahamas spent enjoying the sun, sea and gorgeous weather are perfect for recharging your battery while escaping winter weather at home.  Castaway Cay, Disney’s very own island paradise, is a port of call on most Bahamian itineraries.  It’s the perfect place to kick back amid palm trees, sand and sea and let go of stress.

“When life gets rough I like to hold on to my dream

of relaxing in the summer sun just lettin’ off steam!” – Olaf

Have you taken a Disney cruise?  What did you think?  Would you recommend it to fellow Disney fans?