Disney Vinylmation- Park Starz Haunted Mansion Bride

When Magic Kingdom’s Haunted Mansion was updated in 2007, one of the best changes was the addition of the attic scene and Constance Hatchaway, the Black Widow Bride.  This one section alone, makes me want to ride Haunted Mansion multiple times on every visit to Walt Disney World – I notice something new every time!  Of course, Nick has a gem in his Disneyana collection commemorative of this most amazing, perfectly detailed part of one of my most favorite Disney attractions.  Enjoy!

Disney Vinylmation- Park Starz Haunted Mansion Bride

By: Nick

A few years ago Barbie and I took a short trip to Walt Disney World with another couple, staying in a Fort Wilderness Cabin.

While visiting the Magic Kingdom’s Emporium, I showed my friends the new form of Vinylmation, the Park Starz line. I stated that before the trip was through, I would have to buy one, in the hopes of getting one of the few figures I was interested in.

That evening, they went to the Magic Kingdom for evening Extra Magic Hours, while we stayed at the cabin. Imagine my surprise when I awoke the next morning to find that they had bought me a Park Starz figure! I couldn’t wait till everyone woke up to open it, as I am like a kid on Christmas morning when it comes to opening gifts, so I took it out onto the deck to see what “Santa” had brought me.

The packaging is terrific. I love the graphics. The box itself is a work of art.

What can it be? Is it one I want?! It feels roundish, is it the Yeti. I wouldn’t mind the Yeti, but it isn’t my first choice. I hope it isn’t Big Al, as my wife really dislikes the Country Bears.

I open the foil to find the figure I actually wanted the most! The Haunted Mansion Bride!
She even comes with an ax!

They even thought to paint in her shoes on the bottom!

It gives me chills just looking at it.

Included is a little fold out pamphlet with a name of each figure, and the year of it’s creation at each of the parks it may be in or have been in.
For instance, the Robot Butler, Horizons, Epcot, 1983-1999.

A fantastic collectible. A big thank you to my friends!

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The Time We Almost Ate at Spice Road Table

Spice Road Table TableA few weeks ago, Raymond and I found ourselves in Epcot, in need of a snack, and with a bit of time on our hands.  Circumstances like these always make me want to try something new!

The Time We Almost Ate at Spice Road Table

We were enjoying a leisurely stroll through World Showcase.  We’d just left our friend Nick (yes, the Disney Musings and Disney Exchange Nick) as he headed off to meet friends in the Mexico Pavilion.  I realized I was hungry and we had quite a bit of time before our Il Mulino (in the Swan) reservation.  We needed something light – I immediately thought about the small plates at Spice Road Table and how we’d never eaten there.  We could sit and relax for a while enjoying this Morocco pavilion eatery’s prime location on the World Showcase Lagoon.  We’d heard mixed reviews (many negative), but we were willing to be open-minded.  We are pretty easy to please and were only after a snack.Spice Road Table Dining Area

We approached the podium inside the entrance and I asked how long the wait would be.  I couldn’t see much of the dining area, but there appeared to be open tables.  The host said there would be no wait and we where promptly shown to a table near the water.  We opened our menus and began discussing what we would order to share.  The weather was great and we loved our table’s location.Spice Road Table ViewNormally, at this point, we’d expect a server to stop by and ask about beverages.  If they’re busy, they’d stop by to let us know that they’ll be right back.  There were hardly any other diners around us.  We talked over our options and decided on the  Hummus and Imported Olives with Cornichons and Zaatar Pita Bread ($10) and the Brie Fondue – Baked Brie with Rosemary Croutons ($10), we’d also planned to order cocktails.  We were ready!  We were hungry!Spice Road Table Menu2 Spice Road Table Menu1Spice Road Table Menu

At one point during this time, we noticed a group of several women we believed to be servers congregated near the entrance to this patio dining area engaged in quiet discussion.  Certain they were deciding which tables needed attention and by whom each party would be assisted, we felt certain our order would be taken in short order.

Here’s where being married for almost 27 years comes into play.  We made small talk.  I took a few pictures.  Then Raymond gave me a look that spoke volumes…This look clearly asked, “How long are we going to wait for a server?”  I, of course, was already prepared with my answer, “We’ve been here 7 minutes, let’s give them 3 more.”  Seriously, on the nearly empty dining patio, guests shouldn’t have to wait more than 10 minutes to be greeted by a server.

We sat in companionable silence – Raymond with an amused look on his face as he watched me try to surreptitiously check my watch a time or two.  Finally, I burst out laughing and we got up and left.  We weren’t mad, just surprised and a little disappointed (we wanted something to EAT!).  No one spoke to us or even seemed to notice our departure.  We ended up in the Japan pavilion’s Katsura Grill where we shared sushi and drank sake and enjoyed being together at Walt Disney World. Katsura Grill - Sushi and Sake

As for Spice Road Table?  There are too many other places to eat for us to try that one again anytime soon.

Have you eaten at Spice Road Table?  How did your experience compare to ours?


Disney Transportation Collectible Cards

Sometimes (okay, lots of times), I’m an awfully smug Disney fan.  I have this blog, I co-host a Disney-themed podcast, I visit Walt Disney World or take a Disney cruise 2-3 times a year, I follow a ton of like-minded Disney fans on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Periscope, and Blab – I’m in the know!  I know Disney!  And then the fates step in to remind me that I, contrary to what my Disney-inflated ego may tell me, do not know everything.  And I cannot tell you how happy that makes me!  Disney delights me by surprising me with what I don’t know – there’s still hidden Disney magic for me to find…even after all this time.RM-Tambu-Lounge

Back in February, Raymond and I arrived early at the Polynesian for our dinner at Kona Café.  We wanted to spend time at the Tambu Lounge in those comfortable tables and chairs scattered around outside ‘Ohana.  We got there just in time (before it got busy), claimed a centrally located happy hour spot, ordered up glasses of wine and proceeded to bask in the ambiance.  Before long, we noticed another couple looking for a place to sit and offered to share our table with them.  That’s how we met Carol and Brian – a great pair of fellow Disney fans!  We had lots to talk about over appetizers and more wine.  Carol and Brian were meeting up with their friend Wendy and her son, Ryan – before long our table was a happening spot!  Ryan (age 12) and I struck up a conversation about what we love most about Walt Disney World.  He mentioned how much he enjoyed collecting Disney Transportation Cards.  WHAT?  I’d never heard of them.  Never.  Not once.  ME! The proud mom of a Disney-loving son myself.  HOW DID I NOT KNOW?

Disney Transportation Collectible CardsRyan & Disney Transportation Card

Ryan explained:  They’re sometimes hard to find, but these cards are fantastic!  On buses, boats and monorails – collectors like Ryan ask Cast Members if they have any cards.  Sometimes they don’t, but when they DO, you can rack up quite a variety of trading cards specifically for Disney transportation.  I was fascinated!  I had no idea!  I’m a Disney fan over 50 and here was a 12 year old young man reacquainting me with the very best of all Disney magic – the unexpected kind!  And Ryan – once I’d been suitably amazed and humbled – presented me with my very own Transportation Card with which to begin my own collection.Disney Transportation Cards

My most sincere thanks to Ryan for reminding me that I don’t – and will never – know everything about Disney World, and for sharing his passion for collecting Disney Transportation Cards by patiently explaining the process and giving me my first card.  Ryan, you’re a great kid!

Did you already know about these Disney Transportation Cards?  Have you collected them?  Tell me how you found out about them and what your experience has been!



Disney Flea Market Finds

Welcome to the WEEKEND!  WooHoo!  On Saturday’s with Nick, I love to share items with you from Nick and Barbie’s extensive Disneyana collection.  Today, Nick tells us a little bit about how he finds many of his treasures.  Enjoy!

Disney Flea Market Finds

By Nick

On Episode 18 of The Disney Exchange about Disney souvenirs, we briefly discuss my collection. Many pieces have been Flea Market Finds.

I thought I’d take photos of what could be found at the Columbus Flea Market in New Jersey on a random, lovely Spring morning, and to be completely honest, this was not the best assortment we’ve seen, but it is always a crap shoot when it comes to flea marketing. Not that I walked away empty handed; more on that later.
There is a wide variety, from the expensive to the down right cheap. Let’s start at the very first table we encountered. The owner of this stuffed Mickey from Macys, which comes with an alarm clock, wanted $25, a bit steep in my opinion. If I was very interested, I could have perhaps haggled him down to $20.


We move on to another table, where we find this Winnie the Pooh collectible and this Walt Disney World Pen set, which sits on top of a pad. The owner wanted $20 for Pooh and $10 for the pen set.


Some people mark their items clearly, so you don’t need to ask a price. I prefer this. I often wonder if I approach someone selling a Disney item and I am wearing a piece of Disney clothing, if they don’t quote me a higher price.

If this Minnie had a matching Mickey, I most likely would have picked up the pair.


Every week, this booth is set up featuring a wide assortment of cookie jars and salt and pepper shaker sets, primarily Disney, but also featuring other franchises. I have never bought anything from here however, due to the fact we don’t collect salt and pepper shakers, and simply don’t have the space for cookie jars, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t tempted every week!


You can also find very reasonably priced items of all sorts, from mugs, collectible figures, cast iron, even clothing, everywhere you look!


I was on the fence on a few items on this particular morning, including this mug for $4…


…and this Snow White stamp set.


I did purchase something from this table.


I bought this pin set, for $35, because every pin on it, and the image featured on the packaging makes me smile! I intend on framing this as is!


I actually spent more than I normally would, but it was originally $44, and I figured, if I saw it at the park, even with a %10 discount, I’m saving money. Plus the guy selling it was so darn nice!

Do you go to your local flea markets looking for Disney treasures?

This article originally appeared on Nick’s Disney Musings Blog and at The Disney Exchange. You can also find Nick on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Nick, our friend David Hodges, and I host the Disney Exchange Podcast where you can listen to us argue about have friendly discussions about all things Disney – New episodes come out every Sunday.